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FEBRUARY 14, 2020

The sad thing about conspiracies is that they grow and grow. The only way conspiracies are uprooted and eliminated is when one pays very close attention to details and never bat an eye. When yopu sleep on conspiracies, like lies, things may be added on more and more. Some conspiracies are so great that to find one guilty may broing down an entire country's leader. The sad condition being im[plemented against the ZNuwaubian from North Carolina tthat lives in East Cleveland on Holyoke Avenue is that most of our post facts derived from him and his research. There are multiple others involved but the Nuwaubian from North Carolina seems to care more about what happens to the human race than most. Usually when the fires of opposition are against truthspeakers and revealers, most of them will fold in some way or another. But the North Carolinian is fearless. His greatest enemy are those behind closed doors working against him claiming that they too are Nuwaubian or even Sabean. If one were to speak to Dr. York it will be revealed to them that one of the reasons the government went at him in May of 2002, was because of those who claimed to be Nuwaubian. Like the reptilian which beguilded Eve, Nekaybaw, or Hawwa, in the enclosed garden of delight, those fake balling Nuwaubians are too, very subtle and clever. The way the Illuminati and the Boule Society works in the 21st Century is by using people thats closet too you against you. Another tactic of the Boule Society is that they manipulate plights in a way that when one who is targeted speaks out, everyone who surrounds themselves with the target plays a major role against the target. 

They feel that when one or more speak against a party, combined with either fabricated or incomplete documents or testimonies to back them up, usually the way the devil thinks is that most will go against the target. This is a form of character assassination. The devil is the one who got people believing that there is power in numbers. This is true to an extent. However, there is power in the "worth" moreso than in numbers. The North Carolinian also knows that many federal institutions wo0rk for the wealthy and will provide documentation either to or against a target concerning themselves. When one is a target, information held by federal agencies can be fabricated or incomplete. There are many black leaders who were destroyed by the federal government and their deception. Most Americans are afraid of the federal government because its a foreign agency which answers to noone but the Queen of England. They have gotten away with planting false information against targets, were involved with eliminating millions of people, has the power to take every form of data they have on every American and re-write things making the American appear as they want them to appear to everyone who worships their systems. They are so close knittedn that one can visit a Social Security building, and if they are targets or are secretly blacklisted, you will be tracked. And every where you go, even some phone calls you make, their presence will be felt. The federal government can take a person who is a decent individual, and with their manipulation of the media, local and national law enforcement agencies, and even jobs or homes that person may be involved with, the federal government can play a role in everything which surrounds you, even down to nighbors and little children conspiring against you.

The media';s job is to make it seem as like when the target cries out about conspiracies topics are held by so-called analysts who rip apart that person's credibilty using New Age psychology. And psychology is under the control of Psychiatrists who plays a major role in everything going on, though at times many work behind the scenes. If the government plants a person in a community who has a trigger, which may result in either killings or sex offenses, depending on who they are trying to destroy will determine how long they'll keep the plant inside of that community. If there is a quota which has to be met involving the decline of human friendships, then that plant will remain until friendships are nomore. And if one within a neighborhood sees whats going on usually the media or those in charge of those communities will push propaganda against one keeping track of their plant and his/her activities. The controllers or that town or city will learn how that tracker is functioning and will reveal it to the media and others. The media and others may start sayiong if a person act like this or that then they could be a terrorist. Thus, they will post banners oin publoic places and even on Public Transportation instructing people if they see something say something. This is strange buts its definitely true. Many good lawyers have either been disbarred, was forced to resign, or were mysteriously killed speaking out against this. Most lawyers in 2020 will not go against the establishment in America. They involve themselves in underhanded and shady deals against the very Americans they have been sworn to help. Many houses and apartments are exploding from so-called gas malfunctions, leaks, et cetera. But very few people ever ask about intense details concerning Smart Meters. Americans have been bamboozled so badly that many of them think that before the New World Order takes full effect, everything will happen at once. This couldn't be further from the truth. The powers that be are shaping many regions in America under the New World Order. And it is done community by community, juriosdiction by jurisdiction, town by town, and city by city. Very few Americans are paying attention to the details which is why the New World Order is moving in like a mysterious cloud only witnessed by those within the region it sits over. 

