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If you have one person on a plane with the corona virus

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5 minutes ago, Wallco1 said:

Won't everyone be exposed to it, Recirculated air. 

only if it is an airborn virus.  this might equally be a direct contact and only enter rubbing eyes, picking nose, sticking fingers into one's mouth flossing, open cuts, rash. etc. Haven't listened to the sky is falling hysteria.


Like all flu typle illnesses, most deaths come from those half dead already.

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I imagine that if one were on a plane from China, one could make the risk of infection smaller by wearing a face mask and surgical gloves and immediately disposing of them and washing the face and hands thoroughly upon arrival.

Using hand sanitizer on the mask and the edges of the mask would be useful.


It certainly could not hurt.


There are fewer ways that Wallco  and Donald John Trump could benefit humanity more than by catching this or some other deadly virus. Wallco appears to be constructed of pure hate, and a minion of the vile Trump.

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17 hours ago, sole result said:

how else you going to get out? people are leaving on anything moving out.

There is no means available for leaving China for the US rapidly available other than by air.

There is no dirigible or blimp service available, so that leaves only aircraft.

Uber and the Trans Siberian Railroad and connecting passenger liners are too slow.

Is there adequate bus service along the Silk Road?

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