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The ANSWERED, "Unanswered Question"... How do we save money with private health insurance ?

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The ANSWER is simple... FIRST the Assumption that BIG Government Bureaucracies can administer ANYTHING better than the PRIVATE SECTOR is a LIE... HISTORY is FULL of examples of CORRUPT Socialist Bureaucracies, COMPLETELY being UNABLE to administer ANYTHING successfully, and ALWAYS leading to CORRUPTION, INEFFICIENCY, and FAILURE !!  NOW, you are saying that a single payer (government) system, fitting the bill for MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people, and doing it by levying more and MORE taxes... probably approaching 70% of everyone's income... into a CORRUPT system (yes OUR government is ALSO corrupt... ALREADY !!), which ALREADY doesn't know where all the money goes, or HOW it's spent, OR if it's wasted or NOT... and YOU'RE SAYING that THAT is better than a conventional system, where MILLIONS of Companies and Businesses (who are ULTIMATELY are interested in MAKING a profit), and THEY contribute to the welfare of their employees, but where the employees are ultimately responsible... and where the businesses can choose among a VARIETY of healthcare options, BUT the employees can choose what OPTION is best for THEM...  RESULTING in Healthcare plans, competing with one another, that ALL would work to keep prices down, and costs in CHECK?


THIS as opposed to the Socialist plan, which is CORRUPT from the beginning, and where the TOP leaders would get RICH off of it, but it would ultimately IMPLODE, like almost EVERY Socialist government has...


THIS is not what we want for America... when something is not broke, but MAY just need to be TWEAKED a little... you don't throw in the towel and PUNT to a SOCIALIST system that will enrich the powerful politicians, as they slowly SUBVERT democracy, and become MORE and MORE corrupt, and MORE and MORE powerful... until WHAT we called America, NO LONGER EXISTS !!


THIS is the answer to your Question, EVEN THOUGH I don't expect you to UNDERSTAND it, or ACCEPT it !!

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