They are taking America bit by bit and piece by piece. 2020 shall be a year in which many Americans, and millions of others around the globe, will end their present incarnation. Metals being sprayed by aircraft in the skies will give you what they term, "diabetes", and for those with so-called diabetes, those metals will increase you ailments. Alot of sprays are taking place at night when everyone is assumed asleep. Thus, when you wake uup the next day and leave your homes, the minute you walk out your doors you are inhailing metals which lodges inside organs and the bloodstreams. The doctors will tell tyou what the government instructs them to say. Its like when you go to the dentist. The dentist, either female or male, may tell you that the bones inside your teeth has decayedm and you need all of your teeth pullled out. They will never tell you that there are herbs and other suppliments which help re-grow that bone. They just want you to pull all of your teeth out. When you correct female dentists, especially those in Cleveland, they will claim its an attack on their gender. Its the same as Kabbalists claiming that one is anti-semetic when they speak out against global corruption. They use Judaism and Jebusties or Jews. But a Jew isn't the nationality of a person. A Jew is one whose mother is/was a witch. This truth is held deep within mystic Judaism and the Zohar. Its kind of like a freemason teaching you how to read and interpret the Bible or the Quran. They decipher a different meaning from what they teach you. For an instance, the Kaba in Mecca is a squared shape which sits inside a circle. The squared shapp has 4 90 degree angles, equaling 360 degrees. And of course we know that a cisle is 360 degrees. However, you can either be on the inside of the cirsle or the outside. When you go outside of the cirsle and the square it takes you to extre terra astral things. Meaning, things not from this world. When you look at the dollar bill as we have informed those on many occasions, your leaders have let you know who they serve by putting the image of their God in Who They Trust on currency. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIVQ3Acmie4    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGpxS6yTcVo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZoSXbDw7OA. 

Why would this being be on the dollar bill if there was no significance to its existence. Freemasons are not stupid and uneducated. This entire country was founded on freemasonry and all of its symbols exists everywhere. When you kill someone for money you are killing them for the alien face on the dollar bill. There are many evil alien human hybrids which worship money and smuggle tons and tons of fetanyl, cocaine, and heroin inside the U.S. Its all about making money or worshipping the reptilian on the dollar bill. Evil alien hybrids which with some of the blood of the face on the dollar bill mixed with their own blood are accepted moreso than those who are not mixed with that blood. However, there are many reptilians on earth and they all have their hybrids moving amongst humans as ordinary people. They all have a role to play and its about stealing your joy. There are alot of evil alien human hybrid cops and federal agents as well. When a blackman fights against these sort of issues here in America, they will get at him using every means necessary.  This is why the Nuwaubian from North Carolina is constantly being tracked even by those claiming to be Nuwaubians as well. So many people have joined forces with the Pleiadians, and some say many have joined forces with the Ashtar Command. Not long ago, Dewayne Craddock, in Virginia Beach, Virginia, shot and killed 12 people at the Municipal Building. The local and national news medias were more concerned with the mass shooting than the psychology which led up to it. Black people isn't usually mass shooters unless something else is going on. Everyone knows that Viriginia is one of the most racist states within the U.S., and there are families still living whose ancestors were killed by Nat Turner. So the blood runs very deep with racism against black people in Virginia. This was a trick played on the American people by the Illuminati. 

They kept descendants of Nat Turner and those killed by Turner, secret within Virginia for nearly 200 years. Then there are photos of slave auctions in text books within libraries in Virginia. You will see black people bound in chains and being sold like cattle and horses. However, the snitch system is one of the most ruthless practices within the State of Virginia, which has led to, for over 35 years, the revolving door of incarceration against black people. And since the CIA Headquaters lie in Langley, Virginia, many of the tactics used against black people by white supremacists were backed by the CIA. They will deny it, even though countless military veterans have irrefutable proof of this. Craddock, allegedly, went on a shooting spree after working within the area for 15 years. Did the snitch system play a role in trigger point? Did he reach a boiling point with white supremacy which led to 4 black people being killed, and 8 caucasians? Was Craddock a victim of the Black Illuminati's involvement with Satanic rituals and spells? There are so many questions Americans are asking. Many military veterans are claiming that most of the mass shootings in America is either tied to implanted bio-chips within the shooters brains, or chemtrails sprayed within areas where they live, heightening mental disabilities. The "fear response" is their desired response which leads to killings.Since Nipah, or the Coronavirus has infected thousands and thousands of people, the fear response from that is incredible.  Some of the same chemicals used in chemtrails is being found in food, water, et cetera. If any of those so-called Democrats, Liberals, and some Republicans were concerned about Americans, wouldn't they launch massive investigations into this? The fact is that they are all part of it. They may not get into a plane and pilot the craft, but they support it none the less. Americans are being lied to so badly in the U.S. that hundreds of lies are being told all at once, even with some of the secret military's weather weaponry being used to give a powerful push. Those who has first hand knowledge of this and exposed it, went through something similar to what the Nuwaubian from North Carolina, staying in East Cleveland, is going through. 

