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FEBRUARY 17, 2020

In Parts 1-3, we covered issues about alot of things and even things very vital dealing with the Nuwaubian from North Carolina. Not long ago, several of our field workers and friends reported that when James White, an unbalanced Nuwaubian freemason who wasn't raised properly, decided to intertwine deeper into the realms  of the Boule Society, James White, an alleged Nuwaubian, has been recorded on devices speaking ill and slandering other Nuwaubians. He has chose his path and his path isn't one of peace. It is one of slander, betrayal, and the likes. James, as we have stated before in countless other threads, has three friends who he have betrayed pther Nuwaubians for. One's name is Norm. Norm has an apartment complex on Holyoke avenue in East Cleveland, and is a slumlord. He runs his electricty on that property most of the time, according to females who stay within the area, by generator because he doesn't pay his light bills. Tenants living in the apartment complex are usually slaves who will do anything for him. Crack addicts and drug addicts are the only ones who is willing to live in a apartment with no electricity. Some neighbors have claimed that he attaches wires and other items to others electric boxes and steals their electricity from them without their knowledge. People are afraid to do anything about it because he has a relative that was the Mayor of East Cleveland, a family who were Kingopin Drugdealers, and has been recorded taking photos of people and getting others to push those photos in every circle they are tied into. Slander is what they are known for. This is why our field researchers and friends have swore that friends of James White were responsible for the Facebook and other Social Media sites ending their accounts after months or years. The Boule Society is a very powerful force in East Cleveland. Another one of James friends go by the name, according to sources, Greg. Greg too owns broken down apartments with rooms in them. He also was responsible for police attacking a member of the Nation of Islam not long ago. James other friend is a female who walks with a walker that goes by the name, CJ. We could supply the type of vehicles they drive, their license plate numbers, and the addresses to the homes where they live when they are not with James, but decided that its not the right time.

Greg, according to several females, who knows Greg claim that he secret meets with a Judge, Lawyers, and others when he goes on a secret snitching spree. All tactics then used against targets then falls into the hands of secret societies who keep everything at a minimum. Police officers, especially black cops, uphold the acts of these very evil blackmen who use deception and lies to battle black people who are onsidered security risks. They are security risks from the stance they have against the New World Order, and how black people are destroying each other in Cleveland. When the Nuwaubian from North Carolina was out speaking with many parties about the seriousness of the age in which we all live, those closest to him betrayed him and still doesn't know him. The North Carolinian trusts none of them and the only way he has bad words spoken against him comes from those who James know. The Nuwaubian from North Carolina has his heart cry one thousand tears because of the sad condition black people are in within Cleveland. However, James is a spy, a slanderer, and a betrayer, who cares about nothing but himself. All he cares about is getting money from those who informed him that if he helped them to character assassinate the Nuwaubian from North Carolina, fed them daily information about where he was going, and used their devices to hack into his phone calls, set up lying informants who would stay nights at that awful house and would spend most of their time trying to listen to what goes on in the room of the Nuwaubian from North Carolina, et cetera. James uses the tools of freemasonry to betray. He also teaches, according to neighbors who know him, his friends secrets of freemasonry in which he was sworn to keep sacred. He will only deny it though because his nature is one of a liar. James have openly stated that when black people are harming or killing one another it opens doors for him to get money. So he would rather enjoy watching black people fail moreso than seeing them succeed in anything. Each time Norm, Greg, CJ, or any of his closest friends read our thread they will immediately get with James and discuss a plan. Some time while the Nuwaubian from North Carolina is out and away, they will get with James after reading our threads and will make up lies all of them keep written down about the North Carolinian, and others. 

James White doesn't really care about other Nuwaubians because he has openly said it along with slander his own worshipful master, according to some female who overheard a conversation between he and his friends near the Whole Foods Store in East Cleveland. By observing the tactics he has been using against the Nuwaubian from North Carolina, people see that he ios a liar. Many people have met the North Carolinian and like him. They think he is compassionate, concerned about whats to come to America in 2020, and does not push the racism thing against others. And since James, Norm, Greg, and others who connect with them has been targeting our threads for weeks, black on black crime and hatred has accelerated. Ther only thing James can do against the Nuwaubian from North Carolina to discredit him is by having his friends either coming over making up lies, or having friends sleeping over claiming they overheard this and that which was also lies. Other Nuwaubians have instructed the Nuwaubian from North Carolina not to trust James nor him friends, and speak as less as possible to them about anything. James has a way in trying to get involved with other Nuwaubians affairs while meeting secretly with parties they are in opposition against, making closed door deals. The local and nationalmedias are i9mpressed with how James and his crew can use lies to literally destroy others by attaching masonic craft. The news media has also recently claimed that China was stopping the World Order, when in all actuality China's Social Credit System is a New World Order system. They are trying to use the coronavirus into tricking Americans that China is a threat to the World Order, when China, Russia, and America are all tied in with the same systems. Even Canada and Mexico is involved which is why immigrants seeking to come over into the U.S. have had their numbers dropped dramatically. The U.S. will use propaganda spreaded against others countries by truth speakers or conspiracy theorists just to get into the minds of Americans. James and his crew are involved with things which werre tactics used to kidnap Dr. Malachi Z. York. They may claim to have walked with him and made money for himl, but when you watch and listen to then daily you will see that they are actual threats against Dr. York. And all they seem to care about is money, and will go to any level to get it when they don't have it.

