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So a caucus is a card game. We are electing a president by using a deck of cards?

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59 min ago

Two caucuses were decided by high-card draws, Nevada precinct chair says

From CNN's Paul P. Murphy


Courtesy Ross Armstrong Courtesy Ross Armstrong


Ross Armstrong was the precinct chair for two small caucuses at Echo Loder Elementary School in Reno, Nevada, where both were decided by high-card draws from a deck of cards.

Armstrong says both are very small precincts and only have one delegate to award and thus the viability rule doesn't apply and the candidate with the most votes wins the delegate.

In one precinct, there were only three caucusgoers participating: one caucusgoer who supported Pete Buttigieg, and two early voters who went for Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.  

A three-way tie for the single delegate.  

"Because there were no in-person reps for Bernie or Warren, we just went to the caucus next door to find supports to pull the cards," Armstrong said. 

Warren won the delegate in that precinct with a jack of hearts; Sanders pulled a four of spades and Buttigieg pulled a three of diamonds.

In the other precinct he chaired, one caucusgoer supported former Vice President Joe Biden and the other Buttigieg. 

Buttigieg won the delegate with an eight of spades, which beat out Biden's seven of clubs.

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33 minutes ago, XavierOnassis said:

It's not your party. Drawing a card to decide a draw is fair if everyone there agreed to it.

Why not just have a regular old primary..


Nah that makes too much sense..


Ted Cruz was the guy who could play the Caucuses..Trump would win the vote but Ted Cruz somehow got the Delegates in several states..



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22 hours ago, king of the county said:

Are you serious?   Cards determining political outcomes?  Really 

And these are the idiots that want to take over all of your health care... LOL LOL... You can't make this crap up!

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2 hours ago, king of the county said:

Hell no!    Has socialism succeeded any where it’s been tried?

Will Cuba and Venezuela are wonderful places maybe we can encourage these leftist scumbags to move there if we talk it up a little more...

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