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U.S. Intell says Russia trying to help Prez MORON get elected again....so....what does Prez MORON do????

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‘Possibly the craziest and scariest thing he has done’: Conservative blasts Trump for Dept Nat Intelligence Richard Grenell

Conservative Washington Post columnist Max Boot blasted President Donald Trump’s new appointee Richard Grenell to take over as acting director of national intelligence.


Previously, Trump was furious at his acting DNI when he learned that Democrats were given an intelligence briefing. The source speaking to the Post said that Trump gave Maguire a “dressing down” that left the former acting DNI “despondent.”


Boot said that it was “quite possibly the craziest and scariest thing he has done.”


Appointing a political loyalist means Trump will have greater control on intelligence information. It will now be under the control of what one person called a “rude Twitter troll.” But Grenell has zero experience in the world of national intelligence.


“Grenell has no intelligence background,” Boot explained. “He spent the George W. Bush administration as the spokesman for the U.S. Mission to the United Nations, where he developed a terrible reputation among reporters. The veteran Reuters correspondent Irwin Arieff told HuffPost that Grenell was ‘the most dishonest and deceptive press person I ever worked with. He often lied.’ That is a big problem, given that the job of the DNI is to tell the truth — including uncomfortable truths that the president would rather not hear.”


Once he left the Bush administration, Boot explained that “Grenell became a public relations consultant, Fox News talking head and Twitter troll.”


None of those things are deal-breakers for Trump though, in fact they’re perks.


Even when he was hired by Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign, he didn’t last long because he kept denigrating women using “highly personal terms.” The second he does that to Ivanka Trump won’t go over well.


“By appointing a partisan propagandist to a post that requires strict nonpartisanship, Trump is ensuring that the acting DNI in this election year will place his interests above those of the country,” wrote Boot. “Given that Trump has consistently said he would accept foreign election help — indeed, he tried to blackmail Ukraine into helping him — that is a terrifying prospect for the future of our democracy. There are, mercifully, institutional checks to limit a DNI’s ability to weaponize the intelligence community on behalf of the president’s personal interests. With Grenell at the helm, we are likely to see those safeguards tested as never before.”

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Stone made his debut in national politics at 19, when he sent campaign contributions in the name of a socialist organization to Richard Nixon's rival in the 1972 Republican presidential primary. He then sent a letter to The New Hampshire Union-Leader with the donation receipt, in an attempt to undermine Nixon's competitor.

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Republicans ‘went nuts’ on intelligence officials who told them Russia is ready to support Trump’s re-election:

On Thursday, an explosive new report showed that not only was Russia planning once again to sabotage the U.S. presidential election, but that President Donald Trump was furious when intelligence officials informed House Democratic investigators of this threat — shortly before he announced he would be replacing the acting Director of National Intelligence with a hardcore partisan loyalist.


Trump wasn’t the only one who was outraged. House Republicans who received the briefing also objected to the intelligence.


“The meeting, which took place on February 13, was conducted for the House Intelligence Committee by an aide to outgoing acting director of national intelligence, Joseph Maquire [sic],” wrote Spencer Ackerman, Betsy Swan, Erin Blanco, and Sam Stein. “According to a legislator who was present, the aide, Shelby Pierson, Maguire’s election security chief, described a Russian elections-intrusion effort that never stopped from 2016.”


The report continued: “‘The Republicans [on the committee] went nuts,’ over Pierson’s presentation, the member told The Daily Beast. A second source familiar with the briefing said that Republicans didn’t understand why the Kremlin would try to boost Trump, since he had been so tough on Russia, in their view. Reps. Brad Wenstrup (R-OH) and Chris Stewart (R-UT) — who according to The Times, has been a Trump favorite to replace Maguire — were particularly vocal in their skepticism, the member said.”

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58 minutes ago, benson13 said:

"WHY WOULDN'T I BELIEVE PUTIN"......(Over our 17 Intell Agencies)



President Unqualified Liar appoints more unqualified liars...and the rednecks cheer it on

Because our intelligence agencies lied to FBI investigators, illegally spied on a wiretapped a presidential campaign, created a false impeachment narrative in Ukraine, etc. 😂

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2 minutes ago, CrimeaRiver said:




Max Boot======Cheney X 100.


Beanie.....THE NEWEST NEOCON:lol:

Actually, he's a old school democratic "establishment" guy.


Establishment=banks, corporations and military complex=fascism light. 

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7 minutes ago, DeepBreath said:

Actually, he's a old school democratic "establishment" guy.


Establishment=banks, corporations and military complex=fascism light. 

I agree with you sir, however, he is a neocon to the core as well  

Neocons are on the left and right.  They control most of DC these days


And Beanie loves to post everything they say!!  Its hilarious

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