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Social Martyrdom,The Art Of Defying Real For A Manifested Reality

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There's a woman I long to touch and I miss her so much but she's drifting like a satellite.

There's a neon light ablaze in this green smoky haze, laughter down on Elizabeth Street
And a lonesome bell tone in that valley of stone where she bathed in a stream of pure heat.

Her father would emphasize you got to be more than street-wise and he practiced what he preached from the heart.

A full-blooded Cherokee, he predicted to me the time and the place that the trouble would start.

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1 hour ago, XavierOnassis said:

Who is spacing time like that, sole?  Is it legal to space apart time, sole?

there is no who, it is how. humanity invented the concept of 24/7 by pacing the shadows dawn to dusk as came the sun dial and tools to navigate with so when drawing maps longitudes of 24 became time zones 0-360 rotation. international dateline was just a random point that gave the Orient the land of the rising sun and America where it set on humanity controlling everything in the atmosphere intellectually overruling adapt or become extinct positions.


You really haven't ever faced an honest sole reproduction before have you. you mock the silent majority for not fighting back against your methodology. Mob rule is mob rule where it attacks any individual from 6 narratives at the same time.  Patience is a virtue, not a weakness. Bullying is a weakness mobs become over confident nothing and no one can stop their "we the people" mantra promising better days tomorrow because they rule relative time semantics.


Look at ruling elites with all they can do is project those not complying are evil, antisocial, selfish, greedy and all the silent majority does is make reality work or not anymore by just walking away from fools and their what if scenarios.


Urban spawl created their own starvation zones. so all you true blue concrete jungle thugs, beware. Strength by numbers needs more support than those standing alone able to support themselves.  


Dreams are for those that cannot face life for all it ever was. Just reproductions being eternally sorted apart now.

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