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Today a bunch of co-workers and I were just sitting around and talking about healthcare policy and about climate change and about the US economy in its current state and of course about the corona virus etc... The fabric, incidentally, regarding what we know and what we don't really know. 

So you take the latter, just another virus they say. The influenza kills thousands each year in the US alone, but this is not new. It comes and goes, it is seasonal. We know this much at least about the flu. 

But what do we know about economics, what do we all know about US policy decisions regarding trade, or protections of intellectual properties, or regulation, or lack of regulations when it comes down to health care insurance. We do know that in Germany healthcare is covered for all in Germany and it is cheaper. IN Germany they have mostly private insurance with subsidy, but what is important to understand is that their private insurance is heavily regulated by the government. Just how well that would go down in the current political state in the US is now is anybodies guess, likely not too well.

But, thinking about it, it is another avenue that would work, that is seldom discussed, and for a whole host of reasons, which sadly are never discussed concerning public policy matters.


We don't actually talk much about public policy much here in the US. Anybody know why this is?


Kind of feels like we are stuck in time some days. Well sure, there's Wall Street. And sure, there's inequality. 


One of my co-workers, I won't name her, she spent a long time getting a PhD in molecular biology and in her youth, spent a lot of time studying the history of the Inca culture, she's from Brazil. 

Her thought is that people can change but society cannot. A major society cannot change on a dime, it needs to collapse almost completely before any significant change can take root.



Of course I disagreed with her. Well we were all today, all of us older, the youngest of us in their mid fifties, the oldest almost seventy years of age. except for one. My one friend, a woman who grew up in Croatia grew up during communism, part of the Soviet Block, as a young girl. When she was a girl, well religion was frowned upon. Christmas was not something that was a holiday. It was a normal school day. 

And yet, there was in some families this magical festival where they would capture a tree, bring it into their homes, and light it with actual small candles, and then they would sing and dance around the tree, crazy like they might do in Denmark. 


People do stupid stuff, and maybe with luck, maybe they evolve, a younger guy said today. He's a young guy in his early forties, and you guessed it, he's from Canada. WE all looked down on him and asked, why they heck did you leave Canada, he said he just left once he graduated from college back in 1998 or there about, as though he had been hoodwinked into thinking the US was the place to reside. But he maintains that he likes it here. 


He's one of those young people I suppose.

People our age, we regale, we if lucky enough continue to contribute in a decent job making money, feeling foolish, as if we could do more, we are not of the business class, we just do what we do, 

in the shadows, in the labs.

We aren't rich. We surely are not poor. We pay too much for stuff. We have extended family members who are disabled who count on public means to survive. 

WE are not smug. We are not libertarians nor socialist.

We are not communist. Nor are we orthodox religious in any singular religious faith of which we know.

Just people sitting around today, reading the news.













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