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53-47 first vote to table Chuck’s amendment

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12 minutes ago, leftwinger said:


Why is Senate denying witnesses? 


The same reason the Police don't.


It's not their Job.

(yes, a new word - look it up)


The House (in this case that would be Nanny Pelosi's Democrat National Socialist Coup Attempt) forms the case, and Defendant (President) defends against it, and the Senate tries it.


Should have stayed in school.


So take your whine to the Ninny... er... Nanny.



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2 hours ago, merrill said:

What''s wrong with hard evidence being presented in a trial?

It was suppost to be presented in the grandjury to establish the accusation, and there still isn't any and impeachment went on anyway by political might of numbers dictating how the people in society are governed from now on ancestrally here.


legislative branch attempting overturning an election outside the congression districts that voted them into congress. leadership isn't representation, it is dictating to the people voting how they will behave tomorrow..

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Just now, RollingRock said:

Speak for yourself.  You're incorrect about many minority groups and regions of the country.


Billionaires are kicking ass, though.

Wages are up

Record low unemployment

Millions don't need food stamps..


You know RR..

Trump will be reelected..



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