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Things we just cannot know, but should know.


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How many people are progressive, how many are democrats versus republican, or how many are just not sure.

We can never know that, because it seems people change stripes all the time - if you monitor any of the polls, and I have my doubts about polls. 

It seems retrograde, this constant movement of the polls, almost as though they are often caught moving backwards from what has been called the arc of moral justice, and with no real reason or supposition as to why.


Why can't the government bring in more revenue to get needed things accomplished that benefit all of our citizens in a fair way? Why can't we understand the classic story of what drives demand, 

and how to sustain progress that lifts all boats - or at the very least reduces child poverty even just a little each and every year?


Why can't we have a Financial Transaction Tax, where solid studies show a very modest one would bring in 50 - 60 billion dollars each year, just to reduce poverty?

Why can't we build a public school system that is first class?


A lot of stuff people ask about, seems to be strangely enough, unknown. 

We can't ask for the answers as though there is no fact, no reason, other than, well I guess there must just be too many lazy people. 


How can we go green, can we ask that? What about jobs, how will that affect jobs? Can we ask that? 

I guess we need to ask a lot of questions, like, how much do we spend on healthcare now, how much will that amount to in the next decade if nothing is changed with the lack of a healthcare system we currently dislike for the most part. 


What is a bank? 

What is Wall Street?

What were they supposed to be for?


The US is a beautiful land. Yes, it's even more grand than Canada. Literally, it's a gem. Same could be said about the America's as a whole. 

I'm too old to move to Canada if Trump were to win in November. I looked it up. If I retired there I could not become a citizen and I would not be able to get their healthcare. If I was a young professional with a job, I could. But, sadly for me, that's not in the cards.


I feel as though I can't know much about things. I have this feeling, this belief that we will turn this ship around. 

Last night watching the New Hampshire Debate, I was thinking, man, I like Amy Klobuchar, maybe she's at least pointed in the right direction, and at least, she's a woman. It's a clip, four years with her plan, but what do all the progressives do in the meanwhile, do they just sit with their hands under their butts and forget to vote again in the midterms, forget to push forward because after a while their hands have lost their blood supply, and become completely numb, as though, if one imagines, they become - the stranger - I know, weird analogy. 


Analogies, are they something we should be good at using by now, and then, should there be this thing about context, and critical thinking, more than just some SAT test score that gets you into college or says, maybe you should start off back in junior college, and then try again, or maybe just maybe you could be a gifted carpenter or technician who fixes robots who have AI, and ask you about productivity measurements from the bureau of labor statistics because they are kind and just want to give you, a dull human a hint about the true picture of the economy - we just can't know 

as much as we would like to know - I don't know who said that, you utter back.




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