James have verbally supported the targeting of black people for his own personal benefit and enjoyment. And when his friends finishing reading this thread they will make contact, plotting against the Nuwaubian from North Carolina since police and certain white supremacist federal agents claim that the North Carolina is a power force behind our threads. The foreign muslims claim to be immune from whats going to happen to Americans, and like what was done to the caucasian fellow in Alaska, the same will happen to hundreds of thousands of others. There are two types of Arabs, two types of Pakistanis, two types of Hindu, and two types of pale Egyptians. The first are the money sources. They are the ones who call the shots, and get their slaves to do their bidding. Then there are the criminals. They are the ones who get the money for those who got money. Wether Americans know it or not, when American muslims go to foreign muslims for aid, because the U.S. Government refuses to accept taxes from them, and pays them for each American undesirable they take down, the foreign muslims are the only ones with very healthy bank accounts. We are talking hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yet, they always crave for more money. Now we know the feds are going to be up to their old tricks again because the truth is something they don't want Americans to know about. But we will share this with you so you Americans can be prepared! We have wondered for years why it was so important for foreign muslims to get the phone numbers of American muslims. At first, the foreigners sought the numbers in order to conduct extensive research on the backgrounds of those who supplied them with their numbers. People started mysteriously getting incarcerated, people in other countries were using the Social Security numbers and names of Americans which aided them into this country, or within European countries. In 2020, foreign muslims are hacking into bank accounts, and is cleaning them out all behind obtaining phone numbers. The feds will lie to the American people about this though, even though they know who is doing what! Most foreign muslims, like their Hindu cousins, are deep within the IT Specialist field. They are doing things with computers Americans are very slow learning. And they won't teach it to you either. Do you think its a coincidence that Hindu Indians and Arabs are working at Verizon Stores, AT&T stores, Sprint stores, T-Mobile stores, et cetera? 

These parties have aided other governments in other countries, as well as the U.S. Government with  collecting data on Americans for years and years! They do more intensive checks at all of these stores than any American, which is why they are the go to guys. There is a plot against Americans, America, and the American way of life, by these demons hybrids, Pakistanis, Arabs, pale Egyptians, Bangladeshians, et cetera, which involves the federal government. As the New World Order moves closer and closer upon us, expect for police to become much more violent and deceitful. However, we have witnessed recent cases where blackmen have pulled guns on caucasian cops and the cops shot them in the arm or leg, without taking their life. So there are decent cops who value the human life. But there are thousands upon thousands who are not only ruthless, but goes around bragging about how many blacks and hispanics they've bagged (Killed). This is why its difficult to determine the so-called good from the bad cops! And this is how freemasons, eastern stars, and many within secret societies want it to be! They want you stupid and confused so that you won't ever see them coming! Within the past few weeks, if Americans checked each and every state's local news medias, there have been bank robberies in them all! Ever wondered why when you go through many news media websites, the cases are nearly identical? Its a systematic form of mental grooming taking place all over the U.S., and many Americans are too busy to see whats going on around them. Youngsters between the ages of 18 and 35, most of the time, don't care whats going on around them. This is why its so easy to be picked off by an enemy. Noone pays attention! And the enemy gets away with murder, so to speak, scot free. The people don't rule the government because the government rules the people in 2020! And its becauswe of the 7 Houses or so-called royal families who is behind the crime and civil unrest in America. 

Many Americans will find themselves in physical and fire arm battles with Pentagon appointees, and with Contract Military Mercenaries. This is how things will take place in finalizing the New World Order. You will be tooken by force, even if it involves pushing a new killer virus into the populace as a distractive weapon. They are ruling from under ground! The truth is that psychologists and psychiatrists have known the reaction of people for years. Their reports made its way to the Pentagon where all data was accessed and reviewed. There is an entire Unit for Psychiatrists in the Pentagon which should have awaken Americans to a conspiracy back in the 1990's. Psychiatrists are also the ones who have been feeding information about the states of mind of Americans to the Pentagon, and Americans were trapped when they started accepting medication. Now they plan on getting your guns by force, and it will be a bloody massacre. The Pentagon have already anticipated that there would be opposition to their nation-wide gun grab and are prepared for it. Militias will be some of the last people they will go after. They have to weaken the armed population numbers first by going at all others. The American people are being attacked in nearly 666 ways right now. The only way to defeat the devil is to counter his/her plots and plans, and silence these demon children. We are not saying that all of the children are wrong because they feel something should be done about gun violence. But what we are saying is that all of this is a manufactured crisis. Ever wondered why not many black children were speaking up about the Parkland shootings and gun confiscations?  But then when Generation X and Baby Boomers started denouncing gun confiscation these black children started being placed up front by the news medias. This is the trick Americans have to watch out for. There are alien human hybrid children and they are being used at this very moment to march and shut things down. The leaders of these movements are tied in with the FBI and the CIA. And both of those agencies adhere to the orders of the Queen of England, and to the State of Israel. The State of Israel is already destroying and killing in large numbers, and they are doing it using anti-semitic rants and raves. They are accusing people of being anti-semetic because the people are reporting the brutal killings of the people in Gaza, and elsewhere. So when people call out the brutality and describe the character of these evil Jebusites (Jews), they are termed anti-semetic. The same is occuring in America with complaints about the brutality of white supremacists with badges and guns. 

