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Put in your predictions! Will the establishment win with Boomberg and Hillary? Or will Bernie the communist NOT get robbed of the nomination?

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Bernie wins the popular vote but the DNC and super delegates hand the nomination to Boomberg and Hillary. 


Remember folks, when it comes to democrats there is nothing more important than beating Trump. Not principles, values, morals, justice, nothing. 

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12 minutes ago, kfools said:

Man oh man. 


This is hard to call. Bloomberg hasn't been doing so hot.

But with the prospect of Hillary? This should give the establishment loving democrats a way out from voting on Bernout. 

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Feel the burn. I find it hard to believe that Bloomberg would be so stupid as to take Hillary along. Bloomberg is the only competition to Sanders at the moment. Trump was right when he said Sanders is more dangerous because of his fervent believers. Bloomberg is a flash in the pan because of his spending. Sanders is going to get the nomination. Trump will torch Sanders.

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5 hours ago, theLion said:

My particular bet is that neither Bernie, nor Bloomberg, will win the dem nomination. 

That’s an interesting prediction. 

Who do you think will get the nomination? 

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