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James Carville Dumps on Bernie, Warren, Biden and Perez.


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Carville's contention that the reason for Warren's decline is that she imitated Bernie, is unconvincing to me.  Not that I'm sure of the reason, myself.  But  it seems to me, if Bernie has coat tails, Warren should have come in somewhere near his numbers.  Instead, she spiraled far downwards.


Beyond that, Carville is just another centrist Democrat who is convinced that we can't win with a true progressive.  So he slams Bernie.  I agree with Carville that the most relevant thing, by far, is to defeat Trump.  But I disagree that only a moderate Democrat can do it.  And just as Carville said he would vote for Bernie if necessary, I would vote for Bloomberg if he were to become our candidate.


By the way.  Carville seems to be off the booze.  You can understand him most of the time, nowadays.

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10 hours ago, bludog said:

Beyond that, Carville is just another centrist Democrat ...

LOL, at least you didn’t call him a corporate toady. 🤣


Are “centrist Democrats” liberals or is the phrase code for Republican lite? 

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  could be more to a lower voter turn out than lack of a message people can get behind

 impeachments , new triple check ballot box

 still early


seeing Biden at 16%  is good news long awaited. It suggests people  do not want things back to normal even in the wake of Trump and the only thing not relevant is the traditional Democrat's  choice nominee  I hope to see it trend



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19 hours ago, Olivaw said:

Carville is not happy. I have to agree with some of what he said. Warren may have blown it by chasing Bernie voters instead of moderates. 


Yes, Carville does not appear to be happy with Biden, Warren, Sanders, Klobuchar, Buttigieg, or Tom Perez.

I'm no psychologist, but perhaps the root of his unhappiness is really because he was prognosticating that Bennet was going to "surprise people":


Jan14, 2020 - Carville Endorses Bennet: "He'll Surprise People"


In Iowa, Bennet (along with Bloomberg, Gabbard, Delaney, & Patrick), received exactly 0% of the vote count, and 0 delegates.

The categories of "Uncommitted", and "Other Candidates" received a higher vote count than Bennet.

Did that surprise anyone?

Not me.

And if Carville was surprised, (or unhappy), then his advice is not worth what it used to be.

I have nothing against Bennet, but last place is last place, and the election is only 9 months away.


There are still officially twelve candidates, but only 6 candidates are viable.

Four viable moderate (Biden, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, and Bloomberg), and two viable progressive (Warren, Sanders).




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I agree with part of what he says. The debates are not good. But they are much better than what the Republicans are doing, but it is problematic right now because we are facing a Republican Party that is bent on dividing people. The polarity is unbelievably wacky. People vote for Trump just to fight against what they call the left. Policy doesn't seem to mean a darn thing to too many. 


Trump gives a state of the union speech that is full of lies. He marches away from being impeached celebrating because he was acquitted by a kangaroo court in the Senate. 

People want some progress. They want a sustained progress. They want political leaders who they know are fighting for them. Political leaders they know they can trust. 

They want SS expanded, they want medicare protected, they want a healthcare system that covers all and is affordable. The infrastructure is in tatters and has been for a long time now. 

Young right-wing judges are being appointed for life long posts just so they can block any good legislation that protects voting rights, any good legislation that protects the environment, 

any good legislation that protects a woman's right control her own healthcare, that protects any legislation that tries to give healthcare to all people. 

And the Right calls this Victory.

Don't fight the rich. People earnestly believe that giving huge tax cuts to corporations and to the richest will somehow create new jobs - that's how they think it works. To them, contrary to any fact, it's more than obvious.


Pete's too young, and btw - many folks in South Bend say he wasn't a very good Mayor.  Biden has just been around the block too many times.


We need to get out and demonstrate. We need the progressive voice to be strong. Warren, Bernie, Klobuchar, somebody, come on now.


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As much as I don't care, and I actually like her, I get that Warren is hardly a charismatic powerhouse.  She's a fierce presence in the court room or Congress or in a substantive debate.  But Bernie has presence.  Let's face it:  our elections are TV-based popularity contests.  If Warren had the kind of presence that lights up the room, she'd probably be leading the field right now.  Let's see what happens Super Tuesday.  After that, it may be time for some of the more progressive candidates (and yes, I include Warren in that, since opposing corruption and fraud are apparently "progressive" now) to yield, and throw their support behind Bernie if he's still way out in front.  


This is not Bernie vs Hillary, where two candidates with totally different agendas are fighting for the soul of the party.  Warren vs Bernie, to me, is a win-win and I'd much rather see one of their ilk take the nomination than some corporate shill.  So among the genuinely Liberal-minded, progressive candidates, I'd like to see them come together relatively soon to seal up the nomination.


But not too soon.  Their diverse voices still do a lot to shape the debate at this point.  Next Wednesday, the writing may be on the wall, though.

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