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When you hear political experts like Bill Clinton's former campaign mngr., James Carville, declare w/ absolute certainty how ruinous a Sanders nomination would be for us all ( Democrats, especially ), it will do you well to consider the source's perspective. In this case, one indicator might be Mr. Carville's past earnest entreaties, along w/ Clinton's & Gore's ( as well as everyone's in George Bush's camp ), during Clinton's initial run for the White House , not to, " waste your vote, " because, in their authoratative opinions, " a 3rd party CAN'T win." Consequently, though 60% of voters in exit polls said the person they preferred to be President was Ross Perot, he only received 19% of the vote since two-thirds of his supporters didn't want to waste their votes as  (they'd been tirelessly informed by those in the know ) it was a certainty that a 3rd party couldn't win. ( For those who've written off math as something unnecessary for them, personally, to be at all proficient in, 60% is a majority & so, expert assurances notwithstanding, had Americans voted for the candidate they really wanted, Perot WOULD have been our President. )

One might also ask oneself, " if Carville is so unerring in his political wisdom, didn't he warn his friend, Hillary, that her intense focus in 2016  on big donor fundraising on the coasts, to the neglect of shoring up support in the midwest, would cost her the election; and, aware of Carville's infallibility, why would she have not heeded his advice?" The reason, of course, is that Carville didn't have any more insight into that eventuality than he does into what will happen this November.

With my apologies to those who will be disillusioned by this, people can allow vested interests to influence both their beliefs, & their honesty in expressing those opinions. This is an ACTUAL fact, observable everywhere & in all avenues of human society, only truer in politics. I encourage any voter to not put too much stock into prognostications of future political events and, when the predictions involve one of the rare outsiders elected in our 2-Party system, by someone who is part & parcel of that system, it is advisable to take an extra-heavy dose of salt with those opinions.

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