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And Moonbats Claim Trump Lies...


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Elizabeth Warren Political Obituary

After a poor performance in Iowa, Elizabeth Warren’s farcical yet alarming presidential quest appears to have collapsed in New Hampshire, practically in her own home state. Political obituaries have already begun to sprout like spring crocuses. Here’s how William Jacobson sums up her failure:

Americans will nominate and elect all sorts of candidates, from the virtuous to the rogue. But Americans don’t like fakes. And there may never have been a more fake major candidate in modern American history than Elizabeth Warren.

Her laughable claim to be an Indian, a lie that she exploited to advance her career, basically defines her. But there have been plenty other lies. For example,

Warren claimed her legal career outside her law teaching job was devoted to representing consumers and the downtrodden against large corporate interests. It was a core value she supposedly brought to the campaign. In fact, as revealed by me in 2012 and confirmed by The Washington Post and others in 2019, Warren represented large corporations such as Dow Chemical against consumers, and made millions doing so.

That is serious stuff when your primary competition is a genuine communist running on promises to victimize the financially successful.

Other lies include claiming that she was fired for being pregnant, that her father was a janitor, that she was sexually harassed as a young professor, that her children attended public school, and that she is the only presidential candidate with executive experience when the opposite is true.

Fauxcahontas wrote her own epitaph and set off gales of laughter by asking, “How could the American people want someone who lies to them?”

Is Chief Walking Eagle (too full of it to fly) finally learning that constant compulsive lying does not pay? Judge from this:

Pull the other one, Lie-awatha. At least it is believable that this quasi-Marxist millionaire would take half of someone’s last six bucks.

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7 minutes ago, dontlooknow said:

I don't really care about other's lying trump does it daily and you guys don't care. 

Trump never tried to claim he was a minority for prestige and status. 

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2 minutes ago, dontlooknow said:

I don't really care about other's lying trump does it daily and you guys don't care. 

No he doesn't. Stop watching and listening to the lapdog, enemy of the people, lying leftist media. That statement shows just how goddamn moonbat sh!t stupid you are. It is not Trump's lies that infuriate the dim-0-craps, their deep state bureauweenie apparatchiks and moonbat idiot like you...It is when he tells the TRUTH. The truth is a real threat to their power. Example: "When Mexico sends their people here, they're not sending their best." THAT is the TRUTH!!!  "Baltimore is a rat infested, and corrupt mess."  THAT is clearly the truth, but the left claims it’s a lie, and racist to boot.

“This is a witch hunt.” It WAS a witch hunt.
“Nancy is crazy.”  San fran nan IS crazy.
“Ukraine is full of corruption.” Ukraine IS full of corruption.
“CNN is fake news.” CNN IS fake news.

All truths uttered by Trump!


Don'tknowsh!t, name 2 lies Trump has told...

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34 minutes ago, dontlooknow said:

I don't really care about other's lying trump does it daily and you guys don't care. 


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And yes I lied about a lot.

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