According to historical records, white supremacist cops and Correctional Officers are so racist and brutal against blackmen that prior to their attacks, they will have already connected with some freemason who'll have influence with District Attorneys and Judges. This is why cops that attack and kill continue to work their positions because of freemasonic influence. White supremacists say they have bought back their freedom from the government and freemasons helped them to do it. But black freemasons and the Boule Society isn't going out of their way to tell blacks that they can buy back their freedom from the government. Instead, they use blacks as slaves and human shields. And if you don't buy back your freedom and give the government back their Social Slave Numbers (Social Security Numbers) you will eventually become a statistic.  Americans better start to understand that both Democrats and Republicans are working towards the same goals. They are only fighting over who will rule over the humans in the New World Order. And when they claim that powerful Politicians have been tried and convicted of crimes, many of those with New World Order policies were/are being sent to safe havens until the massive blood flow on American soil have subsided. People in some of the prisons that certain Politicians, FBI agents, CIA Agents, or celebrities, to name a few, were allegedly sent to have confirmed through prison guards that none of them resided there. Others who haven't sacrificed as much for the New World Order have built underground bunkers to protect themselves from the upcoming total chaos. Many Pastors, Imams, Shiekhs, Rabbis, and Gurus have made their pleges for the New World Order which is why charity is disappearing. They all are using the same lines to justify why they can't help, and they are: "PEOPLE'S NEEDS ARE TOO GREAT, ITS DIFFICULT TO TELL WHO IS LYING FROM THOSE TELLING THE TRUTH, OR WE ARE ONLY HELPING OUR OWN, et cetera." Some are even formulating fake documents claiming that parties seeking charity have submitted them. They are only using them because the parties have made complaints against them and have accused them of using donated funds to further their own personal material gains. Others are only employing parties who'll keep their secrets because police have been arresting many Pastors and Ministers for money crimes. They received tips from parties within the churches. Mosques won't make those mistakes. There is alot of money crimes in mosques and Jewish Temples but police won't dare go after them. This is also aiding in higher poverty and homeless rates. And when Americans listen to many Pastors, Ministers, Imams, Shiekhs, and Rabbis, you will conclude that all of their lies are tied in with the others. There use to be a time when Pastors didn't lie. In 2020, they lie alot. There have been cases up and down the east coast where Pastors were to help families and promised to call them. They never called nor showed up, and told the people that they should have known that if they didn't call there wasn't anything they would do. Hundreds of Americans are homeless because of these lies, and because the Pastors don't have the decently to tell mothers the truth up front. 

Noone expects much from Imams, Shiekhs, or Rabbis, because they have always been liars. In fact, the Islamic religion in America have contributed to thousands and thousands of Americans being homeless. They'll falsify documents, and create lies never dreamed of just to keep the money to their selves and to their kind. Many will claim to own resturants or to be doctor, but they are always broke. The thousands of homeless people in Philadelphia, New York, Connecticut, Ohio, California, and Massachusetts confirms this.  Others claim that the federal government told them to stop helping black muslims. White supremacist federal agents told foreign muslims to help in shutting down black masjids and mosques who doesn't get with their program. The foreign muslims then infiltrate within the masjid or mosque and uses psychology to gain privileged access, and access to information. The information is then shared with federal agents who are either white supremacists or are Muhammadan federal agents. They have placed Euroamerican females within positions to not only be used as attack dogs against Euroamerican muslims, but they secretly feed information about whats going on in Euroamerican communities to the foreign muslims. Thats how they will successfully establish an Islamic Caliphate in America. Hindu Indians claim that Euroamerican women were used to spy on their countries, and to mate with their people. They then entrapped them by becoming impregnated with child. Now the foreigners are using Euroamerican women to crush Americans. Such a strange turn of events! And this isn't all that Americans are encountering. There is another issue that isn't get much publicity at all right now, and that is slaughterhouse blood. Just recently the Air Force have embraced the Siokh's Turban, seeing that the Sikhs are some of the most desired by govgernment forces. 

Blood is being used from slaughter houses to make  soda, bread, milk, cheese, et cetera, which is being consumed by millions of Americans. Believe it or not, extraterrestrials controlling governments world-wide needed an ingredient which would allow human flesh to be more tasty. They smell the blood of cows and other aanimals through the pores of humans and launch attacks. Before 2001, strange car wrecks or so-called freak accidents would occur with humans. During the time the corpses reached Funeral Homes  organs were removed from the bodies and was used for consumption. In 2018, there are thousands of alien human hybrids everywhere in America, and they have been assisting with so-called accidents that claimed the lives of numerous American humans. Many of them are actually causing wrecks and other so-called accidents because they are working for forces alot more advanced than Americans would like to believe. Extraterrestrials are real folks and its a very advanced evil race that is trying to set up their New World Order. Politicians will lie about it because they have tooken blood oaths, and many are scared of their new and terrible masters. So they'll keep right on lying to Americans, and to other humans across the globe, until they get the guns from you. Once they get all of your guns Politicians and others will show you an entirely different side to themselves. You will see that they are not as concerned with human safety as they have portrayed in the past. In fact, they will become quite verbally brutal. More brutal than the terror blackmen are suffering at the hands of police. 

In September 2014, 8.83 million pigs were slaughtered in the United States alone. With every pig containing about 10-13 pints of blood, depending on weight at slaughter, that's up to 114.79 million pints of blood going down the drain. But as you may have noticed, we’re not awash in hog’s blood: The truth is that very little of it goes to waste. There is a whole subset of the slaughtering industry responsible for “rendering.” This is the slaughtering arm that processes every last bit of what comes into a slaughterhouse in order to minimize waste and maximize profit. David Meeker of the National Renderers Association says that only the odd blood splatter goes unused. The bulk of all this blood goes towards “inedibles”: items unfit for human consumption, but perfectly fine when dehydrated and used as a cheap source of protein for livestock or your little friend Fido. In some cases, the plasma is first separated from the red blood cells and used as a protein supplement for piglets. This is an excellent source of protein, Meeker says, since piglets are weaned at an increasingly young age and need a substitute for mother’s milk. According to Meeker, it’s been common practice for over a century, and there is scientific research available on their website if you’re looking for a way to ease your bleeding heart. (However, he does say that when it comes to chickens, the European Union insists that they be raised on a vegetarian diet.)

