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"Climate sadists are masochists in denial."

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August 22, 2019


"There is another indestructible truth of the situation. No matter how brutally the resources of the planet are marshaled to protect racial and national boundaries, the collapse of earth's systems would not respect those boundaries. We face the prospect of a collapse of the food chain and the exhaustion of fertile land, the depletion of oxygen as marine life is killed off, the flooding of major cities as sea levels rise, unlivable temperatures and extreme weather making large parts of the world uninhabitable. A few might be spared severe hardship and danger, but this will not be a pleasant world. The troll's logic is: it's funny that you people care whether we live or die, so I'll enjoy the look on your face as I destroy the future of all, including anyone I have ever loved, and even my big stupid self, and laugh about it.


Climate sadists are masochists in denial."




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