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Whither Our "Diseased Elephant Herd"??

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It's fairly-obvious we can't rely on Trump's GOP, to get the job done.


End The GOP

February 13, 2020


Mr. Trumps most recent abuse of power—pressuring the Ukrainian president to do his dirty work—is the latest link in a long chain of corruption,” he wrote. “If Republicans don’t break with the president now, after all he has done and all he is likely to do, they will pay a fearsome price generationally, demographically and, above all, morally.”


Vox’s Ezra Klein, one of the loudest voices condemning Republicans unwillingness to hold Trump accountable, tweeted in November that the impeachment process had exposed much more than Trumps willingness to abuse power. “I’m a broken record on this, but the impeachment process isnt revealing what Trump did,” he wrote. “We already knew that. It’s revealing what the Republican Party will accept, and even defend.”


What we become in this decade and this century depends entirely upon what we decide to do with the Republican Party we have before us today. Either we will be a nation committed to prosperity and political equality for all—a new republic for the many and not the few—or we will not. Our choice is clear—and is, in fact, being made for us by the functionaries of prejudice and business as we speak. We must wrest that choice back and set the country forward. We must end the GOP."







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