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Trump supporter lashes out at border wall being built on his property: ‘This will ruin my lifestyle’

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Richard Drawe lives in Weslaco, Texas, is a farmer and a Trump supporter, but he’s mad that President Trump’s long-promised border wall is going to mess up his way of living.


“I’m 70 years old and it’s gonna ruin my lifestyle here of living in the country,” he told NPR. “To have that wall there is just going to really disturb me.”


Drawe said that he reluctantly sold a piece of his land to the federal government for the wall’s construction, and while he agrees with Trump’s immigration policies, he’s upset that the wall is being built in his property.


“I told them that this stupid wall is going to have lights on it. It’s going to be like being behind a prison wall, lights and everything,” Drawe said. “And I said, ‘You put them lights up on me and my house, I’m going to shoot them out.’ Of course, I had time to calm down.”


“Like I told the Border Patrol, I said ‘Look, you know good and well that once you build this wall all the agents will be doing is patrolling up and down the wall. They’re never going to go on down to the river anymore.’ And he yelled back at me, ‘Oh, the Rio Grande is the first line of defence.’ Baloney. You just wait a few years.”


Read more over at NPR.

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The “billionaire” who hides his tax returns.
The “genius” who hides his college grades.
The “businessman” who bankrupted 3 casinos and lost over $1B in 10 years.
The “playboy” who pays for sex.
The “Christian” who doesn’t go to church or read the bible.
The “philanthropist” who defrauds charity; like the Trump Foundation
The “patriot” who dodged the draft 5 times & received 5 deferments
The “innocent man” who refuses to testify and blocked witnesses from testifying/ignored subpoenas from lawmakers.
The “married family man” who is divorced twice and had affairs behind the backs of each of his 3 wives including the current one with Stormy Daniels
The “hard working and minimal golfer” who has golfed more than other Presidents...and taxpayers are paying Trump to golf at his own resort, secret service lodging so that he can pocket our money plus frequent rallies he refuses to pay for but taxpayers are stuck with bills.

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