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Running Against THE DEVIL

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Trump Rule = Big Medicaid Cuts

February 6, 2020


"Governors, of both major political parties, are warning that a little-noticed regulation proposed by President Donald Trump's administration could lead to big cuts in Medicaid, reducing access to health care for low-income Americans."



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Democratic Plans For Raising Taxes On The Rich

(....To recover what the Trump Family ripped-off.)

February 8, 2020


"It’s hardly surprising that if a Democrat wins the White House, taxes on wealthy Americans and corporations will probably go up. How theyll go up is the more interesting question.


The 2020 Democratic presidential candidates generally agree the U.S. economy faces a variety of challenges: record-high income inequality, decaying infrastructure, failing public schools, climate change that is already leading to fires and floods and a lack of health insurance for millions of Americans, to name a few.


To remedy these problems, every candidate has proposed raising government revenue by increasing taxes on the rich in one way or another, whether through higher income tax rates, a wealth tax or changing how investment income is treated.


Here is a brief look at the tax plans of the top eight candidates in the polls and what economists like me think about them."


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