That is why informants are always employed. Its a documented fact that President Obama assisted with millions of dollars being put aside just for informants who policed their own within neighborhoods and communities. Even some informants received purses of nearly half a milion dollars for being spies in prisons. So you can just imagine what those informants for the Social Credit System and the New World Order are receiving in your communities on a weekly basis. Police, the military, and secret societies believe in researching things first just to make sure they are never caught. There use to be a time when an informant was exposed that they would be pulled from the job. Informants today are used more and more, even if exposed, because many know that they'll be cast to the swine and wolves anyway. James and all of his aquaintances and comrads are avery sinister and ruthless bunch that shows many faces. He has targeted the Nuwaubian from North Carolina every since he been in Ohio. When James speaks against the Nuwaubian from North Carolina to his buddies, they work from behind the scenes discrediting, character assassinating the North Carolinian, et cetera, meeting with certain "key" figured in secret. The law enforcement communities make sure that these informants have a strong voice in neighborhoods and communities! They can connect with some of the most influencial in all neighborhoods for planting rumors, et cetera. And even when their covers have been blown, law enforcement assures them that they have their backs which is why they stay where they are, constantly watching other Americans, and giving lying testimonies mixed with some truths, which was supplied to them by law enforcement officials and officers. Many federal agents are involved with this as well. In truth, the Illuminati is trying to turn humanity into a Social Memory Complex. This means all of humanity must have the same thoughts, the same perceptions, and the same behaviors. And even though their ways are evil, in truth, the Planet Earth can't successfuly transition into 4th Density, without difficulty, until all of its inhabitants are of one accord. The Illuminati, the Black Illuminati, and all of their minions and supporters, seek to make sure all minds are set to evil. 

This is why homoxuality is promoted and empowered. We are not saying that homosexuals are evil. We are just saying that they are being exploited in the worst ways to bringing forth a world-wide system that enslaves all of humnity. But at the time, they, along with lesbians, transgenders, and the Feminists, can't see this. To them its all about their empowerment. And then there are secret societies who make sure that opposition to gays, lesbians, transgenders, and feminists are in place. The opposition uses religion, hatred, and violence to suppress the freedoms of those different than them. And right after that lawsuits and criminal cases are filed empowering both agendas: the LGBT communities and the New World Order. And by using religion, if most Americans look around them, you will see that churches are becoming empty, unless they are Satanists. We are an intellectually disarmed society, putty in their hands. Their agenda to further disarm us from physically protecting ourselves from them. It is one of the greatest conspiracies ever, and so successful that Americans just can't see it to save their lives. The globalist organization has been programming multitudes of individuals at least since the early 1950's, to be triggered to perpetrate the planned chaos in America and in other locations throughout the world. Many of these programmed people are "sleepers" because they are totally unaware that they have been programmed. The programming is dormant until the inner clock is triggered which engages the program. The movie, "Avatar" contains such triggers. The globalist aim to enact strict gun laws and to finally disarm Americans. This has been a target goal for many years. Until the globalist enact strict gun laws, Americans can expect to be seeing more shootings, not just in schools, but in other public places, like malls, parks, libraries, religious meeting places, possibly subways and even airports. Such "false flag" events were planned many many years ago in order to instill fear in Americans so that they would be more willing to disarm themselves rather than be forced by the globalist to disarm. As a last resort, firearms will be taken by force. These planned shootings are also a means to motivate Americans to look to their globalist-run government as their source of security and to see other Americans as their enemy, not the globalist-run government who is the real enemy of the people. The globalists want Americans to turn against each other and to be spies and snitches. "Patriotism" is being redefined before our sleeping American eyes. Keep in mind that if the globalists benefited by having Americans armed, then the globalists would be pulling off numerous "false flag" attacks in America that would be thwarted by well armed citizens and of course would be widely publicized. The fact is that there are many armed citizens whose quick thinking has saved many lives. 

In the case of Donald Trump, everything is being done just the opposite, while moving swiftly towards the New World Order. Many of his followers don't care about truth. They are being told that the existence of the caucasian race is moving towards extenction. And then they are races implicated as being part of the problem. However, the fact is that gun ownership by American citizens is dangerous to our globalist-run government. Think about this, what soldier would not fear entering a country where most of it's citizens are armed? Think about the power of the globalist run mainstream media and how easily Americans could be influenced to support the benefits of having more guns, not fewer. Taking guns away will not stop the criminals, but it will stop Americans from protecting themselves against the criminals who will always have plenty of weapons. The truth is that our government IS the terrorist organization that wants to take down America and they need to disarm Americans first. Their first step in disarming Americans has been successful: we are no longer a thinking, reasoning society with all the facts. The next step is obvious. Research all the laws that have been passed since September 11, 2001 and ask yourself what is keeping our globalist-run government from enforcing all those laws. The answer should also be quite obvious. Newtown, Connecticut, is the 911 of gun control. many of them will keep pushing the inssue no matter what state they are in. And many have left Connecticut and moved to other states where they are gaining crowds to join their agendas. But what most people don't know about the Newtown plight is that satanism played a role in everything. nearly all of the actors and victims were Satanic. There are even pictures of some of the children alleged to have been killed, holding up Baphmet's Cornuto Sign. These facts are a matter of publice record. But keep in mind that Connecticut spends millions and millions of dollars annjually for the Social Credit System and the New World Order push. They have also invested in mind control and human experimentation. In 2019, the tolls will be what shall send many Connecticut residents into poverty. Just watch what happens in Connecticut prior to, and after July 4, 2020.  Its an extraterrestrail conspiracy against humanity, and the college students, especially those at the Jesuit University in Scranton, Pa, tries very hard to dis[prove that aliens are amongst us. But if you pay close attention to those students, you will either recognize reptilian traits or alien human hybrid features. 

