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OUCH. Christian Lawmaker Group Issues Twitter Poll Asking Americans If Our Politicians Should Be Christian, Then Blame the OVERWHELMING 95% "NO! NO! NO!" Poll Response On Satan

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Yep. You just can't make this stuff up.

And the overwhelming "NO FREAKING WAY!!" Twitter Poll Responses (95% of Poll Responders said NO!) proves exactly how much Americans do NOT want ANY kind of religious quackery anywhere near our Lawmaking, Legislation, and Governance. 


Christian Lawmaker Group "Aaaiiieeegghh! They all said NO! We can't handle the TRUTH! Let's blame it on Satan, Himself! Yes! He's giving us all these Poll responses!"



Both the outcome of this Poll, and the 100% predictable reaction from the Christians when their Imaginary Bubble World crashed and burned after getting hit head-on by REALITY speaks volumes about how detached and insulated from the REAL WORLD and America religious folks really are.      

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