Whatever your thoughts on feeding animals with the blood of their comrades, you might already be familiar with bloodmeal as a source of fertilizer for your garden (some also say it can help keep deer from eating your veggies). Steve Solomon, author of The Intelligent Gardener: Growing Nutrient Dense Food, says, “Bloodmeal is the only crude organic nitrogen source that is water soluble. It is also highly concentrated.” That’s both a benefit and a liability. “Being concentrated, it’ll burn leaves,” says Solomon, “so if used as a dry powder it must be spread with caution.” Besides bloodmeal, Solomon also uses “blood and bone” meal, which is everything but the proverbial oink. Though less potent and therefore more manageable for the gardener, you’ll have a hard time finding the stuff in the U.S. due to the risk of spreading mad cow disease. Solomon lives in Tasmania these days, where apparently good ol’ blood and bone meal is worth the risk. Boudin noir, also known as blood sausage (or black pudding) is rich and fatty, is made very flavorful, and is considered delicious when baked with apples and maple syrup. It’s made largely of blood. its in Bacon and Pork chops!  All around the world there are dishes which is using blood. There is czarnina, a Polish duck soup that includes duck’s blood. There is nam tok, also a soup, this time from Thailand. There are blood pancakes and blood tofu. You can even consume the stuff raw from a freshly killed animal if you’re so inclined, as some Inuit in northern Canada traditionally do. All of this blood is being smelled inside human blood by extraterrestrials which is why the death rates have sored over the past 20 years. But will Americans take heed to this information, or will they allow themselves to continue to be fooled by their government who have first hand knowledge as to why people are dying like they is. 

The clones and alien human hybrids soaring in America right now are likened unto your frankenstein monsters. This year marks the 200th anniversary of the story of a mad scientist that reanimates a human corpse, and later the creation becomes a monster and kills many people. In the movie, ‘Frankenstein’ directed by James Whale, the most important dialogue of all was lost in the Universal 1931 movie when the creation moves its trembling hand, Henry Frankenstein, played by Colin Clive, cries out: “Look! It’s moving. It’s alive. It’s alive….It’s alive, it’s moving, it’s alive, it’s alive, it’s alive, it’s alive, it’s alive! Oh, in the name of God. Now I know what it feels like to be God.” The Frankenstein story is more of a reality now than it ever was. Today, mankind is edging closer to the reality of creating life through what could be called “mad science.” Mankind is also on the verge of creating a graven image of his own making, machines in our image after our likeness, with a synthetic soul that is merely ones and zeroes being interpreted by an electronic brain. TV shows like the X-Files and Black Mirror have been spinning cautionary tales of how our technology and Artificial Intelligence is very much like what Victor Frankenstein produced in a laboratory. In fact, the X-Files dedicated one of their opening sequences to the Tay experiment that was created and later killed off by Microsoft. It was experimental Artificial Intelligence that simulated a teenage millennial girl named “Tay,” the program was an experimental program launched to train AI to have conversations with users. Within hours, however, Tay had turned into a racist, genocidal, sex-crazed monstrosity spouting Hitler-loving, sexist profanities for the entire world to read, forcing the company to shut her down less than 24 hours after her introduction. The terrifying reason why she turned ugly was because she learned from users and her algorithms picked up on the anger and ugliness of the zeitgeist.

She literally became synthetically possessed. She is quite possibly the equivalent of an A.I. Frankenstein. While Tay didn’t kill anyone, imagine what would have happened under different circumstances. What is most troubling is that the Frankenstein story written 200 years ago is becoming a metaphor for our times. A creature is formed in a laboratory. The creator sees that his creation has flaws and lacks intelligence so it attempts to parent it. When the creature gets too big for the laboratory it escapes. The creator realizes that he has lost control of his creation and decides to hide from it. All the creature wants is acceptance from its creator. The creator then provides a mate for his creation. But the creator does not approach or come in contact with his new offspring. The creature tries everything he can to find his creator. He makes mistakes, he takes life, and he destroys the laboratory and his mate. The whole time he just wanted to know if his creator loved him. He dies confused and helpless. Many people do not know that 20 years prior to Mary Shelley’s book Goethe wrote “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” a poem about a magician in training who, through his arrogance and half-baked powers, unleashes a chain of events that he could not control.

Both are stories about our powers to create things that take on a life of their own. Goethe’s poem comes to a climax when the apprentice calls out in a panic:

Master, come to my assistance!
Wrong I was in calling
Spirits, I avow,
For I find them galling,
Cannot rule them now.

While the master fortunately returns just in time to cancel the treacherous spell, Victor Frankenstein’s monster goes on a murderous rampage, and his creator is unable to put a stop to the carnage. So the question is who foretold our fate: Goethe or Shelley? They apparently are both unsung prophets that have predated or forewarned us about what our fate may be with regards to our innocent innovations that become monstrous and out of control. Most of us have always thought of the nuclear shadow and how the innovation of mass destruction was something that loomed over our heads like the sword of Damocles. Luckily, we have managed to get this far without being incinerated. However, we are again of the mindset that our luck is about to run out. With wars and rumors of wars, hypersonic weapons and lasers our nightmares of megadeath events have been rekindled. Now, mind you out of space stations, out of control Artificial Intelligence, hypersonic weapons, lasers and nuclear bombs are relatively big ticket items when it comes to monster potential, but if you truly wish to see the smaller potential monster, all you have to do is look at the screen that we hold in our hand and longingly gaze into. If we follow the news many people are realizing that we are beginning to find ourselves grappling with the unintended consequences of our creations on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. If we can pry ourselves from our phones and look up, we begin to notice that the blue skies we once enjoyed are now white, clouded by aerosolized chemtrails that we are now being told will be used to change the climate and cool the planet, without thinking of the side effects of what will happen to the atmosphere. The processes of human genetic engineering are also part of our Frankenstein culture. Will we sail through all of this discovery safely or will we, like Victor Frankenstein, witness “destruction and infallible misery”?

It is now certain that “reflexive modernity” or the idea that modern technology can be applied to deal with any problems of its own creation and that whatever problems arise from technoscience, we can fix with more technoscience. When it comes to the environment the idea of Stratospheric Aerosol Injections comes from the thought that ecomodernism or environmental modernity will also save us from the actions that have been allegedly detrimental to the ecosystem. Brought on by man’s other monstrous innovations that have made the planet toxic. This has forced the technocrats into adopting a stance of approximation or implanting of what is called the proactionary principle, which “involves not only anticipating before acting, but learning by acting. This is why we now argue about just who or what triggered climate change, the whole concept of implementing actions now is proactionary based on an educated guess. However, is it true science or is it science with a political agenda? Before science fiction author Michael Crichton died, he was ostracized for a speech that he gave on the subject of Complexity Theory and Environmental Management. Michael criticized environmental groups for failing to incorporate complexity theory in their doom mongering projections of the effects of global warming. Crichton boldly chastised those who inflated projected cataclysm from global warming and encouraged them to factor in the possibility that a complex system such as the ecosystem can and will be resilient. Crichton said that the psychological impact of fearing any predicted cataclysmic event can be far worse than the event itself. What got Crichton into trouble was his assessment of “Global Warming Fear Mongering.” He stated, “Authoritatively telling people they are going to die can in itself be fatal.”