In Conclusion: The dialogue about life in space has changed a bit since we were told that the Pentagon has been investigating UFO’s and as we move through 2019, either in the latter part of this year or by 2020 we will somehow rise above the political noise and focus on what has been limited to what can be called confirmation containment. Recently, there was yet another article that was published in the New York Intelligencer about the Pentagon UFO investigations that were revealed to the public in 2017. http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/05/navy-pilots-are-seeing-ufos-on-an-almost-daily-basis-report.html. The article claims that Navy pilots were seeing UFOs on an almost daily basis in 2014 and 2015. The Washington Post published an article with the headline, “UFOs exist and everyone needs to adjust to that fact.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtLqHho1MEY.  https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2019/05/28/ufos-exist-everyone-needs-adjust-that-fact/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.6089476271ce. In the article, there is commentary from Alexander Wendt and Raymond Duvall presenting a draft version of “Sovereignty and the UFO” in the journal, Political Theory. Wendt and Duvall argued that state sovereignty as we understand it is anthropocentric, or “constituted and organized by reference to human beings alone.” They argued that the real reason UFOs have been dismissed is because of the existential challenge that they pose for a worldview in which human beings are the most technologically advanced life-forms: “UFOs have never been systematically investigated by science or the state because it is assumed to be known that none are extraterrestrial. Yet in fact this is not known, which makes the UFO taboo puzzling given the ET possibility… The puzzle is explained by the functional imperatives of anthropocentric sovereignty, which cannot decide a UFO exception to anthropocentrism while preserving the ability to make such a decision. The UFO can be “known” only by not asking what it is.” At the time the paper was presented, there were a few chuckles in the audience.

Nonetheless, their paper makes a persuasive case that UFOs certainly exist, even if they are not necessarily ETs. For them, the key is that no official authority takes seriously the idea that UFOs can be extraterrestrials. As they note, “considerable work goes into ignoring UFOs, constituting them as objects only of ridicule and scorn.” In recent years, however, there has been a subtle shift that poses some interesting questions for their argument. For one thing, discussion of actual UFOs has been the topic of some serious mainstream media coverage. There was the December 2017 New York Times story by Helene Cooper, Ralph Blumenthal and Leslie Kean about the Defense Department’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, which was tasked with cataloging UFOs recorded by military pilots. DoD officials confirmed its existence. Though this story generated some justified skepticism, it represented the first time the U.S. government acknowledged the existence of such a program. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/16/us/politics/pentagon-program-ufo-harry-reid.html. What appears to be happening is that official organs of the state are now acknowledging that UFOs exist, even if they are not literally using the term. They are doing so because enough pilots are reporting UFOs and near-air collisions so as to warrant better record-keeping. They are not saying that these UFOs are extraterrestrials, but they are trying to destigmatize the reporting of a UFO. We have to consider that so far the Department of Defense has provided an actual two-step process in order to bring about disclosure. Acknowledge that UFOs exist, and consider that the UFOs might be piloted by ETI. Back in 2016, there was a commercial that was airing on TV and on the internet that caught everyone’s interest — it was a recruitment ad to get young people to sign up for something called the Earth Space Defense Force. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmfJTf471w8. It certainly looked like a real ad except for the part where the people in the ad talked about the great alien war of 1996 and then we realized it was a promotional ad for the sequel to the film Independence Day.

However, what is most bizarre is that at the same time it literally was a recruitment ad for the Army. The Army’s recruiting effort dipped into a parallel universe, attempting to engage young sci-fi fans who may not be aware of the military’s high-tech positions they will have to fill for a future war in space with familiar enemies and some not so familiar or even imagined. Scientists were actually looking for a space artifact called 1991 VG, which left many scientists scratching their heads since it was first discovered by astronomer James Scotti on November 6, 1991. It passed by the earth in the summer of 2017 and the findings of this alien artifact were actually kept classified. However, in the Fall of 2017, scientists stumbled on another artifact that they were not planning on. Oumuamua hurdled through our solar system at 58,000 mph when it was discovered on October 19, 2017. The object was then propelled by the Sun’s gravity, causing it to blast off on a hyperbolic trajectory out of our solar system at a rate of 196,000 mph. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfi3w9Bzwik. Without hesitation, the astronomers theorized that the reason it accelerated was because of something called outgassing. Outgassing occurs when an icy object gets too close to the warmth of a star and starts releasing gases that propel it forward, scattering dust off its surface as it goes. The Hubble Space Telescope, continued to track Oumuamua after it faded from view from even the most powerful ground-based telescopes. The sun’s power gravity bent Oumuamua’s trajectory, acting like a slingshot. But “the path was not behaving as it would if it were just merely controlled by the sun’s gravity. Astronomers used computer modeling to explore possible explanations for the mysterious acceleration, including potential effects of solar radiation, drag-like forces, and interaction with solar wind, the charged particles emitted by the sun. None of them fit. However, Avi Loeb of the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics was very vocal in exploring exciting possibilities as to what this strange anomaly was. He provided a more exotic scenario that Oumuamua may be a fully operational probe sent intentionally to Earth vicinity by an alien civilization. The discovery of Oumuamua raised the consciousness level to that of more study and a redefining of the sciences that focus on exobiology and astrophysics. President Trump was notified that scientists were following this craft and that rumor has it that this event came close to being a disclosure event. After hearing about the remote possibility of this elongated object was an alien spacecraft, he started pushing harder for the establishment of the “Space Force.”

