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FEBRUARY 23, 2020

East Cleveland is a section of Cleveland which is mostly blacks being ran and controlled by Arabs and other foreigners. They are able to manipulate the black race through and by using black women. Nearly awt every store front or market, black females have been hired for the sole purpose of "control." In the southern parts of the U.S. black females have been used against blackmen for many many decades. In fact, over 22% of blackmen incarcerated occurred with the help of certain black females. These black females are after one thing and one thing only. Success in the world controlled by the devil and his/her many associates. White supremacists, with the help of black secret societies like freemasons and Eastern Stars, are now able to successfully character assassinate whomever they want. Even without proper evidence. People are being destroyed behind simple lies combined with unknown lying informants and false interpretations of camera surveillance. Not long ago, Arabs and other foreign so-called muslim businesses had particular licenses revoked because of federal abuse of EBT (foodstamps) et cetera. Now keep in mind that the federal government will not charge them with crimes when they are working against the black and latino people. What this means is if these so-called muslims make random reports about what goes on in black and latino communities, or each time someone walks into their business they make up lies on them by terming them agressive, which the targets will never know anything about, then they are considered assets. If they make mistakes but refuse to issue daily reports, then you will hear about them being charged with crimes on the local news medias. Some are protected while others are shamed and disgraced. Those protected are the ones still in black and latino communities even after federal violations. They say black and latino people are so stupid that no matter what you do to them they will continue to support a foreigner's business.

Black people are doomed in Ohio, and pretty much everywhere else in America. Many blacks have bank accoounts with over $10,000 within, according to recent polls, but not one of them will get together and open up a business to supportr their communities. They have no idea that 2020 will be the year m,any of them shall end their incarnations. There are alot more people effected with the so-called coronavirus than is being revealed by the media, according to recent reports from scientists. The government is claiming that revealing the truth about the coronavirus will issue mass panic. Your next door neighbor could be infected with this alien virus and the federal government knows about it. Trust us, the federal government knows more about people in the U.S. trhan people believe. Everything you do is tied in with the federal government. The new identification cards and driver's license in Ohio has chips embedded which tracks you, individually, no matter where you go. In East Cleveland, when black people who know this speak out about it, other blacks with nice homes, nice vehicles, and good jobs, turn against those not quite as successful, materialistically, and anytime someone walks through their streets police are immediately notified. These demons do the same things against black people that white supremacists and white power freaks implement against blacks and latinos. Freemasonic cops and Eastern Stars protect these neighborhood informants by controlling the truth in things. They will literally make up a lie on someone else in the presence of a very influencial person in that neighborhood, and from that moment on the fake news flows like life-blood within veins. Many of these lying informants will go unknown even until America burns. They are "key figures" in keeping black people in poverty and drug dealers employed. This is why the conspiracy against the Nuwaubian from North Carolina is so intense. He sees the truth in things and because he reveals and isn't a concealer of the truth or facts, he is a major threat no matter how many players they use in their character and image assassination games against him. 

Other so-called Nuwaubians in East Cleveland, according to sources, do spread the facts even when their lives are threatened from it. These Nuwaubians will actually turn against members of their own nation to preserve their own pathetic extistence. What profits a man/woman to gain the whole world but lose their own souls? Fdearless warriors get alot done in this life. Cowards usually sell out and destroy many nations in the process. Malcolm X was a strong brother, but he took the business of the family and placed it in the hands of devils. He turned against the leader of the Nation of Islam! He was worthy of death! And after the devils used him to bring down the Nation of Islam to a level of controllability, they got rid of him. They hired blacks with islamic names to kill Malcom which brought forth negative attention on the Nation of Islam. This was a well calculated plan which only the FBI and the CIA could have executed at that time. The Nation of Islam was a young organization and the devil needed ammunition to deter blacks with interests about the Nation. Putting it out there that the Nation of Islam was behind the assassination of Malcolm X divided black people drastically. Even in 2020, black people are still talking about what happened to Malcolm X and blames the Nation of Islam. Also, at every Arab or foreign ran mosque inside and outside Cleveland, Ohio, the controllers of those mosques speak of hatred towards the Nation of Islam on a weekly basis. They aren't worried about anything because there are black cops and detectives who protect them with their jobs on the line. And because of how things are being implemented by blacks and foreign muslims in Cleveland, dead bodies of blackmen and women are being found all over the city. Then there are those youth who are attacking older blackmen. This is what goes on in black communities when Arabs and black so-called Sunni muslims control things. The Arabs don't even view the black Sunni muslims as brothers, but that black Sunni muslim will kill or destroy another black person for that foreigner. In the foreign ran mosques they speak ill of caucasians and merntally manipulate blacks to join their cause against white America. They further claim that the stupid blacks don't even know that Arabs put africans into slavery long before the Europeans did, and it still goes on to this day. Ivanka Trump recently wore a hijab supporting Arab women and the Society of Hidden Witches. People are going missing wuite often and the newer aliens who came down recently are literally feasting on human bodies. Some people are being found dead and large numbers aren't being found at all. Ivanka Trump, like her father, is t6ied in with the Ashtar Command and the 4th Reich. But because they are young, Ivanaka and Jared Kushner, their influence in society is highly manipulated. 

