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Bonafides, we must think, I guess

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Bonafide - to be true, to be real. Well that must be an educated guess.

When a person has accomplished as much, their character theoretically must has surely had to have reached this sacred and quite cogent point, and surely must signify, at least by the most thought to be an educational guess, like the holiest of grail, that as such this person has what it takes to get the required, said job done and then, possibly even more than that hopefully. 

We call it meritocracy. We say that in our system, because that person stuck out as exceptional, they deserve to have a special place in our society.

We say they will inspire others to follow suit. You would want someone like that in leadership, it's an educational guess that they would drive

progress from the top down, once they had achieved such a special status. Someone must of ordained it to be.


And then, we are taught to think outside the box.

Instead of just being another cog in the wheel, we should progress.

We should understand the whole enchilada in order deliver, say, a better widget,

or more matter of factually stated, a better more efficient way to make more widgets

that are much better, while at the same time utilizing less capital, so as to increase, say,



And, we can do this, working as a team, with good managers who teach workers how

to perform, the main word here, is excellence, achieving excellence of course drives what we call productivity.


Bonafides. Meritocracy. Planning. If you don't plan, you still do plan to do nothing.

I was so dizzy in my management class, all this, it just didn't seem to register.


The professor came up to me and said, son, you are a leader, you should be a teacher like me.


I said what? 


He said, you grasp all this because you are a critical thinker. 

You're just not sure of anything are you, he said. And still, you are concerned.


It's true. A lot of successful types like me feel that way even today. 


How we measure success is different, doesn't matter if they ever went to college or not.

Doesn't matter if they ever mastered any one discipline in life, or even if they have.


You know what it takes only with sacrifice sometimes. Diligence and personal sacrifice,

and both of those things happen to folks who are just getting by.


Luck and a lot of it helps, because for most, with the system we have, that's what it comes down to,


And even then, if you are real, And if you truly mean what you say - - - it is far far too little, not even close

to ever being enough. 


Don't you know what it's like to be downtrodden, don't you know what it's like to have little educational 

resource. Or couldn't you even realize half as much in your own trajectory no matter how far you

go in your own life?


I say you should pay taxes for your own self preservation in a true democracy whether you have children

or not. 


I say you should protest against what you feel is wrong in a peaceful way.


I say there is a lot to learn from a whole host of folks who never get to talk, 


And there is also a whole lot of crazy misinformation that is spread from


folks who would genuinely like to contribute something genuine, 


and so deep down, I say they get bonus points
















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