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Just Imagine All The Lies We'd Have With This One Running Things


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Hillary Shuts Down Rumor She’ll Be Bloomberg’s Running Mate


At a Clinton Global Initiative event held in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Tuesday, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton shot down the rumor that she would be White House hopeful Michael Bloomberg’s vice-presidential running mate if he receives the Democrat nomination later this year.

“Oh, no,” Hillary said. “I’m just waiting and watching as this plays out. I will support whoever the nominee is because I think, for all the reasons you can imagine, and here in Puerto Rico there are many, we need to have a new president for our country.” She added that she wants to “see Puerto Rican American citizens be able to vote for president.”

Earlier this month, Hillary told talk show hostess Ellen Degeneres that she would not rule out becoming vice president: “I never say never because I do believe in serving my country.”

Hillary would never say never not because she wants to serve her country, but because her lust for presidential power is bottomless.

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