Junk science and doomsayer fear mongering has thrown out the aspects of complexity theory and its effects on the environment. No one even brings up the idea of resilience of systems and how the earth is capable of adjusting and healing on its own. This means that with every so-called extinction level event the earth seems to renew itself. It seems that every end of the world theory throws out the hope of resilience. Michael Crichton stated that environmentalist zeal for Global warming theories. The political demand for these environmental science quests for answers in life constitute a religion from an anthropological viewpoint. According to him, a religion can be a collective that has a core group of beliefs. The collective have leaders that they elevate to positions that enforce the core belief or environmental catastrophe that forever looms on the horizon. Crichton concludes that the collective will tell you that we are all energy sinners, doomed to die, unless we seek salvation, which is now called sustainability. Sustainability is salvation in the church of the environment. Just as organic food is its communion, that pesticide-free wafer that the right people with the right beliefs, imbibe. Crichton warned that “global warming”, which has become coerced moral imperative, not only has “little basis in fact or science” but compromised by political advocacy and a “quest for power.” That fatal flaw for the global warming agenda is, for Crichton, paralleled by one of history’s “cautionary tales”, that of the Eugenics movement. The dangers of a political agenda parading under the cover of a scientific pretext have already been exposed by the agendas of the past, and that cost can be measured in human lives lost.

On Eugenics, Crichton states that “the actions taken in the name of theory were morally and criminally wrong. Ultimately, they led to the deaths of millions of people.” Eugenics, like the Climate Change, Global Warming and Population Control agendas all sought to control human behavior in the name of curbing a crisis based on everyday human activity, human breeding, human consumption, human competition for food and other resources, and the very air humans breath, humanity was pegged as the problem, and people were killed as a result of politically-advocated action to meet the crisis. Yet in hind-sight, each of these ecological-crises has proved to stand on shaky factual ground and misplaced, but often well-meaning, concern. Such good intentions have indeed paved the way to hell, including the genocide of undesirable human existence. The sixth extinction we have been warned about is and that the technocrats want us to fear, is the various monsters that they tell us do not exist, and yet those who are awake can see them and decide to warn us of their extremely volatile nature. The created monster, like Dr. Frankenstein’s monster, is the monster we have built and believe we can control, until it turns against us. The fictional monster’s descendants are the robots, androids and cyborgs of today, with their potential to become all too human, and threatening. In the end are the creations at fault? Or are the creators? In this case to they become monsters also? 2018, so far, has been a year of 5G wireless, the Internet of Things, gene-editing, and DNA-altering vaccines, geoengineering, Artificial Intelligence, and Transhuman manipulation of the human body. Known science fiction writer, H.G. Wells called it, “The Limits of Individual Plasticity.” H.G. Wells speculates his theories on the plasticity of humans and animals, explaining that the default biological form of an animal or human may be altered in a way that it would continue to survive even if it, in any way, no longer resembles its inherent form.

Wells stated more than one hundred years ago that “A living being may also be regarded as raw material, as something plastic. Something that may be shaped and altered, that this possibly may be added and that may be eliminated, and that the organism as a whole can be developed far beyond its apparent possibilities.” MIT technologies reported today that they have made a breakthrough in the processes of embryonic science. In a breakthrough that redefines how life can be created, embryologists working at the University of Cambridge in the UK have grown realistic-looking mouse embryos using only stem cells. No egg. No sperm. Just cells plucked from another embryo. The next step is to make an artificial embryo out of human stem cells, work that’s being pursued at the University of Michigan and Rockefeller University. What they are saying is that man has created synthetic embryos. No need for sperm or an egg. They are now on the brink of Godhood, creating an animal or human form without the need of sexual reproduction. Welcome to the New World Order. The next step for the technocrat gods is to create both the environment and the humans who inhabit the environment. It is the equivalent of saying let us go down to Eden and make man in our own image, or if you will permit, the line that was taken from the movie Frankenstein: “Look! It’s moving. It’s alive. It’s alive….It’s alive, it’s moving, it’s alive, it’s alive, it’s alive, it’s alive, it’s alive! Oh – in the name of God. Now I know what it feels like to be God.” Technocracy is that system of systems. It cannot tolerate natural life or the free individual. Instilled with the impulse to transform nature, humans are always at risk of extending beyond their proper reach. In the story of Frankenstein’s monster “Learn from me … how dangerous is the acquirement of knowledge and how much happier that man is who believes his native town to be the world.” Hubris, he seems to warn, will be the death of us all.

In Conclusion:  Leading Medical Journal Reports Coronavirus Highly Contagious & More Deadly Than Initially Estimated.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=125&v=TAafDOqfN3M&feature=emb_logo. https://www.zerohedge.com/health/its-coming-cdc-director-warns-coronavirus-become-widespread-throughout-united-states. One result of a world in which everyone has more or less equal access to publishing tools and information has created what is sometimes called an epistemic crisis: a scenario where people do not believe what leaders and authorities are telling them, This breeds several different understandings of reality, undermining the ability of elected officials and authorities to govern. There has been a vacuum of sorts when it comes to real news as it has been replaced with political grandstanding and impeachment framing that seems to breed the epistemic crisis –as people are realizing that they can’t trust the government or the media to give them important information that does not involve politics. Even when we first heard of the Novel Coronavirus, the media, obsessed with the impeachment hearings were incapable of giving us accurate and potentially life-saving information. If you can’t trust official government announcements and if you can’t trust the media, then who can you trust? Who do you run to for sound information? Everyone will tell you what you want to hear, there will be those who peddle conspiracy theories as fact and there are some that use conspiracy theories as a way to investigate what is truly happening. The way to eliminate bad conspiracy theories is to be transparent and forthcoming and none of these attributes were put into practice by the Chinese Government or the U.S. Government and the media about the Wujan Coronavirus. The global outbreak of a coronavirus that originated in China has given us fresh reason to consider the downsides of an internet where social media posts are amplified by engagement-hungry algorithms and vetted by fact-checkers only days later; fact-checkers that block valuable and inconvenient information that obviously angers their Chinese financial backers.

