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Instead of going to mars

sole result

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They create a probe that goes perpendicual to the Earth's revolving around the sun with an arc same as earth's. Here is the kicker, chances are it would take a year or two to to get back to earth since the earth moves as roughly 67,000 mph and I don't think hmans can fuel a space craft to match that speed so say after reaching escape velosity of the atmosphere,  so it would take adjusting  to reach the planet 18 months from launch on the other side of the sun.


Reason for this experiment would be to see if  the imfamous black holes are just the centers of galaxies spiraling same as solar systems do in a galaxy. Does the sun shine on the vertical axise of earth''s horizontal rotation. Are electromagnetic poles of stars absent of light since the energy of the solar system revolving as planets rotate is that energy a sort of cellular membrane of the solar system and that would compound to being the same varient to galaxies holding their 15 billion years and estimated 5 billion of this solar system positions.


which comes back to time is stationary relative to intellectual calucalting position to being perpetually balncing now. Just ideas that flow through my brain since I was a kid.

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