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Who keeps telling liberals that they are smarter than they really are?

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14 minutes ago, RollingRock said:

Because of your ONE experience, every progressive on earth is "slimy?"  :huh:  You, sir, are a moron.

This was just the most egregious. It was hardly my sole experience encountering left wing lunacy.

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20 hours ago, Vegas said:

Who keeps this delusion alive in them after their schooling?


Duhhh…..liberals tell liberals this garbage. If you haven't noticed, liberals are in the midst of a giant liberal circle jerk in this country. When they go outside of their circle, the truth smacks them in the face - which is why they're so vehemently opposed to anything outside of their narrow little minds...

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    The Business Insider article is spot on Even worse, Trump has hollowed out the White House. Natl Security Advisor Bolton walked off the job yesterday. NOBODY ANY GOOD WANTS TO GET ON BOARD TRUMPS SINKING SHIP.

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    May 30, 2018 · While students, parents, and government officials work together to prevent gun violence, Donald Trump Jr. liked this tweet. And it has us worried.

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On the other hand, who keeps telling Conservatives that they are morally superior when crimes still happen in their small towns. When asked why small town Conservative guy does meth.... they come up with some lame excuse about how liberalism spread to their isolated burg. 

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3 minutes ago, Zaro said:

A lot of conservatives are only semi-literate


At least the GOP Team is smart enough to live within their means.


The Dems want to spend all of their children's money !!

Now we all are 23 Trillion in debt.   How dumb is that?            😟

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21 hours ago, Vegas said:

I understand that libs pretty much own the school system, so they are told that they are smart no matter how stupid they are. They pad their grades so their self esteem stays intact. Participation trophies and all that crap. In short, if it makes them think they are smart, then the schools will implement it. Same with college. However, when they get out of the system they are repeatedly being smacked on the head by the real world. They get owned in every debate, they are wrong about everything.  Not just here, but in society as well. Yet, they still are under the delusion that they are smarter than they really are. 


Who keeps this delusion alive in them after their schooling?

I agree with what you say though many of them are too slow to learn.

Hell, the left owns more than primary and secondary education. They also own the predominant media and Hollywood. That and appealing to greed is hard to overcome. They also incessantly misrepresent the motives of conservatives, which is that self-reliance breeds pride and self-esteem, lifts those who attain it, and preserves our cherished form of government. Though they have moved too far left this election cycle, which I believe will alienate many voters, Democrats may ultimately prevail. I hate to be fatalistic, and I hope I am dead wrong, but that is what I perceive.


I can only hope that the electorate learns and remembers the lessons of this election cycle.

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23 hours ago, NeoConvict said:

I got in a fight with my senior humanities teacher way back in 1990. He was a dyed in the wool leftist and often openly taught from the writings of Marx and Mao. I submitted a project on the industrial revolution. I knew what he wanted, he wished to have capitalism attacked. He wanted the suffering of workers, the use of child labor, and destruction of the environment to be chronicled. Instead I wrote a 20 page essay on the benefits of the industrial revolution and the poverty reducing effects of capitalism. He graded the paper with a D so I challenged him with the school board. They reviewed the assignment and my submission and admonished him. Paper was changed to an A-. The buttclown apparently talked crap about me to his other classes and I was assaulted a few times for being a racist. Progressives, including educators, are slimy individuals.

All the way back in 1981 A teacher was trying to tell the class that Eugenics was a good thing.He was also trying to indoctrinate the class that if 2 people that were considered "slow" should not be allowed to have children etc(You know the drill).He was also the athletic director and a arrogant sob. I couldnt believe that I was the only one in the class to disagree with him. He started his power trip against me and I finally just told him"Well you obviously know nothing about individual rights and further more if you want it so that "Slow" people should not be allowed to have children , You and your parents should all be sterilized" . That got me sent me to the principles office were nothing happened but a hours waste of time in a chair.

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On 2/13/2020 at 3:37 PM, RollingRock said:

Who tells Vegas to sign onto a liberal forum, insult them, then expect them to discuss politics with him?  


Seems odd.... :huh:  

It's not your forum, b!tch, there are new sheriff's in town.

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On 2/14/2020 at 8:18 AM, Phoenix68 said:









People who think they need to regain monarchical control in the USA where the individual will enjoy about 0 due process are not going to tell you that they are in fact working to class and group your person-persons as a slave herd animal by installing various new dictatorial monarchy rules where citizens will enjoy about 0 right to a life legal ability's. They may call these things socialism or progressive however it is going to make you feel like an abused peasant and that is when they must tell you that it is not socialist programing that is your trouble.....no....no.... it is just that all your constitutional rules protections and common law legal ability's that is creating all the problems (German history etc.) and everyone just needs to shut up and join the commune that is going to be all about peace and love for everyone.


Socialism = dictatorial monarchy system of non voluntary classing and grouping, slow economy and pre Magna Carta legal system ..

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