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A Gargantuan Conspiracy perpetrated by the Highest Levels of the administration

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In a pair of explosive interviews last week, Rachel Maddow asked Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas a simple question about the Ukraine scandal: "What is the main inaccuracy that you can correct?" His response? "That the president didn't know what was going on. President Trump knew exactly what was going on."1


But that's not all. Parnas went on to say that it felt like he was in a "cult" and that "everybody was in the loop."2


Mike Pence.
John Bolton.
Mike Pompeo.
William Barr.
Mick Mulvaney.
Rick Perry.
Devin Nunes.



This scandal is no longer just this generation's Watergate. If what Parnas says is true, this is a gargantuan conspiracy perpetrated by the highest levels of the administration and their allies in Congress. There has never been anything like this before.


This information, combined with the news from the nonpartisan watchdog group the Government Accountability Office determining that the Trump administration violated the law by withholding nearly $400 million in military aid to Ukraine, means only one thing: Trump must be convicted and removed from office.3


We must demand a fair trial with witness testimony, fight hard until the very last vote is cast, and call on every single senator to do their duty to the Constitution, and if they don't ... they're going to hear from us.

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Donald Trump has been a criminal all his adult life (and probably in puberty too), and he will corrupt anyone or anything he touches.

In NY he violated real estate laws against discrimination, he violated banking and wire transfer laws, he money laundered for the Russian mob, and he raped his first wife, when she refused to have sex with him.

By any measure this scumbag belongs in prison, but he has the greedy plutocrats, the nation's bigots, the NRA gun nuts, the Evangelicals, and the right wing media demagogues on his evil side, and so it is up to all decent Americans, who are the majority to show up on election day, and removed this criminal and traitor from the WH, along with his Republican henchmen in the Congress! 

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