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rednecks.....time for more """DEEP STATE..DEEP STATE..DEEP STATE"""

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Funny...dobbs didn't behave this way when he was on CNN. They fired him for his inflammatory language but now he's NUTS.., much worse at Foxaganda for Idiots..now he's a conspiracy theorist, spinning a conspiracy a minute. He looks like a wanna be rushTheDruggie

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10 minutes ago, benson13 said:

Lou Dobbs attacks Bill Barr, suggests he's part of the "deep state," calls the Justice Department "rancid, corrupt"

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Deep state secrets only held by those in control of people spaced apart now all the time.  Control the flow of insformation...........control the conversations ancestrally carried out until extinction.


Time being stationary really does expose how simple it is to mutually destroy every chain of command ancestrally practiced since the dawn of civilization within this species in this atmosphere.  thing is, when it is destroyed, will the controlled be able to sustain the lifetstyles achieved so far without doing the same things done until now?


Isn't that difficult, really.

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