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"Colorado police make 8 arrests outside Trump rally venue after protesters block traffic"

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Don't these leftists have their own rallies to attend?  Maybe Soros paid them...who knows.


"Members of the Colorado Springs Public Order Response Team addressed the protesters, who were obstructing traffic, and issued several warnings before police engaged with them and made the arrests on failure to desist or disperse charges, FOX 21's Daniela Leon reported."





Other than that, it looks like the rally was a success as usual.  :)

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2 minutes ago, AnotherJim said:

Let's see, do you believe stopping an ambulance can result in someone's death? That being, do you know someone could die before you stop it? If so, premeditated murder.

Yep...failing to yield to an emergency vehicle which caused a death. Now a kid is fatherless.


They should investigate to see if Soros paid these protesters too.



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