Beyond speculation is the reality that other space agencies and foreign telescopes were finding interesting anomalies in space that indicated that possible intelligent life is in the cosmos, only to be slammed away by so-called “enlightened” scientists that make it a point to dismiss anything that can be considered a breakthrough. But suddenly other mainstream scientists were seriously talking about alien spaceships and visitations. One scientist, Harvard’s Avi Loeb said that the interstellar object, Oumuamua seemed to be showing signs that it was an ancient alien artifact. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sef4YT2s6i4. He was well aware that most scientists recoiled from anything that sounds like UFO craziness. But he believed that an overabundance of skepticism has cut them off from out-of-the box ideas. Says Loeb, “Why have a prejudice? Why argue that it must be natural? What do we gain, other than putting blinders on our eyes?” Penn State astronomer Jason Wright shares Loeb’s desire for open discussion about extraterrestrials. “There’s a real culture change. SETI (the search for extraterrestrial intelligence) is becoming a serious scientific discipline,” he says. Wright raises the possibility that a now-defunct alien civilization may have left behind artifacts on the moon where they could have survived, even if deposited there billions of years ago. Almost all such searches are destined for failure, Wright says, and all it takes is one success to change the world. Oumuamua’s unusual trajectory meant it had to have come from outside the solar system — and that it could have been traveling for millions of years. “It’s very elongated, with an axis ratio of at least 7 to 1,” astronomer Karen Meech of the University of Hawaii said. It’s at least seven times as long as it is wide — shaped like a cigar. Or, as Loeb proposes in his paper, maybe a flattened disk. At only 1,000 feet long it is too small to be a comet. And it has no distinctive comet tail. Also, it seems to be much more reflective than the typical comet. It has also been overlooked that one of the first scientists who wondered if Oumuamua was an alien probe was Stephen Hawking. Stephen Hawking lead an investigation into whether or not this Oumuamua was a spaceship from an alien civilization. It was one of the last projects he headed up before he died.

Since the sighting of Oumuamua, NASA has made the search for alien life is a high priority, and recent discoveries give ample reason for optimism that the endeavor will be a successful one. It should be known that after the sighting of Oumuamua, an Ad Hoc Committee on SETI Nomenclature was convened at the suggestion of Frank Drake after the Decoding Alien Intelligence Workshop at the SETI Institute in March 2018. The purpose of the committee was to recommend standardized definitions for terms, especially those that are used inconsistently in the literature and the scientific community with regard to intelligent extraterrestrial biology, communication or contact with extraterrestrial civilizations and possible sightings of craft that may or may not be from advanced extraterrestrial civilizations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yz8n0an9VcI. There are now 9 pages with 24 terms defined, ranging from the simple alien, intelligence, extraterrestrial to the complex like Schelling Point, Fermi Paradox, Drake Equation and a list that is acronym-heavy, like CETI, SETA, METI, Active METI, Artifact SETI. SETA stands for Search for Extraterrestrial Artifacts, which is a subset of SETI while METI – Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence – is straight out “controversial” and has been certainly a concern for scientists who believe intentionally sending signals to alien my wake a sleeping giant and attract hostile alien life. The term “extraterrestrial” is now defined with the rider that the terminology is complicated by the interplay between Earth and the wider solar system, while alien is defined but not loved. The word “Alien” to be avoided as a noun and is not even recommended as an adjective. Definitions of intelligence are “slippery and much broader than technological.” Based on the agreed definitions, natural and artificial seem pretty straightforward, but even here there is a note referring to slipperiness because they are “not even well defined for observable phenomena on Earth.” Even as terminologies become well defined there are slippery areas where science will be forced to be a bit more straightforward with their findings so there is really n reason to broadly define what is found and that there is no question as to the validity of discovery. Based on the agreed definitions, natural and artificial seem pretty straightforward, but even here there is a note referring to slipperiness because they are “not even well defined for observable phenomena on Earth.”

Even as terminologies become well defined there are slippery areas where science will be forced to be a bit more straightforward with their findings so there is really n reason to broadly define what is found and that there is no question as to the validity of discovery. As we have learned in the past that whenever there is a remarkable claim about unusual phenomena – there is a broad explanation that leaves a gap so wide open that scientists can say that a certain phenomenon or artifact is either artificial or natural. Such is the case with the always controversial sighting of Oumuamua. It is obvious to me the truth is Oumuamua woke up scientists to the reality that something is out there that may have an interest in us. If so, then scientists have to be prepared and rethink about what it is they are doing and what exactly they are studying. There is no doubt it has changed everything and preparations are underway. Suffice to say, the preparation for disclosure is imminent. The cultural impact of extraterrestrial disclosure will certainly force changes to terrestrial science, technology, religion, politics, and ecosystems resulting from contact with an extraterrestrial civilization. UFOs exist and everyone needs to adjust to that fact. The potential changes from Stigma to Enigma could vary greatly in magnitude and type of evidence of what we are dealing with. It certainly will be based on the assessed level of technological advancement, and to the degree of benevolence or malevolence, and level of mutual comprehension between alien life and humanity.