Americans will not belive what the U.S. has become by July 4, 2020. Many of you won't even be alive. There are countless critics of factual information and myriad parties who want 7you to focus on a job and a home. This is the daily mantra in the black communities. By living the life they want you to live distracts you from whats going on around you. There are blacks in Cleveland who didn't know anything about the coronavirus. They work at places which treats them like slaves. Takwe for an instance the Car Show being held at the IX Center, behind the Airport in Cleveland. Blacks working through temporary services claim they have never experienced such intense racism. They try and work the blacks to a point where they can't move by the time they get off. And then the white power freaks running the Car Show, according to sources, keep a daily log on what each black have been doing throughout the job. Some of them dislike blacks so much they can't even look them in their eyes. Others make fabricated reports tyo Temp. Agencies accisung those blacks of things because the blacks won't work like slaves. Even caucasian youth working through Temp. Agencies spy on those blacks for the supervisors. When blacks are talking amongst one another a caucasian youth will stand close to them just to hear what they are saying. The information is then tooken back to the racist supervisor who had them spying. They'll submit damning fabricated testimonies against certain blacks to their Termp. Agencies before they even get off work for that day, if the conversations were about racism. The worker won't know anything about it until they finished the few days of work. Afterwards, they can't work on other jobs because white supremacist and their affiliates have successfully marked or branded them. This is how things work in Cleveland, Ohio. Some blackmen are spies on the job for those racist supervisors. They only target other blackmen, and have been hired for the sole purpose of claiming thast racism doesn't exist on the job. Thus, they are given more hires and more pay than any other black working for the racist white supremacist Car Show supervisors. 

Americans just don't understand that the 4th Reich has risen, and like before, its being mastered by demons within caucasian, black, hispanic, and Arab skin. Like we've stated on numerous occasions, evil beings chose to inhabit the vessels (bodies) of caucasians because they appeared to run the world. President Trump is a puppet no matter how much he likes to sound tough. President Obama says that america is about to become like Hitler's Nazi Germany. This is a very interesting topic. But keep in mind that all Presidents pledged their allegience to the State of Israel, to the Queen of England, and to all of her offspring, and worked towards the New World Order in their own ways, and with their own unique styles. In other words, they fought or is fighting over who will rule over the American slaves. It was revealed by 18 Congressmen that the New Nazi plans to rule through Donald J. Trump. Even Ron Paul, a powerful and dangerous Nazi from Texas, congratulated Trump's victory. www.newsone.com/1748295/top-10-racist-ron-paul-friend. Mit Romney, and quite a few others, are tied in with Nazis. www.ronpaulsupporters.com/white-power-groups/. www.peoplesworld.org/article/ron-paul-s-neo-nazi-ties. So no wonder there have been attacks on Congressmen using women, to get rid of the opposition. https://drkatesview.wordpress.com/2016/06/26/paul-ryans-death-to-america/. Americans must understand that there is corruption on every level of state and federal government. And don't think that there is a separation of church, mosques, and states either! They are all working together. 

Believe it or not, your Pastors, Ministers, Imams, Sheikhs, Rabbis, Gurus, et ceterain 2020, are Illuminati members. They've pledged their allegience to the Illuminati and the New World Order over 30 years ago. This is why, especially in the State of Ohio, if a person seeks help from a church or mosque, or may tell church or mosque officials that they are hungry, the church or mosque may sometimes give them a sandwich, and that will be all the food they'll get many times. And should someone check up on the church or mosque to see what they've done for the person(s) in need, they'll use word play by saying, "we gave them food." But in actuality they only gave them a sandwich. Food implies something plural, or more than one thing. A sandwich implies a singular. Its all word play which is why lying have become rampant within churches. Islamic mosque members lie all of the time. So most people don't expect the truth from them anyway. They use word play as ammunition for refusing the poor aid. Churches are now doing the same thing. And do you know why? We know some people with records of each and every church Pastor, and Islamic mosque Imams or Sheikhs, from Maine to Florida. You don't have to believe this but police surveillance can only catch but so much. Police pride themselves from the uses of surveillance and informants when it comes to keeping up with Americans. There are some people who are watched from the time they leave their homes, until the time they go back home. Hell is repetition, and as long as what you do is repeated over and over again, you will remain in hell! But when you step outside the box, thats when your Ancestors begin to walk with you. Just remember that! 