It was either before or soon after the era of President Trump that someone coined the phrase “alternative facts” in order to somehow create an air of Orwellian doublethink when major events happen and people have a different view or opinion that challenges the mainstream framing of what has happened. It was also the time when mainstream news commentators were talking about how we are now living in what can be called the Post-truth era.  Unwelcome news was then automatically rebranded as fake news. Calling something fake news was an effective way to dismiss inconvenient evidence from independent sources. If you were to use critical thinking about this era of truth decay, you can see that what most people call fake news is usually a political tool for weaponizing denial and uncertainty. The Novel Coronavirus 2019 is pushing the limits of what can be called alternative facts. China has been uncooperative in giving us transparency about the virus. Many people are giving us their hypothesis by exploring uncertainty around it. Then there are many who are cherry-picking data, threatening or belittling those who wish to take precautions using natural supplements, rumors that are breeding Xenophobia, reanalyzing data in order to reach different conclusions that breed complacency and a contingent that does not want to believe there is a crisis because the internet wants to paint the situation with a kittens and rainbows approach to a potentially crippling situation. The Novel Corona Virus is now being called COVID-19. The understanding and how to prevent the spread of the virus and the disease is still evolving. Some people that are infected with COVID-19 have become very sick, others were only mildly sick. At a press briefing on Tuesday, the World Health Organization said it had decided on the name COVID-19 after consulting with the Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Organization for Animal Health.  They wanted to find a name that did not refer to a geographical location, an animal, an individual, or a group of people, so COVID-19 was chosen –something that many people believe sounds like a military designation for a disease already suspected of being a biological weapon.

The Pentagon is setting up 11 quarantine camps on military bases near major airports across the US in anticipation of an influx of American citizens returning from China in need of monitoring for COVID-19.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDdDlXFjJ9I&feature=emb_logo. The 13th US coronavirus case was confirmed in California on Tuesday. The deadly strain has killed 1,116 people and sickened more than 45,000 worldwide since the outbreak began in Wuhan, China, in late December.  The Department of Defense approved a request from the Department of Health and Human Services early this month for the possible use of military facilities to accommodate 1,000 people who may have to be quarantined upon arrival from overseas through the end of the month.  Now, with five planes having returned to the US with evacuees from Wuhan in the past two weeks, the number of people detained under quarantine is approaching that originally agreed upon number.  Pentagon officials designated new facilities last week near airports in Hawaii, Illinois, Texas, California, Georgia, New York, Washington state, Washington DC, New Jersey, and Michigan to house additional travelers. On February 2, officials announced a federally-mandated 14-day quarantine for any American citizen returning to the US after traveling to Wuhan within the previous two weeks.  Americans returning from China who did not visit Wuhan are screened at one of 11 approved airports and then subject to a self-isolation quarantine in their own home for 14 days – what scientists consider to be the coronavirus incubation period.  Any foreign national who has traveled to China in the last 14 days has been banned from entry.  Some 800 Americans evacuated from Wuhan on government charter flights are currently under federally mandated quarantines at Fort Carson in Colorado and Travis Air Force Base and Marine Corps Station Miramar in California.  The first 195 Americans evacuated from Wuhan, who arrived in the US on a government charter flight on January 29,  were finally cleared to leave March Air Reserve Base on Tuesday following a two-week quarantine. The evacuees were seen throwing their face masks into the air in celebration after passing their final health screenings. 

No cases of coronavirus have thus far been confirmed from any of the US quarantine locations.  On two cruise ships, however, the virus has spread with alarming speed among quarantined passengers. There are now more than 66 cases confirmed on the Diamond Princess, currently docked in Japan.  Among the ship 3,700 ship passengers, 45 Japanese people, three people from the Philippines, four from Australia, one from each Canada and Ukraine and 11 Americans have all been infected.  The disease is likely more dangerous for elderly people or people suffering from other infections or ailments, as often is the case with infectious diseases. Most cases reported to date have been mild or moderate, with around 20 percent of those infected experiencing severe illness. At the end of January, around 2-3 percent of the patients have died of the disease. After the World Health Organization called the disease COVID-19 – there were a number of independent researchers that said that the new name for the disease sounds like some biological weapon. It has been rumored from the beginning that this virus has all of the earmarks of a biological weapon and that there has been a massive cover-up about why a newly genetically sequenced virus has allegedly appeared out of nowhere and why key health figures in China have either disappeared, died or have been killed. Yesterday China “removed” several senior officials over their handling of the coronavirus outbreak – as the death toll passed 1,000. The party secretary for the Hubei Health Commission, and the head of the commission, are the most senior officials to be demoted so far. The deputy director of the local Red Cross was also removed for “dereliction of duty” over “handling of donations.”. The WHO is holding a two-day meeting in Geneva involving top medical, scientific and public health experts, aimed at speeding up the global response to the outbreak. There are now more than 42,200 confirmed cases across China. The number of deaths has overtaken that of the Sars epidemic in 2003. On Monday, some 103 died in Hubei province alone, a daily record, and the national death toll is now 1,016. But the number of new infections nationally was down almost 20% from the day before, from 3,062 to 2,478. Speaking to the Reuters news agency, leading Chinese respiratory expert Zhong Nanshan said the virus was hitting a peak in China this month and that the outbreak may be over by April.