In Conclusion: The Gray New Deal is the deal where future candidates have to address the extraterrestrial issue – something that last year President Trump could not escape as reporters like Tucker Carlson and George Stephanopoulos were not shy in asking the President about the Navy encounter with UFOs and the phenomenon in general. Another bold reporter that is not afraid of addressing the UFO issue is from New Hampshire. His name is Daymond Steer. He is a journalist for a local New Hampshire newspaper called the Conway Daily Sun and keeps asking politicians and presidential hopefuls about UFOs. By hosting informal, video recorded Q&A sessions, the Conway Daily Sun has had a lot of politicians vying for the presidency stop by its office. Hot on the heels of the New Hampshire primary it is the cool and hip thing to stop by and hang out with the reporters. The interview sessions run about an hour, and Steer, who usually covers politics and crime, waits until the last moment to sneak in the big question on his mind outside of healthcare and education: UFOs. https://www.conwaydailysun.com/news/local/candidates-answer-the-ufo-questions/article_ff67e3ba-486b-11ea-981e-032643d78f46.html. Steer made waves in 2016 when he asked Hillary Clinton again about UFOs. Clinton told the Conway Daily Sun, “I’m going to get to the bottom of it. I think we may have been [visited already]. We don’t know for sure.” He stated in the past that this was a one time shot and that he wanted to retire the question but when the David Fravor Nimitz Tic Tac story came along in December of 2017,  Steer thought it would be appropriate to ask the UFO question again of other candidates because it turns out, that Fravor is from New Hampshire.

For Steer, his questions are less about politics and more about the strange and seemingly more legitimate possibility that this UFO stuff actually matters. Interestingly, there have been some de-classified papers that indicate that in the 1970s. our government thought that the UFO question should be taken seriously and at one time saw the possibility of an alien invasion as a doomsday threat along with mutually assured destruction. In most advanced countries there are many complex issues that governments have to tackle.  This is why there is a bureaucracy that is in charge of things like Defense, intelligence, general welfare, and other agencies that ensure that we have a modicum of continuity. One does not stop and think just how complicated things are because we take for granted that we will have certain creature comforts at our disposal. There are issues that many Americans are concerned about only because the media and politicians have usually framed them in such a way that the same old concerns are always thrown in as talking points for debate. However new concerns have been raised due to the fact that we are no longer in the 20th century and as we are now pushing through the second decade of the 21st century – new concerns are emerging that seem to be fatalistic. There have been concerns about what can be seen as apocalyptic concerns with regard to climate and ecosystem collapse as well of end of the world scenarios that include nuclear war, cyber and biological attacks. Declassified documents have revealed that in the late 1970s into the early 1980s that show that the United States government and the military agency took the apocalypse very seriously. While the government’s secret plans for surviving the end of the world dealt primarily with surviving a nuclear conflict there was another possibility of doomsday that was in the fine print. This, of course, was an invasion from hostile extraterrestrials. Both President Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter had UFO sightings. During the presidential campaign of 1976, Jimmy Carter was forthcoming about his belief that he had seen a UFO. During the presidential campaign of 1976, Carter promised that, if elected president, he would encourage the government to release “every piece of information” about UFOs available to the public and to scientists.

 After winning the presidency, though, Carter backed away from this pledge, saying that the release of some information might have “defense implications” and pose a threat to national security. There are many people who speculate that Carter was discouraged by then CIA director George H.W. Bush from pursuing any and all information about UFOs. Carter’s successor President Ronald Regan also knew of the possible doomsday scenarios that could play out in both the nuclear arena and with possible alien threats from outside of our known world. He did not see UFO speculations as trivial. They gave him perspective amid the rising tensions of the Cold War. November 19, 1985, was a momentous day. It was the first time in eight years that the leaders of the Soviet Union and the United States held a summit meeting. The two countries had been in a nuclear arms race for years, and the fate of the planet was at stake. In the midst of the Cold War, Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev met in Geneva, Switzerland to try and find some common ground. During a 2009 interview by Charlie Rose with Gorbachev and Reagan’s Secretary of State George Schultz, it was revealed that something strange had happened during that event. President Gorbachev and President Reagan took a walk,” Schultz explained. “They went down to some cabin on Lake Geneva where there was a fire in a fireplace and you sat down there — I wasn’t there, but I know when you came back, there were two friends, almost. Talking about what was going to happen. Then we went to the next…” “At the fireside house,” Gorbachev cut in, through an interpreter. “President Reagan suddenly said to me, ‘What would you do if the United States were attacked by someone from outer space? Would you help us?’ I said, ‘No doubt about it.” He said, ‘We too.’ So that’s interesting.” Keep in mind that it was Ronald Regan that proposed a Space Fence to be activated for his SDI –Strategic Defense Initiative which was a defense program involving X-ray lasers and subatomic particle beams that were derisively nicknamed “Star Wars.” He invoked the possibility of alien invasion multiple times during his presidency, often as a perspective-taking exercise to highlight the fragility of our existence if we were to face an alien threat that would lead to our doomsday.

