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Building The Better Mouse Trap, Intellectual Armageddon

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Explaning how life does exist all the time instead of promising better tomorrows than yesterday making everyone miserable from now on, except those in charge. why believe what is possible when you can have control over what life has always been so far, from now on.


want to lose that feeling of helplessness, lost something you cannot define with vocablary, only self identity you get is everyone else's opinions on how you serve their interests? Simply acept the self evident results life is in plain sight. The limited universe is a point of perpetual balancing of results so far and details never staying the same from now on.


balance is survival, tipping the scales only leads to extinction of reproductions tipping the scales and what that species destroy while tipping and becoming extinct.  what is extinction really, no more reproductions added from now 


Universe was established before homo sapiens appeared, it will last after the species is done destroying itself be;lieving it was assigned by higher powers than natural perpetual balancing as was always taking place so far ancestrally changing the people populating the atmosphere as it has existed to current occupants.


I poffer no promises, silver clouds, tomorrows, just your sole time being you until dead. Stop corrupting the self evident.



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25 minutes ago, XavierOnassis said:

No where do you explain "how life exists". ever. All you do is rant about how you are the only one that knows this.

Nor have you ever answered anyone's questions about what any of your posts means.

conceived to decomposed directly relative to the lifetimes present. kinetic results of contant changes being the total sum behavior ov every individual here going on currently.  Potential differences of opinions is guessing what else could, would, should, if now wasn't the eternal point of occupying space never the same results dulicated again from now on.


Where does there have to be an intellectual designer necessary other than a brain to each body navigating simultaneously alive.


this thread is about catching deniers trapping individuals into group ideology using inaccurate definitions of life as existing in plain sight being part of the total sum changes so far for the time existing conceived to decomposed only. Inorganic universal positions are just perpetually balancing and that natural point of contant motion is just magnetism, inducing electromagnetisn changing polarities of both while spinning, orbiting, revolving, molecular matter contracting into forms shaped as universally present.


You defend your ideology as if all you believe would vanish if people actually knew the whole point of kinetically alive now and in this closed system of a universal moment between contracting results and expanding details, there is no room for nothing at all. 


this universe is saturated with subatomic matter lacking a nucleus regardless inorganic molecule or celluar result of biological reproduction's body parts assembed around a fertilized nuclus of a brain that makes each reproduction a unique part of an ever changing population now.


where are you getting confused Xavier? Grammar getting in the way. Spelling doesn't match the factual vocabulary.  lines of communication should never become borderlines of who people rather be when occupying space simultanerously here.


My whole point for 13 years. I don't take intellectual sides on a yes or no, true or false, our way or no way. I do compromise with things that can be used by anyone and everyone, but I don't play ruler rullee semantics.  spontaneously here conceived(random point of origin) to decomposedRandom point of departure) rings exactly to All life is created equally present. all that discrimination crap is psychological class warfare.


99.9% of these threads are designed to affect people when they socially get together after posting on this message board.  Humanity is street threater of ancestral practicing defying real and nobody can stop it.  I am just attacking the corrupting of self evident life, not ending civilization as it came to provide easier ways to adapt in the moment.  


Life is simle, stop overcomplicating it directing social outcomes from now on by avoiding now is the point of origin of all things changed so far.

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