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Are "All The President's Men" STLL Cheating....With Bernie, This Time????

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I've often wondered if Republicans (registered as Dems) are part of Bernie's "base", during Primaries.


When Roger Stone's name (first) started popping-up, I figured....who wants revenge for Watergate, more, than Roger Stone....and, now, Liz Cheney???


Then, ya' gotta think about Porky Limbaugh's lil' charade..... i.e. Porky thinking Obama would be MUCH EASIER to beat, in the General!!!!



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The BS cult, the Trumpists, and the Russians are all doing their part to promote the populist-communist anti-liberal who attacks the Democratic Party.


Bernie Sanders is a cancer on our party. He will get Trump elected again.


Fucking scumbag.



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