In Ohio, nearly each and every Pastor within mega churches, and Imams and Shiekhs at Islamic mosques, have been watched. They are being tormented behind their own convictions. And nearly everyone of them, or their flocks, are adulterers, paedophiles, theives, murderers, gluttons, bullies, scoundrels, and covetous morons. And we have seen proof of each and every one of them. They are known by freemasons, although many of them are tied into freemasonry and the Order of Eastern Stars, by the Shadow Governments, by Deep State, by the Luciferians, by Secret Militaries, by the Illuminati, and is backed up by Big Brother. Your church Pastor, Islamic Imam, or Sheikh, is no different than politicians. There is something held up over their heads and trust us, they'll lie about it! Within the next 3 months, there will be a list of over 200,000 Pastors, Imams, and Sheikhs, posted on a specific website. We will tell you what website to go to at the right time. Each and everyone of these so-called spiritual leaders have been adulterers, paedophiles, theives, murderers, gluttons, bullies, scoundrels, and covetous morons. Thanks to the assistance from members of churches and mosques, who shall remain anonymous, the information wouldn't have been possible to get. Its good sometimes to have police and federal agents, who are members of churches and mosques, because many of them do get tired of the Police State, and of the New World Order, and shall try to destroy it from within. Sheikhs claim to be islamic scholars, but are really fabricators of the truth, and teach islam and the Quran at a elementary grade level. They will never teach you what they know because if they did, you won't need them anymore.  

At most Sunni mosques all across the U.S., there is a bunch of psychopaths who praises a psychotic assassin name Umar ibn Al-Khattab. Umar was a killer and an assassin, and he is praised in islam. Black Sunni muslims worship him as well. Umar ibn Al-Khattab was a killer, and the way he lived is the way he died; violently! He was no different than a cop who discrminates against others, and will kill for his cause. Just read the actual life of Umar ibn Al-Khattab. But remember, Imams and Sheikhs are Illuminati members, and will make the information unavailable for you, depending on where you are. Also, there were 3 different Jesus characters. The first is the historic Yasua, who was dark skinned and had dreadlocks. He is the one that was part of a powerful group known as the Essenes. And it was he who became the leader of the children of Is-Ra-El, or those tied in with Isis, Ra, and El. Sacrificing Jesus on a 4 pointed cross meant destroying the vessel from which the message came; from all 4 corners of the earth. This really meant burying the ancient Egiptian doctrine from black people who were slaves in America in the 1600's. This group of black people are the only ones in history who were abducted as a nation, and was inflicted under involuntary servitude for 400 years by the Amorites in America. Yashua (Jesus) the Christ (savior), was considered a highly spiritual being, who had a connection with the Almighty. Some called him the son of God. The cross was a wooded (material) object pointing in 4 different directions. Nailing Yashua on the cross meant killing the spiritual on a material object, so that the message couldn't be learnt, practice, or found, on all 4 corners of the earth, save only by a selected few. And in place for the spiritual knowledge which was no more, there was a rise in material knowledge. In other words, the secrets of Yashua, which were really secrets from ancient Egipt, was stolen and hidden by the Vactican, the Illuminati, the Luciferians, et cetera. Many different members of these organizations, later formulated their own religions, under the new Christianity, and they are:

