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what could any intelligent informed individual hope for in thee end?

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For get politics, just pretend we live in a world where ideology just does not matter.

I say it's easier to do that than to watch Fox cable, and it's also easier to do that than to travel by car listening to right wing radio. 

Let's just say you could theoretically put it all down on paper where it works concretely.

But, then, you say, that's not reality, you'd say that's far from the reality we live and die by every day. 


What if we simply made laws that first off allowed for social security benefits to actually grow a tiny bit more.

And while we were at it we resolved some of the high cost in health care insurance, and at the same time resolved

the dilemma of paying for medicare for all of the old.


What if we just did that, how much would that cost? Well, it would cost a lot.

Andrew Yang, the MATH guy says, we could do that. MATH is an acronym simply means the opposite of what Trump exposits or fails to expand upon,

Make America Think Harder, or just a bit harder, for starters.


WE reduce governmental patent subsidies that protect intellectual property, what do we get when we do - cheaper goods that are more market based,

a truer capitalism, and or, we reduce the incentive people have to become software engineers, or the making of money by those most skilled, possibly erasing 

the entire middle class professional race, or, we do otherwise and call robots taking our jobs a way to produce greater productivity. 


Productivity gains, should that mean that we all have more with less time spent working. In economics, theoretically when you take away one thing of value, 

you have to replace it with something of equal value. Say we go to single payer, if that means we pay for it solely through taxes, companies that now provide

it will have to pay their employees the difference, all things being equal.


An eventual 30 hour work week where more and more people can work from home reducing the gridlock on our city streets and highways.

We spend more money up front towards drug discovery through the NIH. 

And we reduce military spending, while at the same time retaining the technology required, as well as the factories needed, just in case we as a nation

ever need to go to war.


What about this thing we call exploitation. Exploitation will still go on. We exploit people or we exploit robots, to further what we envision to be progress.

We exploit the furtive ground, the farmer cries out, we exploit the diversity in the soil to make a better more tastier tomato, we wish we could,

on the fourth of July, when we barbecue a veggie/bean/nut/beat based hot sausage in the hot sun.






Bit by bit, incremental change, or big change.

We say there is too much money in politics now. 

What about voters rights, what about all of the voter disenfranchisement,

if we could eliminate that, wouldn't that fundamentally help to make better laws regarding 

campaign finance?


Big cities don't have enough money because they have to pay pensions. 

U know it's true. When the bottom fell through in 2007/8 - it killed off millions of state and local jobs.



The whole situation, the whole enchilada as they say, is not completely found in the taco, nor is it found in the innocent vegan

who sometimes would like to eat meat or eat cheese, sure, you can once a year kill a wild cow, but only with a bow, 

Bow hunting for wild cow. 


It is something you have to do all by yourself, off in the wilderness, just before the sun sinks low.


Or I must be a hopeless Romanov whose family moved to Ireland back in 1779 and then migrated again

during the carrot famine which is never much discussed.



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