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Trump Has Out-Nixoned Nixon!!!

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Trump Has Out-Nixoned Nixon!!!

February 16, 2020


“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it sometimes rhymes,” Mark Twain is supposed to have said.


In the years leading up to his resignation, Nixon turned the justice department and FBI into his personal fiefdom, enlisting his appointees to reward his friends and penalize his enemies. He brought conspiracy charges against critics of the Vietnam War, for example, and ordered the department to drop an antitrust case against ITT after the conglomerate donated money for the 1972 Republican convention.


During the Senate Watergate investigation, Nixon’s stooges kept him informed. Reports about how compromised the justice department had become generated enough public outrage to force the appointment of the first Watergate special prosecutor, Archibald Cox.


Before Nixon’s mayhem was over, his first two attorneys general were deep in legal trouble – John Mitchell eventually served 19 months in prison – and his third resigned rather than carry out the demand to fire Cox.


Watergate also ushered into politics a young man named Roger Stone – who, as it happens, also graduated from my small rural high school in Lewisboro, New York, although I didn’t know him. Stone’s first job was on Nixon’s 1972 campaign, working for the Committee to Re-elect the President, known then, and forevermore, as Creep. Stone joined some two dozen dirty tricksters hired to lie about, harass and dig up dirt on Democrats.


After Nixon resigned, the entire slimy mess of Watergate spawned a series of reforms designed to insulate the administration of justice from politics."


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2 hours ago, Phoenix68 said:



  Sometimes paid democrat protestors bite and sometimes they don't bite, sometimes democrats protest for less war but then freak out and protest when less war actually happens, democrats enjoy a more than fair common law due process in the courts but then quickly deny any due process legal ability's of others who have not joined their strange anti American socialist class and group system.




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3 hours ago, Phoenix68 said:



Nixon bowed to the corrupting force of nature to natural positions of life behaving the same way he did.  Trump is Standing his natural position as displaced reproductively, Nixon didn't. It exposed all sides of humanity corrupting the self evident and humanity is about to default on promises of better tomorrows from now on. Harry learned how to frame the opposition working for the impeachment of Nixon from the legal system. Setup a system regardless which Republican won, what was aimed at Trump would have come at any Republican elected in 2016 or there after.


this is the legal precedent for ever more. those governed by speculation get to vote on lesser of two evils and the ruling elite establishing geographical governments as middle class humanity work society as .1% rule, 9.9% administrate, 90% obey or else. Oh the 90% pay to be led or their reality is erased socially.

 all done by making words matter more than survival of the species. That is my definition of Evil  socialinduced insanity ancestrally done so far. Try resisting a mob rule reality only describing what everyone traditionally believes isn't possible, the simplicity of time being stationary and as Xavier said, living is a temporal experience conception to decomposed now..


what Xavier doesn't say and denies actually existing is now is eternity to preserve his mental attitude of being more than just another lifetime in this atmosphere's food chain. Vanity of Societal humanity.


Nixon's history needs revised to what honestly took place was the start of how Trump was setup by the same technique.  Follow the Clintons backwards to their college days and the company they kept into their whitehous administration.


Networking the chain of command from local townhall to global economics. taking down 3 generations at once. Bernie Sanders to AOC.

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