A. Lutheranism (the Lutheran Church) by Martin Luther in 1517, from Germany. 

B. Swiss Reformed Church  by Zwingli in 1523, from Switzerland.

C. Mennonites (multiple founders) in 1525, from Switzerland.

D. Anglican Communion (Anglican Churches) by King Henry 8, in 1534, from England.

E. Calvinism (the Calvinist Church) by John Calvin, in 1536, from Switzerland.

F. Presbyterianism (Presbyterian Churches) by John Knox, in 1560, from Scotland.

G. Baptist Churches by John Smyth, in 1605, from Holland.

H. Dutch Reformed by Michaelis Jones, in 1628, from the Netherlands.

I. Amish (Amish Church) by Jakob Ammann, in 1693, from Switzerland.

J. Methodism (Methodist Churches) by John Wesley, in 1739, from England.

K. Quakers (Friends Meeting Churches) by George Fox, in 1647, from England.

L. Moravians (Moravian Curches) by Count Zinendorf, in 1727, from Germany.

M. Congregationalism (Congregational Churches) by John & Charles Wesley, in 1744, from England.

N. Swedenborg (Swedenborg Church) by Emanuel Swedenborg, in 1747, from Sweden.

O. Brethren (brethren Churches) by John Darby, in 1828, from England.

P. Latter-day Saints (Mormon Churches) by Joseph Smith, in 1830, from New York, USA

Q. Seventh Day Adventists ( Seven Day Adventist Churches) by Ellen White, in 1860, from New Hampshire, USA

R. Salvation Army (Salvation Army Movement) by William Booth, in 1865, from England

S. Jehovah's Witnesses (Jehovah's Witness Churches) by Charles Russel, in 1870, from Pennsylvania, USA

T. Christian Science (Christian Science) by Mary Baker Eddy, in 1879, from New Hampshire, USA

U. Pentecostalism (Pentecostal) by Charles Parham, in 1900, in California, USA

V. Worldwide Church of God by Herbert W. Armstrong, from 1933/1947, in Oregon, USA 

W. Unification Church by Sun Myung Moon, in 1954, from South Korea

Each and everyone of the women founders were in fact Eastern Stars. And the men were freemasons. There was a pledge to the Illuminati and to the New World Order that was conspired long ago. Many christians are under the impression that they are worshipping the true Christ in churches all across the U.S. The only Christ or savior you are worshipping are those who founded the various christian religions, and the gods of the New World Order. If you are not aware of this in 2020, then you are truly lost, and will take part in Satan's hell on earth known as the New World Order. The second Jesus is Andonijah, who was the founder of the Kabbalah, which combines both witchcraft and Satanism. The true Yashua instructed the chosen to stay away from the Kabbalah becasue it was evil. This meesage was also found in the Qumran cave documents. The third Jesus was Cleophas, the mulotto son of Cleopatra and Marc Anthony. His face being placed on paintings was done to show a different face of Jesus; one with ties to both Egypt and Rome. Like we've stated before, all of your Pastors, Ministers, Imams, Sheikhs, and Rabbis, et cetera, are part of the Illuminati in 2017, and have been working towards your destruction. And each time someone reveals their many evils and plans, they will meet with their supreme heads, ask them what to do next, and then they'll share some sort of masonic mysticism within their teachings which will awe their flocks. This is one reason why you can't shake them. Another reason is because the more money that is being stolen from city and state governments all across the U.S., the more many of you are manipulated through forced suggestions, to join christianity because it appears to you that they holding up financially. This is because the Illuminati supplies them with federal funding annually. There is nothing wrong with a Pastor who teaches fact and won't hide the truth from his flock. He or she are those that will inform the poor, who seeks financial aid or food, that they can or cannot help them. They aren't liars who will tell you that they'll help you, but actually have no intention to help you in your time of need. Many of these Pastors and Ministers, who are tied in with Imams and Sheikhs, claim that they lie to people because the people won't take no for an answer! Is lying to anyone a godly act when you are suppose to be a so-called spiritual teacher? 

In islam, they claim that their way is the truth, and that noone can enter their heaven unless they believe in what their teachings are. Many different members of these organizations, later formulated their own religions, under the new Islam, and they are:

1. Jarudiah:
Followers of Abu'l-Jarud. They believe Holy Prophet (pbuh) designated Al-Isa as the Imam by his characteristics but not by name.

2. Sulamania:
Followers of Sulaiman ibn-Jarir al-Zaidi. They believed Imamat was a matter of Jaririya conference and could be confirmed by two best Muslims.

3. Butriyah:
They did not dispute the Khilafat of Uthman (ra), neither they attack him nor Hurariyah praise him.

4. Yaqubiyya:
They accepted the Khilafat of Abu Bakr (ra) and Umar (ra), but did not reject those who rejected these Khulifaa. They also believed that Muslim commiters of Major sins will be in hell forever.

5. Hanafiyah:
Followers of the Imammate of Muhammad ibn-al-Hanifah. They believe that Allah might have had a beginning.

6. Karibiyah:
They believed that Imam Muhammad ibn-al-Hanifah is not dead and is the Imam Ghaib (in disappearance) and the expected Mahdi.

7. Kamiliyah:
Followers of Abu-Kamil. They believed companions to be heretic because they forsook their allegiance to Ali (ra) and condemn Ali (ra) for ceasing to fight them. They believed in the returning of the dead before the Day of Resurrection and that Satan is right in preferring fire to clay.

8. Muhammadiyyah:
Followers of Muhammad ibn-Abdullah ibn-al-Hassan. They do not believe/Mughairiyah that Imam Muhammad ibn-Abdullah died and that he is the Imam Ghaib and awaited Mahdi.

9. Baqiriyah:
Followers of Muhammad ibn-Ali al-Baqir. They believe him to be the Imam Ghaib and expected Mahdi.

10. Nadisiyah:
They believe that those who consider themselves better than anyone else are Kafirs (disbelievers).

11. Sha'iyah:
They believe that the one who has recited La Ilaha Il-Allah (there is none worthy of worship except Allah), whatever she or he does, will never be punished.

12. Ammaliyah:
They believe that faith for one is what he/she sincerely practices.

13. Ismailiyah:
They believe in the continuity of Imammate among the descendants of Ismail ibn-Ja'far.

14. Musawiyah:
They believe Musa ibn-Ja'far to be the Imam Ghaib and expected Mahdi / Mamturah.

15. Mubarakiyah:
They believe in the continuity of Imammate among the descendants of Muhammad ibn-Ismail ibn-Ja'far.

16. Kathiyah:
They believe that expected Mehdi will be twelveth Imam among the /Ithn Áshariya descendants of the Áli ibn-abi-Talib. (The Twelvers).

17. Hashamiya:
They Predicate a body to Allah and also allege Prophet (pbuh) of disobedience/ Taraqibiyah to Allah

18. Zarariyah:
They believe that Allah did not live nor had any attributes till He created for Himself life and His attributes.

19. Younasiyah:
Followers of Younas ibn-Ábd-al-Rahman al-Kummi. They believe that Allah is borne by the bearers of His Throne, though He is stronger than they are.

