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President scores ‘total win’ as DC appeals court bars Dems lawmakers' emoluments suits

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Dems are writhing in ecstasy. TDS has a strong component of masochism. Trump understands that the TDS affliction demands endless abuse. Trump is a caring person and piles on. If the GOP takes the House Trump may not even bother to negotiate with them. Dems will then reach the highest plane plane of euphoria. They will be completely irrelevant. Resist!!

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22 minutes ago, BeAChooser said:


Great news.   Now it's time for payback ... and the cleansing of America ...








Appeals court tosses 'emoluments' suit against Trump, says president can run hotel

A federal appeals court Wednesday ruled in favor of President Trump’s business interests, tossing a lawsuit brought by Maryland and the District of Columbia that argued he was violating the Constitution by running his hotel empire while serving as president.


The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said Maryland and the District don’t have standing to complain about Mr. Trump’s actions....





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Trump is the new......Teflon Don.

He is Chief Engineer on a strong train that is rolling smoothly

down the tracks......to the valley of prosperity.


God-Bless the USA !!!        (and I mean that literally)          😌



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