George H.W. Bush did not give information or even indicated that he had an interest in creating a discussion about the UFO or even the extraterrestrial issue. Bush was very careful about how he dealt with classified information, especially when the public was involved. However, there was an interesting exchange that occurred on March 7, 1988, between then-Vice President Bush and a UFO researcher named Charles Huffer. The incident in question occurred at a campaign stop in Rogers, Arkansas, where Huffer had been waiting for the Republican presidential hopeful outside a building where a press conference was to be held. Huffer, armed with a tape recorder, was able to obtain a few vague statements from Bush on the UFO subject, as transcribed by researcher Grant Cameron: “Mr. Bush, Mr. President,” asked Mr. Huffer (in the excitement of the moment Mr. Huffer called him President). “Will you tell the people the truth about UFOs?”   “Yeah,” replied Bush. Then realizing what he has just said Bush added, “If we can find it, what it is. We are really interested.”   “You’ll have it, you’ll have it.” said Huffer. “It’s in there. (I meant it would be in his briefing when he became president) Declassify it and tell us, ok?”   “OK,” said Bush, ” alright, yes.” Cameron notes that “Bush then entered the building where he met with the local Arkansas press,” while Huffer apparently waited outside. As Bush later emerged from the building, Huffer approached him again, reminding the Vice President that he was, “going to hold [him] to that promise.” “Alright,” replied Bush.   “OK,” said Huffer, “you’re going to get it.” (I meant the UFO information)   “Why don’t you send me some information about it? ” asked Bush.   “Naw,” said Huffer, “you’re a CIA man. You know all that stuff.”   “I know some,” replied Bush. “I know a fair amount.”When Bill Clinton was President there was a conspiracy theory that in his second term he walked into the Oval Office, lit up a cigar and said: “Tell me what you know about Roswell and Area 51?” For some time I always believed it was an urban legend until Clinton appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2014. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOuLu34rPJM&feature=emb_logo. 

“First I had people go look at the records on Area 51 to make sure there was no alien down there,” Clinton said during the appearance. “People thought that because everyone who works there has to stop about an hour away and put on special clothing and then drive in and out, and that’s because a lot of our stealth technology is made there. He concluded that he knew nothing about aliens at Area 51. What is most interesting is that when Clinton served his second term, the 50th anniversary of the Roswell event took place and just before that all happened there seemed to be a Hollywood upsurge in movies dealing with extraterrestrials. Rather than having aliens being submissive and shy like in Spielberg’s E.T.: The Extraterrestrial, the aliens were aggressive and one of the breakthrough films that illustrated this was the film, Independence Day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kA2WzBi2grE&feature=emb_logo. This film at the time was considered one of the most amazing film dealing with the “doomsday scenario” brought to us by malevolent aliens. Producers of the film were looking for support from Washington for the film.  They did not succeed. The Pentagon did not provide production support to the movie “Independence Day” because it portrayed the military as ineffective against the alien threat. There also was dialogue mentioning Area 51 and Will Smith’s Air Force character dated a stripper. But in 2016, the United States Army developed a months-long, multi-platform promotional campaign for the movie’s sequel. Documents released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) show the campaign for “Independence Day: Resurgence” was pursued to blend fiction and reality, boost recruitment, and alter the public’s perception of the Army. Through a technologically and psychologically sophisticated campaign, the U.S. Army’s project was part of the 2016 “Patriotic Season” campaign. Personnel attempted “to associate America’s Independence with the US Army and own it.” The Army hoped to leverage 20th Century Fox’s $150 million advertising budget for the movie to spread their messaging. A “case study” boasts of cast members and actual soldiers, who made an appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

Using appropriately Hollywood rhetoric, the Army’s ad agency “laid out a strategic vision which [tied] the Army in relevant ways to the movie, demonstrating the Army’s ability to prevail against any obstacle and be the only force with the scale, scope, capabilities and critical thinking to protect our nation now and in an uncertain future.” In particular, personnel had a “perceptual goal” to “overcome strongly held misperceptions of the Army as low-tech, ordinary,” and a “last resort option” for those looking to join the military. The ad agency wanted to replace this impression with the idea that the Army is a “versatile, highly-trained, adaptable team.” The campaign asserted Independence Day was “brought to you by and defended by the U.S. Army.” They adopted a full-spectrum approach, using everything from TV spots, to paid digital ads, to hiring Wild Posting, a marketing agency, to set up an outdoor media campaign for buses, benches, and billboards. Fox used the innovative technique of pretending that the events of the first film actually happened and that there was a real “War of ‘96” following the alien invasion.  This included mock-ups of news broadcasts, discussion panels, and even a fake Las Vegas Tourism Board video showing tourists gambling in the ruins of the city. The stars of the film appeared in imitation PSAs to inform the public about how they could help the war effort and urged them to sign up for ESD—the Earth Space Defense, a global military force that features heavily in “Independence Day: Resurgence.” The question is whether or not the “Earth Space Defense” was a bit of predictive programming that has now led us to the newly formed “Space Force.” While the “Earth Space Defense” was used in Independence Day Resurgence as defenders against alien threats – we are told the President Trump’s Space Force is not at all about defending the planet against aliens. Yet there have been Doomsday protocols that clearly indicate that from Jimmy Carter to President Trump there has been a concern about such threats. It appears that as far back as 2015, the military was already gearing up for a Space Command or a Space Force and used the Independence Day franchise to further their agenda.