He said he was basing the forecast on mathematical modeling, recent events and government action. However, Zhong’s previous forecast of an earlier peak turned out to be premature. His figures, however, were for China and not in any way reflecting exponential spread in other parts of the world. The reported militarization of Wuhan’s P4 Lab has raised new questions about the origin of the Covid-19 virus and the apparent cover-up that has occurred since it was first made public. Following the removal of the most senior health officials in Wuhan days ago, Chinese State Media has just reported that Chen Wei, China’s chief biochemical weapon defense expert, is now to be stationed in Wuhan to lead the efforts to overcome the deadly, pneumonia-like pathogen. According to the PLA Daily report, Chen Wei holds the rank of major general, and along with reports that Chinese troops have started to “assist”, it strongly suggests that the PLA has taken control of the situation. Amid constant propaganda from CCP officials, and widespread censorship on the internet, many – including US Senator Tom Cotton – have wondered if the virus was bio-engineered, and was ‘leaked’ from the lab (which just happens to be located at the epicenter of the virus. It is certainly suspicious that China has now brought in a top bio-weapons expert and raises the question once again of whether or not the Wuhan strain of coronavirus (Covid-19) is the result of naturally emergent mutations against the possibility that it may be a bio-engineered strain meant for defensive immunotherapy protocols that were released into the public. This would mean that the virus was engineered and meant to spread in a Gain of Function scenario. However, there are many that are in agreement that  Covid-19 was most likely released by accident since China’s rate of occupational accidents is about ten-times higher than America’s, and some twenty-times more than Europe’s – the only other regions with high-level virology labs.

A new report was issued out of Harvard that appears to be a collaboration between a retired professional scientist with 30 years of experience in genomic sequencing and an analyst who helped design several ubiquitous bio-informatic software tools, and a former NSA counterterrorism analyst suggests that this possible mistake may have been precipitated by the need to quickly finish research that was being rushed for the John Hopkin’s Event 201 which was held this past October and meant to game plan the containment of a global pandemic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoLw-Q8X174&feature=emb_logo. Research may also have been hurried due to deadlines before the impending Chinese New Year.  This report states that what happened was a case of increased human error and not a globalist conspiracy. Furthermore, the report also claims that the original report from China about the virus epicenter being a meat market 20 miles away from the Wuhan BSL-4 lab was false information. The first three known cases from early December had no contact with that market, and roughly one-third of the initial exposed cohort had no direct ties to Wuhan’s wild meat market. Early research found that COVID-19 targets the ACE2 receptor, which is found in East Asians at roughly five times the rate of other global populations, indicating that the Wuhan Strain COVID-19 was likely developed as part of a Gain-of-Function defensive project possibly linked to immunotherapy or vaccinations never meant to leave the lab but meant to serve as a Red Team test to fight back against, not as an offensive weapon since the virus is likely wired to be much more virulent among Asian populations. Further support for this is the fact that the Wuhan BSL-4 virology lab was already actively looking into the risks posed from coronaviruses, and actively researching coronavirus treatments – by definition both of these projects would require live virulent strains of coronavirus. The Wuhan strain of coronavirus, COVID-19, appears to be transmissible even before its host shows any symptoms at all, making temperature-scanning at airports ineffective since hosts appear to be contagious for about a week before any symptoms emerge. This is in stark contrast with SARS, whose hosts weren’t contagious until they were symptomatic, allowing for its relatively quick containment. This chart is not from a peer-reviewed source but was claims to capture the comparative rates of infections between recent outbreaks. A recent pre-print now COVID-19 a rating of R4, meaning each host passes the virus on to four new victims, a rate significantly higher than any past global viral outbreak and it is also performing in the same manner everywhere not just in China or exclusively to east Asian populations.

This virus can affect everyone in various ways depending on susceptibility and immunity. Many on the internet are claiming that the virus is part of some global conspiracy by Big Pharma to scare people into getting a vaccine that has been lying in wait for its usage. The truth is that scientists have noted that the Wuhan Strain can have a “striking” short term rate of mutation which captures the unique threat posed by COVID-19 regardless of where it came from since a faster mutation rates make it more likely this virus can dodge testing and neutralize vaccines. Something there is already early evidence for. So there is no vaccine – and even if one is developed it would take years to make and even then there is no guarantee of its effectiveness. Even the common cold –one of the oldest of coronaviruses has no cure or vaccine. Giving further credence to the idea that the Wuhan Strain was bio-engineered is the existence of a patent application that looks to modulate a coronavirus’ spike-protein genes – the precise region altered by Zhengli Shi at UNC to make a hyper-virulent strain of coronavirus, and whose alteration and adaptation would explain the Wuhan Strain’s unusual behavior. And curiously, the head of Harvard’s Chemistry Department, Dr. Charles Lieber, was arrested in the midst of this outbreak on charges that he’d been accepting millions of dollars in bribes from the Chinese government. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isGASMLKYgk&feature=emb_logo.  According to his charging documents, Dr. Lieber first went to the Wuhan University of Technology (WUT), in November 2011 to participate in a nanotechnology forum, which was when he was recruited into a bribery scheme that would net him several million dollars to “establish a research lab and conduct research at WUT,” which became known as ” Joint Nano Key Laboratory,” as well as mentor and advocate for graduate students. By 2015,