20. Shaitaniyah/Shireekiyah:
They believed in the view that deeds of servants of Allah are substances; and a servant of Allah can really produce a substance.

21. Azraqaih:
Followers of Nafi ibn-al-Azraq. They do not believe in the good dreams and visions and claim that all forms of revelations have ended.

22. Najadat:
Followers of Najdah ibn-Ámir al-Hanafi. They abolished the punishment of drinking wine also they believed that sinners of this sect would not be treated in hellfire but some other place before allowed in Paradise.

23. Sufriyah:
Followers of Ziyad ibn-al-Asfar. They believed that sinners are in fact polytheists.

24. Ajaridah:
Followers of Abd-al-Karim ibn-Ajrad. They believed that a child should be called to Islam after it has attained maturity. Also they believed booty of war to be unlawful till the owner is killed.

25. Khazimiyah:
They believe Allah loves men of all faiths even if one has been a disbeliever most of his life.

26. Shuaibiyah/Hujjatiyah:
They believed that what Allah desires does happen no matter what and what does not happen it means Allah desires it not.

27. Khalafiyah:
Followers of Khalaf. They do not believe in fighting except under the leadership of an Imam.

28. Ma'lumiyah/Majhuliah:
They believed that whoever did not recognise Allah by His names was ignorant of Him and anyone ignorant of Him was a disbeliever.

29. Saltiyah:
Followers of Salt ibn-Usman. They believed in the conversion of adults only and if father has converted to Islam children were considered disbelievers till they reach maturity.

30. Hamziyah:
Followers of Hamza ibn-Akrak. They believe that children of polytheists are condemned to hell.

31. Tha'libiyah:
Followers of Tha'labah ibn-Mashkan. They believe that parents remain guardians over their children of any age until children make it clear to parents that they are turning away from truth.

32. Ma'badiyah:
They did not believe in taking or giving alms from or to slaves.

33. Akhnasiyah:
They do not believe in waging a war except in defence or when the opponent is known personally.

34. Shaibaniyah/Mashbiyah:
Followers of Shaiban ibn-Salamah al-Khariji. They believe that Allah resembles His creatures.

35. Rashidiyah:
They believe that land watered by springs, canals or flowing rivers should pay half the Zakat (tithe), while land watered by rain only should pay he full Zakat.

36. Mukarramiyah/tehmiyah:
Followers of abu-Mukarram. They believe that ignorance constitutes as disbelief. Also that Allah enmity or friendship depends upon the state of a persons' belief at his death.

37. Abadiyah/Afáliyah:
They consider Abdullah ibn-Ibad as their Imam. They believe in doing good deeds without the intention of pleasing Allah.

38. Hafsiyah:
Consider Hafs ibn-abi-l-mikdam as their Imam. They believe that only knowing Allah frees one from polytheism.

39. Harithiya:
Followers of Harith ibn-Mazid al-Ibadi. They believe that the ability precedes the deeds.

40. Ashab Ta'áh:
They believe that Allah can send a prophet without giving him any sign to prove his prophecy.

41. Shabibiyah/Salihiyah:
Followers of Shabib ibn-Yazid al-Shaibani. They believe in the Imamate of a woman named Ghazalah.

42. Wasiliyah:
Followers of Wasil ibn-'Ata al-Ghazza. They believe that does who commit major sins will be punished in hell but still remain believers.

43. Ámriyah:
Followers of Amir ibn-Ubaid ibn-Bab. They reject the legal testimony of people from supporters of either side of the battle of Camel.

44. Hudhailiyah/Faniya:
Followers of abu-al-Hudhail Muhammad ibn-al-Hudhail. They believe that both Hell and Paradise will perish and that preordination of Allah can cease, at which time Allah will no longer be omnipotent.

45. Nazzamiyah:
Followers of abu-Ishaq Ibrahim ibn-Saiyar. They do not believe in the miraculous nature of the Holy Quran nor do they believe in the miracles of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) like splitting the moon.

46. Mu'ammariyah:
They believe that Allah neither creates life nor death but it is an act of the nature of living body.

47. Bashriyah:
Followers of Bashr ibn-al-Mu'tamir. They believe that Allah may forgive a man his sins and may change His mind about this forgiveness and punish him if he is disobedient again.

48. Hishamiyah:
Followers of Hisham ibn-ämr al-Futi. They believe that if a Muslim community come to consensus it needs an Imam and if it rebels and kills its Imam, no one should be chosen an Imam during a rebellion.

49. Murdariyah:
Followers of Isa ibn-Sabih. They believe that staying in close communication with the Sultan (ruler) makes one unbeliever.

50. Ja'friyah:
Followers of Ja'far ibn-Harb and Ja'far ibn-Mubashshir. They believe that drinking raw wine is not punishable and that punishment of hell could be inferred by a mental process.

51. Iskafiyah:
Followers of Muhammad ibn-Abdallah al-Iskafi. They believe that Allah has power to oppress children and madman but not those who have their full senses.