All this was happening as the Pentagon had a newfound interest in UFO investigations according to the New York Times article that exposed the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). In the campaign’s first phase leading up to the movie’s release in June 2016, the Army worked to “expose prospects to the U.S. Army as a versatile, advanced, highly-capable force in a way that’s hyper-relevant to IDR fans’ passion for the movie.” The appeal of this global force was fueled by online recruitment, social sharing, and producing videos “highlighting  the Army as the leading force, which utilized alien technology to advance human technology and fight back.” At times, the briefings make it seem like the Army thought that the events of the two “Independence Day” films had actually happened. Army-funded TV spots in the spring of 2016 featured an Earth Space Defense -deployed father talking to his son via video chat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmfJTf471w8&feature=emb_logo. Emphasizing this intentional blending of fiction and reality, one of the aims of the second phase—which began shortly before the movie came out—was to “highlight that fictional movies and heroics are based on real-life Army soldiers and heroes who make a difference for the nation and the world every day.” This phase involved positioning the Army as the institution “most responsible for American independence and inspire prospects to be a part of it by leveraging the central themes of the movie.” According to one briefing, the Army recommended that their campaign, “utilize the core themes of the film, surrounding independence, to continue to align Army with patriotism, independence and the equity of the holiday to further build ownability.” This is true predictive programming that was documented and intentionally created by the Military to encourage new recruits to join Earth Space Defense –which now has been renamed The Space Force.

Phase two additionally included promotional screenings on military bases and “soldier reaction” videos put out via traditional social media and live updates posted to “emerging platforms,” like Periscope and Snapchat. These posts were liked, shared, tagged, and retweeted by Army employees, alongside content amplified “via paid social media ads.” They even arranged for “soldier actor interaction linking reality and fiction.” In addition to the screenings and activities around them, the Army’s campaign cost over $2 million, and their measurements for the project’s effectiveness relied heavily on what they termed “perceptual drivers” and “perceptional research points,” i.e. the messaging and associations they injected into people’s minds. Even though the Independence day movie bombed at the box office the question remains as to whether or not spending $2 million of taxpayer money on a fake viral internet phenomenon worked in getting people excited about joining the military to fight aliens ? What we learn from all this is that in the fine print of doomsday documents that were in the hands of the military, there were protocols being examined for the possibility of alien invasion and the acclimation of the public to an Earth Defense Force capable of a fight if the event takes place. Even though the Democratic candidates and President have been asked about UFOs and many of them laugh and then finally admit that they would reveal the truth – President Trump was being very vague with reporters but secretly it is evident that he takes the issue seriously as our military has been in the crosshairs of UFO stalking events, we have put more power into the Space fence –nd have created a new branch of the military called the space force.

 What is nebulous is whether or not an alien invasion is still on the books as something that can happen if we let our guard down.  Something has repeatedly shown that  it can easily find carrier strike groups, which are designed and operated to be hidden in the far oceans, and to find nuclear ballistic missile submarines running near totally silent deep under the water. Something can penetrate the most securely guarded areas of the most important areas in the U.S. military and render our most critical deterrent platforms improbable. For Pentagon planners, this is Armageddon-level stuff. But the truth is clear: If it wanted to, something strange could defeat America without raising a sweat. The extension is that even if the U.S. government believes, as it does, that these UFOs aren’t Chinese or Russian, publicizing the issue itself risks another danger. Namely, that if the U.S. shares what it knows about UFOs, China or Russia might learn enough to replicate the associated technologies behind UFOs for themselves. And seeing as those technologies are almost certainly built around space-time manipulation if Beijing or Moscow figures it out before the U.S. does, we have a rather large problem. This isn’t to say that the U.S. government is sitting idle. Whatever one thinks about the claims of those such as Bob Lazar, who says he worked on crashed UFOs at Area 51 or the number of civilian and military government agencies retaining active programs to ascertain the source, capabilities, and intent of UFOs, we still have a military that has put millions of dollars into investigating and even launching propaganda about UFOs.  What we are learning now is that none of this “disclosure” has been random – it appears to be a well thought out plane to acclimate the American people into accepting the celestial pay off of 2020 .

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