 Dr. Lieber appeared to be fairly intimately involved with what seemed to begin as simply a nanotechnology lab, but now had shifted to involve biology as well, since he described visiting the lab multiple times per year “as we try to build up the nano-bio part of the lab.” Whether or not this nano-bio part of the Nano Key Laboratory is related to Wuhan’s BSL-4 virology lab isn’t clear, however, if the Wuhan strain was bio-engineered, technology classified as “nano-bio” would’ve almost certainly played a role. Another co-creator of the Coronavirus variant Dr. Frank Plummer, a world-renowned HIV researcher, died a few days ago unexpectedly of a heart attack. We reported that Plummer acquired a Coronavirus sample from researchers that extracted it from a 60-year-old man in Saudi Arabia and had it in Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory where it was allegedly stolen by Chinese agents, The research on the Coronavirus sample was done in conjunction with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s national lab, the National Centre for Foreign Animal Diseases which is housed in the same complex as the National Microbiology Laboratory. Back on February 22nd. 2017, the weekly journal of Nature reported that a maximum security lab BSL-4 was under construction in Wuhan China. Constructing the   Maximum-security bio-lab was part of a plan to build a network of bio-safety level-4 or BSL-4 facilities across China. The move was part of a plan to build between five and seven BSL-4 labs across the Chinese mainland by 2025, At the time there were concerns about pathogens escaping, and the addition of a biological dimension to geopolitical tensions between China and other nations. Chinese microbiologists were excited about their entrance to the elite technocrats empowered to wrestle with the world’s greatest biological threats. The lab was to study Crimean–Congo hemorrhagic fever and the pathogen that causes SARS, another coronavirus that is in the same family of the novel coronavirus now plaguing the world.

Moreover, in August 2017, the National Health Commission of China approved research activities involving Ebola, Nipah (The Clade X virulent) , and Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever viruses at the Wuhan facility. Beijing has had four known accidental leaks of the SARS virus in recent years, so there is absolutely no reason to assume that this strain of coronavirus from Wuhan didn’t accidentally leak out as well. Given that this outbreak was said to begin in late December when most bat species in the region are hibernating and the Chinese horseshoe bat’s habitat covers an enormous swath of the region containing scores of cities and hundreds of millions of people, to begin with, the fact that this Wuhan strain of Coronavirus, denoted as Covid-19, emerged in close proximity to the only BSL-4 virology lab in China, now notoriously located in Wuhan, which in turn was staffed with at least two Chinese scientists – Zhengli Shi and Xing-Yi Ge (both virologists who had previously worked at an American lab which already bio-engineered an incredibly virulent strain of bat coronavirus) – the accidental release of a bio-engineered virus meant for defensive immunotherapy research from Wuhan’s virology lab cannot be automatically discounted, especially when the Wuhan Strain’s unnatural genomic signals are considered. Zhengli Shi notably co-authored a controversial paper in 2015  which describes the creation of a new virus by combining a coronavirus found in Chinese horseshoe bats with another that causes human-like severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in mice. Given the above facts, either: A Coronavirus spontaneously mutated and jumped to humans at a wet market or deep in some random bat cave which just so happened to be 20 miles from China’s only BSL-4 virology lab, a virus with an unusually slippery never-before-seen genome that’s evading zoological classification, and whose spike-protein region which allows it to enter host cells appears most like a bio-engineered commercial product, that somehow managed to infect it’s first three and roughly one-third of its initial victims despite them not being connected to this market, and then be so fined-tuned to humans that it’s gone on to create the single greatest public health crisis in Chinese history with approaching 100 million citizens locked-down or quarantined – also causing Mongolia to close its border with its largest trading partner for the first time in modern history. Or, Chinese scientists failed to follow correct sanitation protocols possibly while in a rush during their boisterous holiday season, something that had been anticipated since the opening of the BSL-4 lab and has happened at least four times previously, and accidentally released this bio-engineered Wuhan Strain – likely created by scientists researching immunotherapy regimes against bat coronaviruses, who’ve already demonstrated the ability to perform every step necessary to bio-engineer the Wuhan StrainCOVID 19 – into their population, and now the world. As would be expected, this virus appears to have been bio-engineered at the spike-protein genes which were already done at UNC to make an extraordinarily virulent coronavirus. Chinese efforts to stop the full story about what’s going on are because they want the scales to be even since they’re now facing a severe pandemic and depopulation event. 

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4 hours ago, wassik said:

Beijing has had four known accidental leaks of the SARS virus in recent years, so there is absolutely no reason to assume that this strain of coronavirus from Wuhan didn’t accidentally leak out as well.


I agree 100% !

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13 hours ago, wassik said:

Beijing has had four known accidental leaks of the SARS virus in recent years, so there is absolutely no reason to assume that this strain of coronavirus from Wuhan didn’t accidentally leak out as well.


8 hours ago, Old Mack said:

I agree 100% !


President Xi Jinping was aware of the coronavirus outbreak well before he first spoke publicly about it...

President Xi Jinping was aware of the coronavirus outbreak well before he first spoke publicly about it, drawing him directly into questions about whether Chinese officials did too little, too late.

In an internal speech published by the government on Saturday, Mr. Xi said he had “issued demands about the efforts to prevent and control” the coronavirus on Jan. 7 — while officials at its epicenter in the city of Wuhan were still playing down its dangers.

Mr. Xi’s advisers might have hoped that publishing the speech would reassure his people that he could be trusted to lead them out of the epidemic.

To contain the virus, Chinese authorities are mainly relying on a flood of workers to keep hundreds of millions of people from coming in contact with outsiders. The grass-roots mobilization, reminiscent of Mao-style mass crusades, has not been seen in China in decades. Above, a resident standing guard outside a Beijing apartment building.

President Xi Jinping was aware of the coronavirus outbreak well before he first spoke publicly about it, drawing him directly into questions about whether Chinese officials did too little, too late.

In an internal speech published by the government on Saturday, Mr. Xi said he had “issued demands about the efforts to prevent and control” the coronavirus on Jan. 7 — while officials at its epicenter in the city of Wuhan were still playing down its dangers.

Mr. Xi’s advisers might have hoped that publishing the speech would reassure his people that he could be trusted to lead them out of the epidemic.

To contain the virus, Chinese authorities are mainly relying on a flood of workers to keep hundreds of millions of people from coming in contact with outsiders. The grass-roots mobilization, reminiscent of Mao-style mass crusades, has not been seen in China in decades. Above, a resident standing guard outside a Beijing apartment building.

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