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Who are you guys voting for in the primaries?

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On 3/5/2020 at 12:59 PM, bludog said:


From a standpoint of party unity, it would be smart for Biden to choose a progressive VP and smart of Sanders to choose a moderate VP.   The risk would be open ideological conflict between the president and the VP, which might have the effect of undermining the president's agenda. 


My guess is that neither Biden nor Sanders would be inclined to make concessions to the other wing of the party, in their choices of VP.   They would probably choose a VP who supports them, unconditionally.



Remember 41 calling reaganomics "VOODOO" economics? I know that obviously was a different era and wasn't put under severe scrutiny like it would today but these are the extreme policies of the individual and not the base values of the party. Im no fan of Biden but come November will vote for him regardless of who may be the VP like everyone else here with the possible exception of WF but even he may come around when push comes to shove.

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