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It is not White Priviledge ... it is call Arithmetic ...


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These figure vary dependent on who is asked and how they are asked (white and Hispanic, Black and Asian, Black non-Asian, White non-Hispanic, etc... )  … but in general the US Population is presently broken down as:


White 76%

Hispanic 18%

Black 13%

Asian 5.9%

American Indian 1.3%

Pacific Islander(Hawaiian)  0.2%


The reason I am presenting all of this is - - without the White Vote … You do not get to be President in the 2020 election.  


I am not saying that the all other racial profiles do not matter, in fact I think some one will be elected because them.  But my point is if you call one class names, tell them they are wrong all of the time, and try to make them feel guilty … you are pushing that segment away from your ideals


… This is not a who is right or wrong thread … it is more of here is the data …  and you figure out who your target market is...


Maybe in a few years the data will change and then the arithmetic will also change …  But today … that is the deal.  



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