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"Law 'N Order" Down At Czar Spanky's Realm

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Roger Stones Prison Term

February 11, 2020


"All four career prosecutors handling the case against Roger Stone withdrew from the legal proceedings Tuesday — and one quit his job entirely — after the Justice Department signaled it planned to undercut their sentencing recommendation for Trump’s longtime friend and confidant.


Almost simultaneously, Trump decided to revoke the nomination to a top Treasury Department post of his former U.S. attorney in the District of Columbia, who had supervised the Stone case when it went to trial."



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March 18, 2017


"Roger J. Stone Jr., an informal adviser to President Trump*, has been asked by the Senate Intelligence Committee to preserve any records he may have in connection to a broader inquiry into Russian attempts to interfere with United States elections.


The letter sent to Mr. Stone, a copy of which was obtained by The New York Times, represents the first public indication of the scope of the committee’s inquiry, and possible connections to Mr. Trump’s campaign.


The Senate committee asked Mr. Stone, who is also under scrutiny from other federal investigators, to “preserve and retain all hard copies and electronically stored information as specified below in furtherance of the committee’s ongoing investigation into Russian actions targeting the 2016 U.S. elections and democratic processes globally.”


Mr. Stone confirmed the existence of the letter, which was dated Feb. 17. However, he said he had received it only on Friday, by email. Mr. Stone has acknowledged trading messages over Twitter with Guccifer 2.0, the online persona that officials believe was actually Russian intelligence officers."





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July 18, 2016 - "According to multiple accounts, the Trump campaign has successfully worked behind the scenes to make sure the new Republican platform would not pledge the lethal defensive weapons Ukraine has been pleading for from the United States. Trump’s forces have tabled a platform amendment that would call for maintaining or increasing sanctions against Russia, and have substituted “appropriate assistance” for “providing lethal defensive weapons” to Ukraine’s military.


Removing sanctions and blocking lethal military assistance to Ukraine are the two primary goals of Putin’s foreign policy.


The Republican platform is handing those goals to Putin on a golden platter."





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April 21, 2017


"Roger Stone, a former adviser and longtime friend of President Donald Trump, played a pivotal role in getting former campaign chairman Paul Manafort a job, three former Trump campaign officials told The Daily Beast.


Manafort, now the subject of an FBI investigation pertaining to alleged connections between Russian officials and Trumps campaign, initially joined the campaign in April 2016. His role began with delegate operations, ensuring that the Republican National Convention went off without a hitch and ended in Trump securing the nomination. By May, Manafort was named the campaign chairman and by June, Trump’s first campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was out."





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May 5, 2017


"The Senate Intelligence Committee has asked a number of high-profile Trump campaign associates to hand over emails and other records of dealings with Russians as part of its investigation into Russian meddling in the presidential election and is prepared to subpoena those who refuse to cooperate, officials said.


The requests for the materials were made in letters sent by the committee in the past 10 days, said two officials with knowledge of the contents of the letters. The move is designed to accelerate the committee’s investigation, and represents a new bipartisan challenge to the Trump administration, which has sought to use Republican allies in Congress to blunt the inquiries.


Mr. Stone says that he has had no communications with Russian officials, other than previously disclosed communications with Guccifer 2.0, the online persona that officials believe was a front for Russian intelligence.


Mr. Stone has acknowledged trading messages with Guccifer on Twitter, though he has repeatedly dismissed allegations from the intelligence community that Guccifer was a Russian front.


“I recognize that the reputation I have cultivated as an extreme partisan and a rogue make me a convenient fall guy for the Democrats, but I refuse to play the patsy role they have in mind for me,” said Mr. Stone, a self-professed dirty trickster."





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Roger Stone Completes Transformation Into


February 21, 2019


"Roger Stone apologized repeatedly Thursday to Judge Amy Berman Jackson for an Instagram post with what appeared to be the crosshairs of a gun drawn behind her head.


"I don't offer any rationalization or excuse or justification. This is just a stupid lack of judgment," Stone testified.
"I regret it," the longtime Republican political operative and self-described "dirty trickster" added."


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