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Internet mocks Prez MORON for fuming about ‘Stable Genius’ book

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Trump is miffed that a new book that addresses his childish behavior and ignorance is so popular.


“Another Fake Book by two third rate Washington Post reporters, has already proven to be inaccurately reported, to their great embarrassment, all for the purpose of demeaning and belittling a President who is getting great things done for our Country, at a record clip. Thank you!” Trump tweeted on Saturday.


Trump then retweeted himself Monday, calling the reporters “losers” and saying the stories were all made up.


“Two stone cold losers from Amazon WP. Almost every story is a made up lie, just like corrupt pol Shifty Schiff, who fraudulently made up my call with Ukraine. Fiction!” Trump tweeted.



The book has enjoyed the top spot on the New York Times Bestseller’s List for the five days since it has been released. Trump’s son Don Jr., worked diligently to get conservative groups and national and state Republican parties to buy his book attacking Democrats. Now it appears another book mocking the president is enjoying greater success without the benefit of forcing people to buy it and give it away for free. The book fell after just a few days on the list, particularly after the book by an anonymous White House staffer was released. Popularity of the book then quickly fell from there.


It was something that earned the president considerable mockery on Twitter. Check out the comments below:


Here you go, two stone cold losers. One had to buy his Presidency and the other had to buy his own book to make it a hit.

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Sorry comrade, I think you meant two Pulitzer Prize-winning stone cold losers. #SomethingGettingUnderYourSkin


I get my copy tomorrow! By the way Bezos is really, really rich!


p. 53: Jared Kushner is at Bedminster urging the president to fire Comey—and readers are the flies on the wall.

Such brilliant advice. No doubt everyone in the Middle East will be laying down their weapons soon.


p. 49: "Initially, Kushners, Bannon, and others in Trump's inner circle favored Rudy Giuliani for attorney general."

Well, at least there's one bullet the nation dodged.

Do you think he could have gotten the whole country impeached?


Your reaction just confirms it’s true


You sound VERY innocent!


Glad to see you’re putting your time on #MLKDay to noble uses.


Donald, Americans know that the more vehemently (look it up) you deny an accusation, the greater the truth of the accusation.

You, Donald, are the stone cold loser.

Despised by Americans. Mocked by foreign leaders. Insulted behind your back by Republicans everywhere.


The only stone cold losers here are Trump and the ones working for him like members of a personality cult. Trump constantly accuses others of unfairness yet refuses to release the full transcripts, text messages, voicemails, emails, and other evidence Congress subpoenaed by law.


Your observance of MLK day is inspiring.


My 4 year old nephew has more class and manners than you. You are sick and our country deserves better.


p. 49: "Trump bragged about how smart Sessions was."

Ah, those golden days of yore.


pp. 42-45: A Very Stable Genius is Very, Very, Very Mad is on AF1, screaming his head off, his face empurpled in rage. (This is a recurring theme in the book. I know that comes as a great shock.) I won’t spoil it by saying who and what set him off. But ...


This book must be pretty darned humiliating for Donald. He's obsessed again.


I see “Uncle Lev” was at your kids birthday party!
I guess you forgot about that?
That was about 20 or so years ago huh?

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X-republican Joe Scarborough points out the most ‘alarming’ aspect of Trump’s struggle to read 

Trump reportedly stumbled when trying to read the Constitution, and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough noticed the portion he struggled to understand was the section he has claimed gives him unlimited power.


Washington Post reporters Philip Bump and Carol Leonnig discussed an episode recounted in their new book, “A Very Stable Genius,” where Trump encountered great difficulty reading Article II for a documentary film project.


“The Constitution, written so long ago, ii’s difficult language to read for the first time, but it was clear to the people in that room that Trump was just not familiar with this founding document,” Bump told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “He stumbled over these words. He performed in a very different manner than the other previous presidents who did this interview. Mike Pence read portions of the Constitution and was fine. Ted Cruz memorized it as a high school debater and performed just fine.”


“It was really alarming to people in the blue room of the White House that day, because this was a president six weeks into the job who seemed very unfamiliar with the document he swore an oath to,” Bump added.


Their sources also were alarmed by Trump’s reaction to his frustration, Leonnig said.


“Phil and I met with a lot of people who finally broke their silence,” she said. “One thing they said over and over again that happened in this room that happened in other scenes was blaming. When the president doesn’t get something exactly right or he makes a decision that makes him look bad, he’s often jumping to blame someone else.”

Scarborough said the episode was disturbing for another reason.


“It’s not just that he can’t read the Constitution of the United States,” Scarborough said. “The important part of this story obviously is he’s unfamiliar with it, and how fascinating that a president has trouble reading a part of the Constitution that he constantly twists out of its proper context when he says Article II gives a president unlimited power, ‘Article II allows me to do whatever I want to do.'”


“This is not just a gotcha moment about a guy reading a teleprompter,” he added. “This is so revealing about how ignorant this man is about the Constitution, as well as history and constitutional norms.”

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32 minutes ago, benson13 said:

You've chosen to ignore content by 123urout

You've chosen to ignore content by 123urout

You've chosen to ignore content by 123urout




Like the rest of the Room has....

Hey beanie...why are you so angry at yer "Daddy"?    :)

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1 hour ago, benson13 said:






I see “Uncle Lev” was at your kids birthday party!
I guess you forgot about that?

That was about 20 or so years ago huh?


View image on Twitter


Poor beanie.


He would believe ANYTHING!!!


Fact is, it is NOT LEV PARNAS. CAN'T BE!!!


ABC News published this photograph in an article about the book with the caption: “Ivana Trump shares a family photo from Eric Trump’s sixth birthday party at the Plaza Hotel in New York City in 1990.”

