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Feel that Bern...

Look, Bernie Sanders is not preaching anything radical. It's true, people who are apathetic to what has been going on in their own government, just do not trust their elected leaders much. 

They say, why let them muck things up more. They say, well he's a liar, and he's a cheat, but at least he talks like my angry old uncle, off the cuff. Break it up, break up the swamp, they cry.

People actually do believe it is obvious, that if you reduce taxes for the rich oligarchs, they will be enticed to somehow use some of their extra stash of cash to create more prosperity.

It's like this, they have this cache of cash, once it spills over, there will be more jobs, more healthcare, and more opportunities for the poor who wish to work. 

They think we need to monitor not the rich, but the poor. They think, it's the poor people who are like a heavy weight upon society. 

Like in Florida where they have this new law that only gives people twelve weeks unemployment. With the unemployment at an all time low, the employers are allowed to pay much lower 

unemployment insurance rates. This they say is good, because now that the employment rate is good, people should be able to find a new job quickly. 

Of course, they never said that it is harder for employers to pay more for unemployment insurance when unemployment skyrockets out of control. So much for planning!!!


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