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When LYING Liberals try to MAKE UP what they WISH was TRUE, but are only LIES and DISTORTIONS... It's time for Conservatives to Set the record STRAIGHT !! AND, let the PEOPLE decide... BELOW, are Liberal LIES JUXTAPOSED with the TRUTH !! ...YOU DECIDE !!

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When LYING Liberals try to MAKE UP what they WISH was TRUE, but are only LIES and DISTORTIONS... It's time for Conservatives to Set the record STRAIGHT !! AND, let the PEOPLE  decide... BELOW, are Liberal LIES JUXTAPOSED with the TRUTH !! ...YOU DECIDE !!  Let the Intelligent readers come to their OWN conclusions... BUT, if they have half a brain, and do ANY READING at ALL... the TRUTH will be obvious... AND, it looks NOTHING like the Liberal BS !!


1.He has packed his administration with former lobbyists and corporate executives. He has installed a former Boeing executive to run the Defense Department; a former pharmaceutical lobbyist to run the Department of Health and Human Services; a former coal lobbyist to run the Environmental Protection Agency, and a former oil lobbyist to run the Department of the Interior. In total, more than 300 lobbyists now work in the Trump administration – many in key positions overseeing the industries they used to lobby for.  Donald Trump picked the BEST people possible to fill the top spots in his cabinet... the RESULTS speak for themselves... Now, Donald Trump is FIRING all of the Barack Obama hold overs that Obama PACKED into the White house staff before he left office... and have beeb LEAKING ever since... the HOUSE CLEANING is COMPLETELY Legal, and LONG over due !!


2. He and his family are personally profiting from the presidency. Despite Trump’s promise he’d sever all ties with his existing businesses and place all assets in a “blind” trust to eliminate any conflicts of interest, documents show Trump remains the sole beneficiary of his trust and still retains the legal power to revoke the trust at any time. Meanwhile, foreign dignitaries have flooded Trump’s hotels, lining his pockets in clear violation of the Constitution. He even attempted to host the G-7 at his own luxury golf course until he was forced to back down. The Democrats are BOTH ticked off, and are TERRIFIED... because they lost another court case on the EMOLUMENTS clause last week... where the Democrats accused Trump of profiting from his Hotel business... the court, on a 3-0 vote, THREW the Democrat lawsuit OUT !!  IT IS a DONE deal, and ANOTHER WIN for Donald Trump !!



3. He is catering to billionaires and corporations at the expense of the American people. In the fall of 2017, mega-donors shelled out more than $31 million in political contributions to Trump and Republicans. And in return, they got a massive $2 trillion tax cut. Not a bad return on investment. As Trump told his wealthy friends at Mar-a-Lago just days after the tax bill became law, “You all just got a lot richer.”  MOST of the "Billionaires" in the United States are Democrats... (Soros, Donald Sussman, Jeff Bezos, Mikey Bloomberg, Tom Stier, and DOZENS more)... THEY are supporting the DEMOCRAT Socialists, because they LIKE the idea of their BILLIONS being able to BUY influence and POWER in Washington, and permits them to RUN the government from BEHIND the scenes... THAT is EXACTLY what the cabal of the Deep State, K-Street, the BILLIONAIRES, and the FAKE News Media that they control... was INTENDED to do !!   THEY CAN NOT do that with Donald Trump in office... because REGARDLESS of the Socialist Liberal democrat LIES... Donal;d Trump is NOT corruptible... but THEY ARE !! !!


4. He is using taxpayer dollars to subsidize his luxurious lifestyle. Since taking office, Trump’s golf trips alone have cost taxpayers more than $110 million dollars. His children have also charged taxpayers for costs associated with business trips around the world that they’ve taken, including India and Uruguay. Taxpayers even footed the bill for Donald Trump Junior’s hunting trip to Canada.  Donald Trump has lived a LUXURIOUS lifestyle for the last 40 YEARS !!  HE was a billionaire when I was in college 40 years ago !!  He vacations are on his OWN 5-Star resorts!  He plays golf on his OWN 5-star golf Courses ! he does NOT does NOT charge the American taxpayer for it... AND, he does NOT EVEN take the Presidential salary to which he is DUE !!   THIS has GOT to be the MOST IDIOTIC allegation of them ALL... NOW, If you want to talk about WASTING taxpayer $$$'s... LETS talk about Barack Obama, and his FAMILY !!


5. The Trump administration has been riddled with scandals and ethics violations. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross held on to investments and never divested despite pledging to avoid even the appearance of conflict of interest. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao has tried to arrange meetings with Chinese officials for her family business. Ethics officials have found Kellyanne Conway broke laws that prohibit government workers from engaging in political activities. The list goes on, and on. This has been the most corrupt administration in American history.  Trump is exploiting everything that’s vulnerable in our political system. But in order to truly stop the corruption of our democracy, we have to fix what’s broken. We must get big money out of politics, end the flow of lobbyists in and out of government, and strengthen ethics laws.  The DEMOCRATS have ACCUSED Donald Trump of EVERYTHING that they can THINK of for THREE YEARS... BUT, after a DOZEN investigations, HUNDREDS of LEAKS from Obama insiders (who THOUGHT it would be embarrassing to Trump), and a DOZEN Democrat ORCHESTRATED allegations from ex-Lawyers, ex-Lovers, and ex-associates... THEY have found ABSOLUTELY NOTHING illegal that Donald Trump has done !!... NOTHING !!  As a MATTER of FACT... they resorted to saying that "Trump COULD NOT prove his innocence" (as in the Mueller Investigation, and were TRYING to do again during his IMPEACHMENT)... WELL, In America, it always was my understanding that we are ALL "INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty" !!   "GUILTY, until PROVEN innocent"???  THAT is what they used to do in Soviet Russia... maybe THAT is what the Democrats have in mind for ALL of us !!


Trump has enlarged and deepened the swamp, but the swamp was there before he got to Washington. One of the first tasks of the next president must be to drain the swamp once and for all.  THAT is UTTER NONSENSE... from the MOUTHS of  Socialist Liberal Democrat who are TERRIFIED at what the Barr/Durham investigation, coupled with what the Horrowitz Investigations have already UNCOVERED...  and what it will mean YIELD !  IT will be the END of the SWAMP... the Deep State... The Rich ELITES GRASP on POWER... and POSSIBLY the Democrat Party as well... I'm betting it will mean HUNDREDS of INDICTMENTS, DOZENS of CONVICTIONS, and the SWAMP Dwellers will be holding their meeting in the PRISON courtyard, after it's all done... TRYING to avoid the AMOROUS glances of Serial KILLERS, Drug Dealers, and Psychopaths !!!!

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