Here’s the full photograph:


Parnas was born in 1972 and would have been approximately 18 when this photograph was taken. The man in this photograph, however, appears to be much older than a teenager. By comparison, Donald Trump, who was born in 1946, was approximately 44 when this photograph was taken. 





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Trump’s defense team:Christian fanatics, TV showboats and corrupt clowns

The impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump begins on Tuesday morning. If you’ve been closely following the Trump saga since he came down his golden escalator and declared his candidacy, as I have, you are not terribly surprised that it has come to this. Unfortunately, most of us who could see how he might seduce the faction of the country that had been primed for a demagogue like him over the past several decades also overestimated the patriotism of Republican officials, many of whom made it clear in the beginning that they knew what he was and have since rolled over for him like trained poodles. That phenomenon is what will determine the eventual outcome of the trial we are about to witness.


We have an incompetent and corrupt president, who has clearly committed multiple cases of abuse of power, being protected by his party — which is openly engaged in a cover-up of his high crimes. Leading Republicans are no longer even trying to pretend they are statesmen (or women). It is just an exercise of pure partisan resistance to any and all accountability for their leader.


The best illustration of that is the way Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has manipulated the trial procedures to be as opaque and hurried as possible. His rules for the media, and his demands that much of the trial be presented in the dead of night, are nothing more than an attempt to cover up the proceedings as much as possible.


Trump’s attorneys’ legal arguments show how contemptuous the president is of the process. Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe has called them “garbage dressed up as legal argument.” Nonetheless, Trump’s team seems highly confident that this is all they need to do, knowing that their GOP allies will do as they’re told and Republican voters will be shielded from the truth by Fox News and other right-wing media.


So what kind of lawyers would take a case like this? It appears that it isn’t top conservative legal talent. According to George Conway, the Trump critic and high-powered conservative lawyer (and husband to White House aide Kellyanne Conway), the top law firms won’t go near Trump. He has a bad reputation for not paying his legal bills and refusing to follow his attorney’s advice, making the lawyer (and him) look like fools. They also worry that the top law school talent will go elsewhere rather than be associated with this administration.


Trump has already gone through a slew of attorneys in his three years in office. His original White House counsel, Don McGahn, left long ago, as did Trump’s personal lawyers John Dowd and Ty Cobb, who handled the Mueller investigation. Also gone is Emmet Flood, who was on Bill Clinton’s impeachment team and would have likely been an asset in this proceeding.


So he’s left with his latest White House counsel, Pat Cipollone, a former corporate lawyer and Catholic activist. (Fox News host Laura Ingraham has called him her “spiritual mentor.”) Cipollone was highly recommended by his good friend Bill Barr and Trump’s other lawyers, Jay Sekulow and Rudy Giuliani. From what other lawyers say about Cipollone’s legal arguments during the impeachment process so far, particularly the incomprehensible screed he sent to the House before the hearings (which was quite likely dictated by Trump), he is no longer concerned with his reputation as a serious jurist.

The second in command on the Trump team is Sekulow, previously known as a legal advocate for the Christian right. Like so many of his brethren in that movement, he apparently sees no barrier to empowering and defending a corrupt, libertine president. But then, Sekulow has more in common with Trump than he admits. He’s also personally implicated in the Ukraine scandal, which is not unusual for a Trump attorney. Since these guys are throwing out the common understanding of the Constitution, they might as well discard any notions of conflict of interest as well.


There are a couple of other deputy White House counsels added to the list, Patrick Philbin and Mike Purpura. Both of them are former Department of Justice attorneys who’ve been handling much of the stonewalling detail work. Jane Raskin, who was hired along with her husband last year to help Trump with the Mueller investigation, is also on board but not expected to be out front.


And then there are the Fox News “stars,” meaning Ken Starr, Alan Dershowitz, Robert Ray and Pam Bondi, who were obviously brought on because Trump wanted to hire the lawyers from “Law and Order” but was gently informed that they were fictional characters. (OK, I made that part up — but it’s sad that such a thing is so believable.) He settled for Fox News talking heads who can speak credibly to the only people who matter — his base.


I don’t think I have to explain who Starr is, other than to point out that aside from his role in the inane Monica Lewinsky scandal, he was fired from his most recent job for covering up a sex scandal at Baylor University. He is yet another alleged puritan strangely drawn to Donald Trump.


Dershowitz is also famous enough that I don’t need to run down his credits. He’s been all over TV the last few days, claiming that he isn’t defending the president but rather the Constitution and making all kinds of contradictory arguments in which he insists the president can’t be impeached for abuse of power or obstruction of Congress. His view is decidedly a fringe interpretation.


Robert Ray, another independent counsel from the Clinton years, is on the team as well. That’s a good thing, since he’s been presenting himself on TV as some kind of neutral observer when it’s clear that he’s a Trump partisan through and through. And finally there is Pam Bondi, the former attorney general of Florida and one of Trump’s favorites, presumably because she was so willing to please when he offered her a donation at the time she was considering whether to join the lawsuit against Trump University. She’s Trump’s kind of lawyer.


So what of Rudy Giuliani, supposedly Trump’s personal attorney and trusted legal adviser? The last we heard from him, Giuliani was begging to defend Trump against impeachment by “prosecut[ing] it as a racketeering case,” which he claims to have “kind of invented.” Apparently, the president was persuaded that Giuliani might not be all that helpful to his case, since he’s heavily implicated in the scheme himself and now under investigation in the Southern District of New York. Also, he is quite unhinged.


So here we go America. The third presidential impeachment trial in history is about to begin, and the president is being defended by religious right activists, corrupt politicians, crackpots and camera hogs. It should be quite a pageant. Go ahead and pop some popcorn, but I suspect you’ll be needing an adult beverage to go with it before the day is over.

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