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House democrats abandoned their court case for the evidence they sought now blame the senate for a cover up by not proving the articles of impeachment lol.....

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Now their idiotic followers will believe this but not any ordinary American capable of critical thinking. 

If the democrats wanted the evidence and witnesses, they should have continued their court case......


Its not the senates job to collect evidence for impeachment. 

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4 minutes ago, dontlooknow said:

Yes it's a cover up the supeonaed trump administration wouldn't release anybody to testify. So yes it's a cover up. 

If it’s a cover up, then why did your house drop the court case for the evidence? 

You realize the senate would have to take Trump to court to get the evidence the house failed to do? 😂


The senate is not going to do the houses job. Your democrats failed. 

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2 minutes ago, dontlooknow said:

Lol lmao the democrats been talking and presenting their evidence all day today. There is alot of evidence. You just want to say it's not. 🤣

Evidence that won’t be considered. Hearsay and speculation aren’t valid evidence. 

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