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From "Trailer Trash"....To Spanky Trump's High Priestess

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From "Trailer Trash"....To Spanky Trump's Aryan High Priestess

February 17, 2020


"On a Friday morning in February, televangelist Paula White-Cain spent more than two hours preaching at the King Jesus church Supernatural Ministry School in Miami. With top billing on the event website as “Donald Trump’s spiritual adviser,” White stood in front of a stage with a light show befitting a Pink Floyd cover band. With a sanctuary that holds 7,000 people, one of the nation’s largest Latino churches was packed with “apostles” and “prophets” who’d come to be “activated in God’s supernatural power” and learn to expand their ministry.


“They called me trailer trash,” White said, as an interpreter in a blue track suit jacket translated her words into Spanish. “But our God’s in the recycling business.” With her husband, the keyboardist for Journey, providing a stirring backtrack, White testified about her own rags-to-riches tale, starting with her humble roots in Tupelo, Mississippi, her father’s suicide, her out-of-wedlock teen pregnancy, her years working her way up from janitor to Sunday school teacher at a Maryland church."



I wish I could wake-up.



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Apopka Preacher/Trump High-Priestess Promotes

Socialism For 1%ers

February 18, 2020


"Paula White-Cain has one of those remarkable rags-to-riches American stories, rising up from a poor, rural Mississippi upbringing and teenage pregnancy to preaching before megachurches in Apopka, making and giving $8 Million "to God" in 2009, and landing a job in the White House.


In a Miami sermon this month, before the predominantly Latinx "Supernatural Ministry School" at King Jesus Ministry church, White-Cain told congregants the secret to her success was giving money to God.


And the preacher was not speaking of giving what one can, but instead recommending forking over hefty amounts, true sacrifices as greater gestures of commitment to God, or a "First Fruits" offering, which is part of the questionable teachings of the "Prosperity Gospel." In early 2018, she wrote that people would face "consequences" if they "keep for yourself something that belongs to God."

God rewards those, White-Cain said, who hand over something like a week's pay, or maybe a month's, to her church to show they are truly faithful. That's the reason for her $8 Million gift to God, her entire salary in 2009, she told the 7,000-person auditorium."


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