52. Thamamiyah:
Followers of Thamamah ibn-Ashras al-Numairi. They believe that he whom Allah does not compel to know Him, is not compelled to know and is classed with animals who are not responsible.

53. Jahiziayh:
Followers of 'Ámr ibn-Bahr al-Jahiz. They believe that Allah is able to create a thing but unable to annihilate it.

54. Shahhamiyah/Sifatiyah:
Followers of abu-Yaqub al-Shahham. They believe that everything determined is determined by two determiners, one the creator and the other acquirer.

55. Khaiyatiyah/Makhluqiyah:
Followers of abu-al-Husain al-Khaiyat. They believe that everything non-existent is a body before it appears, like man before it is born is a body in non-existence. Also that every attribute becomes existent when it makes its appearance.

56. Ka'biyah:
Followers of abu-qasim Abdullah ibn-Ahmed ibn-Mahmud al-Banahi known as al-Ka'bi. They believe that Allah does not see Himself nor anyone else except in the sense that He knows himself and others.

57. Jubbaiyah:
Followers of abu-'Ali al-Jubbai. They believe that Allah obeys His servants when he fulfils their wish.

58. Bahshamiyah:
Followers of abu-Hashim. They believe that one, who desires to do a bad deed, though may not do it, commit infidelity and deserve punishment.

59. Ibriyah:
They believe that Holy Prophet (pbuh) was a wise man but not a prophet.

60. Zanadiqiyah:
They believe that the incident Miraj was a vision of the Holy prophet (pbuh) and that we can see Allah in this world.

61. Qabariyya:
They do not believe in the punishment of grave.

62. Hujjatiya:
They do not believe in the punishment for deeds on the grounds.

63. Fikriyya:
They believe that doing Dhikr and Fikr (Remembering and thinking about Allah) is better than worship.

64. 'Aliviyah/Ajariyah:
They believe that Hazrat Ali shared Prophethood with Mohammad (pbuh)

65. Tanasikhiya:
They believe in the re-incarnation of soul.

66. Rajiýah:
They believe that Hazrat Ali ibn-abi-Talib will return to this world.

67. Ahadiyah:
They believe in the Fardh (obligations) in faith but deny the Sunnah.

68. Radeediyah:
They believe that this world will live forever.

69. Satbiriyah:
They do not believe in the acceptance of repentance.

70. Lafziyah:
They believe that Quran is not the word of God but only its meaning and essence is the word of God. Words of Quran are just the words of the narrator.

71. Ashariyah:
They believe that Qiyas (taking a guess) is wrong and amounts to disbelief.

72. Bada'iyah:
They believe that obedience to Ameer is obligatory no matter what he commands.

73. Ahmadiyya:
The followers of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmed of Qadian (as). (1835 to 1908)
They believe that he is THE PROMISED MESSIAH and IMAM MEHDI.
They believe in the FINALITY OF PROPHETHOOD OF THE HOLY PROPHET (pbuh) and that he was the SEAL of the all the Prophets.

The Sunni sect is some of the most ruthless, evil, and Satanic branches of Islam. They claim that their way is the truth because they follow the hadith (stories and tales told by men) after the Sunnah (or Sunni-meaning tradition) of then Prophet Muhammad. The Sunni muslims were some of the ones who were invading and killing african nations, in africa, in the 1990's. They also have blackmen following their way of life, believing that Muhammad was in the image or was after the likeness of an Arab, a Hindu, a Pakistani, a pale Egyptian, or any other pale person with East Indian (Hindu) blood lines. They support and teach slavery. They believe that you can have a slave but feed him and his family. They believe in killing the men and sometimes sparing the women and children. In America, when an America muslim go to them for sadaqa, they'll tell the men to get a job, and won't help them. They know that jobs are almost impossible for black and poor caucasian men to get in 2017, and will hide the fact that the U.S. Government gave them finances to purchase businesses of their chosing, and doesn't make them pay taxes for at least 5 to 7 years. The U.S. Government turn their heads when these so-called muslims sell lose cigarettes, making $20 or more per a pack. They turn their heads when these so-call muslims sell alcohol and other chemicals not allowed in islam. They turn their heads when these so-call muslims have young American teenagers selling drugs and drug paraphanelia in communities! And believe it or not, if a blackman says something painfully truthful about the Sunni Muslims, the black Sunni muslim will pick a fight with him. They are a violent and sinister race of people. They are bigots, and like the Arab, Hindu, Pakistani, pale Egyptian, or Bangladeshian, they are working with christians all across the U.S., and is mentally manipulating them all. 

