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How Progressives and Moderates Can Unite to Save Our Country


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NYT Book Review..



Code Red: How Progressives and Moderates Can unite to Save Our Country shows how much E.J. Dionne Jr.'s (Centrist/ Moderate) view of politics has changed. The right barely factors into his new bridge-building project.

Conservatives are, for all intents and purposes, a lost cause.

This means “Code Red” is not yet another call for bipartisanship (thank goodness). Nor is it a plea for centrism, which in an earlier era had been a defining feature of Dionne’s work. Here he has abandoned the idea of a center poised between left and right. “The political center cannot be defined as a halfway point between Democrats and a Republican Party that has veered far to the right,” Dionne writes. Instead it is something to be negotiated within the Democratic Party.


As a result, Dionne pleads with moderates and progressives to see one another as allies who have far more in common than they might think.


And yet, it’s not at all clear moderates and progressives need to be reconciled. To be sure, there are real divisions among Democrats, perhaps even more now that independents have drifted away from the Republican Party and into the Democratic fold.


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Yes it is time. The mantra, progressive, means to move forward. Is it the pitch, Yes, it is the pitch, as in architectural terminology. A roofs surface maybe functionally flat, or pitched depending on the angular that, "one", exposure deviates from the horizontal, depending on the times and functionality. 

But sometimes this gets people confused. But it is about a home where people feel safe, it is about functionality, it is about the truth.

I don't get mad because I am too progressive and progress is too slow. Rather, I should get mad because too many people suffer needlessly, because the system is rigged. 

I know we can't change that fact overnight. I just want honest people who will work for people first and foremost. An upward trajectory if needed, when the time calls for such.

A long sought after positive outcome, the lifting of all boats - each with different ideas, all with good intentions or ideals, flat or raised like the traditional A frame, which btw made me think the other day, why couldn't roofs have much more surface in which to use the sun for power, I mean they justify building tall buildings in the city upwards to the sky when there is little space in order to hold more offices, etc...  - but in the burbs just outside the city the houses are too close together, they can't do that. But they could, if they wanted to build the roofs to go upwards at the necessary pitch to catch the most photons.


I'm going off the deep end with that one. Something a conservative might try to imagine I suppose, they are human too.



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