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From Tea Party.org more spin spin spin, misinformation and in general one of the sources that will print anything that comes from the mouth of tRump = why do the Tea Party players allow themselves to be manipulated by anti American billionaires?

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Fellow patriot,

President Trump is keeping his promise to put America first and destroy our enemies.

And the latest example of his resolve is the swift destruction of an Iranian madman who had already killed hundreds of Americans.

We finally have President who has ensured the world knows we don't mess around with terrorism, and Iran - who was responsible for thousands of American deaths under Obama - is on notice.

Naturally the liberal media is colluding with Democrats to portray President Trump's actions as illegal or immoral. Now, according to their sick, twisted leftist logic, America is the problem, not radicalized Islamist Iranian terrorists.

It drives them nuts that President Trump's AMERICA FIRST policy is literally making us great again, and it's driving up his poll numbers.

The radical Left is in overdrive to spin this story and impeachment in hopes of taking him out in November. But with patriots like you and me standing together, we'll defeat them AGAIN and Keep America Great.

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