Americans must understand that we are living in times where our ignorance is allowing history to repeat itself. There are both black and caucasians within christianity, who have allowed their low self to get the better of them. And because of this, there is things being held over their heads by the Illuminati which forces them to remain demonic. Arabs, Hindus, and other foreigners believe in having sex with children and noone questions it in America. There are hundreds of families where older men have had sex with teenage girls who are of their race. And if the women weren't tied into the Order of the Eastern Stars, or were part of other East Indian secret societies, these truths would come out in the nosy local and national news medias. All of the Arabs, Hindu, Pakistanis, and other foreign so-called muslims are tied in with the Illuminati; through relatives who a part of the Illuminati, et cetera. The thing about the Illuminati is that they have something on all of their members. So that if they ever tried to leave, or didn't agree with something and wanted to reveal it to the public, shameful acts of paedophilia, adultery, murder, theivery, et cetera, will be reported about them on the local and national news medias. They'll get crushed in other words. Most Hindu Indians running motels and have statues of Krishna, usually support the New World Order, all all the tricks and games leading up to it! They are an evil race of beings and will destroy and American enemy with the help of Arabs, Pakistanis, Bangladeshians, and other foreigners. This is the only time you'll witness so-called foreign muslims joining forces with Hindus. They know that the Hindus are distant cousins of theirs, and many have confirmed this through ancestral charts. 

Trust it or not, the Hindus played roles in the 3rd Reich, which was kept out of mainstream history books. India have played roles in every form of evil ever practiced on earth. They are a very old race who know the psychology of most human minds. They have accepted being evil by nature, but Americans are all the time trying to praise them, which empowers them to take over more American Market Places. The elderly of Hindus living in America claim that President Trump will bring in a New World Order, being ruled by powerful white supremacists. But the poor caucasians will be sacrificed! Is white supremacist children taught by white supremacist parents, at a young age, on how to cause chaos in every school where they outnumber minorities?  http://abc27.com/2016/11/10/election-related-social-media-threat-investigated-at-york-school/. Are white supremacist police allowing white supremacist youth to kill in black and latino neighborhoods, and later place the blame on minorities who are either rewarded for saying that they did the killings, or the blame was placed on uneducated minorities with no alibi of where they were at during the killings? In Virginia, there are hundreds of blackmen accused of murders who were no where at the crime scene. They were tried and convicted only because very few could read and write. Others were mentally ill.  

In Conclusion: Recently we were reading a nteresting Chapman University survey about what scares most Americans.  While many Americans said that they feared the end of the world, what was most surprising is that many Americans are no longer afraid of organized terrorism. The other fear that afflicted small-town America was paranormal activity. https://www.chapman.edu/wilkinson/research-centers/babbie-center/_files/fear-2018/2018-Fear-Campaign-Summary.pdf. More Americans now believe in various spooky concepts, from ghosts to extra-terrestrial creatures. More than 41% of respondents said they believe in ghosts, and 26.5% said they believe the living and the dead can communicate with each other through inventions like ghost boxes, electronic voice phenomena or the less sophisticated Ouija board. There was a small amount of those surveyed that have called upon a member of the clergy or a paranormal investigator to rid their homes of demons or ghosts and another small percentage that believe that their homes even their neighborhoods are haunted by tragic histories and urban legends. These results are part of the second annual Chapman Survey of American Fears, collected from a representative sample of 1,541 Americans over the age of 18. The broader goal of the survey which explores how much the country fears everything from natural disasters to vaccinations to the paranormal—is to determine both the causes and consequences of these fears. People are rationalizing that the world around us is changing rapidly and previously held truths are actually not as factual as we once thought, so why wouldn’t it be possible for the supernatural to be real, too? Interest in Witchcraft has waxed and waned throughout history but in small-town America and in many of the big cities Witchcraft is thriving.

The latest witch renaissance coincides with a growing fascination with astrology, crystals, and tarot, which, like magic, practitioners consider ways to tap into unseen, unconventional sources of power and which can be especially appealing for people who feel disenfranchised or who have grown weary of trying to enact change by working within the system. The small town of Salem, Massachusetts is well known for its “witchiness.“ Salem’s entire identity is based on the infamous 1692 witch trials. Which every kid in America learns about. The local school is called Witchcraft Heights Elementary School, police cars have witch logos on them, and there’s the Salem Witch Museum, among other occult-related sights and stores. In New Orleans, you may find a few voodoo practitioners and believe it or not you may even meet up with a vampire. According to a study now out, after five years of research done by a doctoral candidate at Louisiana State University, New Orleans is home to at least 50 real vampires. The study was done by John Edgar Browning, who told The Washington Post that despite having a reputation for blood-sucking and being fashion victims, they are pretty much just regular folks. There is even an official New Orleans Vampire Association. Even though the term ‘vampire’ has a negative connotation, these individuals are really just people who claim to have a medical condition that requires them to drink blood, whether its human or animal, to sustain themselves. Even more surprising, a survey conducted by the Atlanta Vampire Alliance estimates that there are around 5,000 real vampires in the United States. In small-town America, rumors fly like bats at twilight. In small-town pride runs deep. Also, those rural kids weirdly suck on chili dogs behind the Tasty freeze. But mostly, people are really proud of their small towns. Lake Tahoe has been the subject of legend with tales of a monster swimming in the water, to an underwater pyramid, but the most bizarre legend of all is that if you were to take a submarine down 900 feet just off South Shore, you would see hundreds of bodies suspended in the water, preserved perfectly like an underwater wax museum, most wearing clothes from the 1920s, ’30s, and ’40s.

