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Trump Supporters' PRIMARY Problem

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They don't trust anyone (more-than-likely a result of being raised by liars)....so, they choose to support a mega-serial-liar.





Trump Supporters Have

Little Trust In Societal Institutions

February 18, 2020


"Donald Trump has a history of disregarding advice from experts, including diplomats, military leaders, trade experts and scientists.


Trump is not alone in his distrust. Our unpublished research shows that people who support Trump have lower trust in societal institutions, when compared with supporters of leading Democratic candidates Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.


We asked 930 U.S. residents via an online survey how much they trust six institutions that are key to a working democracy.


We chose three institutions that Americans perceive as liberal – journalists, professors and scientists – and three that conservatives either traditionally support or currently control – the police, the Supreme Court and the federal government. Each institution fulfills an essential role within a democratic society, but depends on the others to function properly.


We also asked participants to report how warm or cold they felt toward Trump, Warren, Sanders and Biden on a scale from 0 to 100.


Even when we controlled for age, education, gender, ethnicity and ideology, Trump supporters had the lowest trust in the six institutions, at 3.75 out of 7 – at least 11.4% lower than anyone else we surveyed.


That means that the patterns we are seeing aren’t caused by fitting a particular demographic profile or having conservative beliefs. In fact, conservatives who do not support Trump had the highest trust in these institutions.


This suggests that there’s something about supporting Trump that shapes how much trust Americans have in the country’s core social and political institutions.


If being a Trump supporter leads to low trust, this could be a result of Trumps influence, given his apparent distrust in expert advice. If people who have low trust in these institutions are attracted to supporting Trump, then this is cause for concern, considering that previous research shows that politicians are more responsive to their supporters than they are to the general public."






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29 minutes ago, Phoenix68 said:




wow deepie claims that he can read minds and now he can't grasp the meaning of a simple concept?

the hate is addling what is left of his mind. that and the stench of the bed pans he empties, although I suspect he enjoys the smell of shit.


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7 minutes ago, Michaelf said:



The founders of this nation didn't trust government and neither does anybody who knows anything at all about American or world history.






You Teabaggin' History Majors are toooooooooooooo transparent.....


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