The legend is this is where the Mafia killers dumped bodies after executions. Some fishermen even call the spot The Grave At Tahoe, many locals talk as if everybody knows about this, that there are lots of gangsters down there, wearing pinstriped suits, with sneers on their faces and bullet holes in their foreheads. What, or whom, Lake Tahoe holds in its average depth of 1,000 feet is a mystery, except for those who have lost family or friends to drowning, boating accidents or other fatal mishaps. But the conditions within the second-deepest lake in the United States keep the mystery unanswerable. The Tahoe Daily Tribune reported a number of factors contributed to the phenomenon, according to Dr. Anton Sohn, chairman of the pathology department at the University of Nevada in Reno. When people drown, for instance, their lungs fill with water, dropping them into the depths of the lake. Death brings decomposition where bacteria consumes bodily flesh at some pace. During that process gases such as methane, nitrogen and oxygen are produced but the type of gases formed depend on the type of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, Sohn said. The gases would allow a body to rise “like a balloon. The body buoys up to the top,” Sohn said. Since the lake has frigid temperatures bodies don’t decompose, thus gases don’t form, prompting them to stay submerged. Lake Tahoe has a constant temperature of 39 degrees between the depths of 600 to 700 feet, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. It’s surface temperature varies with the type of season. In months such as August and September, the surface temperature runs between 65 to 70 degrees. During this time of year, the surface temperature is as cold as 40 degrees and as warm as 50 degrees. Of course, it is said that South Lake Tahoe is haunted. Moreover, rooms on the fourth floor of the Mont Bleu Casino are haunted; especially, Room 416. According to hotel staff, a ghostly specter walks the 4th-floor hallways late at night wailing for help in finding “Jerry” or possibly “Larry”. No one knows who any of these people are, but the hotel staff has taken to calling the spirit “Jessica” due to her alleged resemblance to movie star Jessica Alba. The ghost seems very distraught and seems nearly hysterical and runs back and forth through the corridors often for several minutes in a semi-transparent state.

Dunsmuir is a small town near the Sacramento River whose claim to fame is the railroad yard where trains pass through there all the time. It was as if an alien landing happened there or that it was like “Salem’s Lot” – a small town that was made popular by Stephen King where the people there all acted peculiar and the big secret was a Vampire lived there. Within that town  a chemical spill that, in 30 minutes, literally destroyed the ecosystem. A train derailed there and a tanker carrying a pesticide overturned and started draining a noxious substance into the water killing fish and wildlife for 40 miles. The chemical was called metam-sodium. By-products of the breakdown of metam-sodium included deadly hydrogen sulfide. Almost every living organism within 40 miles of the river was dead in 30 minutes. Many people in the town were rushed to the hospital with breathing problems many had nausea and headaches. Everybody had the same symptoms: a metallic taste in the mouth, an inability to concentrate. Whats also interesting is how a number of pregnant women had miscarriages after the incident and how a number of animals, frogs, and fish never returned to the area because of the spill. A newborn baby born in Dunsmuir days after the spill was found to be dropping weight rapidly, and the family’s doctor told the parents they needed to move the baby out of the area. The railroad installed a monument as an eternal reminder of what happened there 20 years ago, and a symbol of how nature can recover given the time. Most people agree that another spill is inevitable because so many roadways and railroad tracks cross waterways. There are locations throughout the planet that are suggested to be the most powerful due to their position on the globe or maybe because some unknown event that created a small-town horror. Roswell, New Mexico has that vibe as well probably because of the story of aliens that allegedly crashed there in 1947. The old-timers there have many stories and as you look into their eyes you realize that something traumatic happened—something that they do not understand. In the small town of Stull, Kansas, there is a a portal to the underworld many people term, hell.

There was once an old stone church wall that crumbled in 2002 in the small town’s cemetery. It is located in a part of Kansas where the first three numbers of the zip code beginning with “666,” and the road leading to the cemetery was called “Devil’s Lane” until it was changed in 1905. Many of the gravestones have the name “Wittich,” engraved on them and one is said to be occupied by a “Child of Satan” born of a witch and the Devil. The child was said to have been severely deformed and lived only a short time. Not only was the cemetery on land where witches were hanged – there is an area where the church crumbled that has a staircase that goes deep under the cemetery where people have disappeared, rumored to have gone into hell. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IJOBBWOlTE&feature=emb_logo. All ofg these places were like experimental regions first. Now the chaos and horros is spreading worldwide. Many Americans will soon experience hell and all that it entails. You don't have to trust what we say. It doesn't really matter. Our job is just revealing the facts to you and whats to come. take it or leave it. But you will experience a rude awakening in 2020. This you can be sure of. So Mine Your Mind for the Jewels of your Soul. 

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