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JANUARY 20, 2020

In Part 1, we cover all sorts of issues including Americans needing to understand that as of right now many of your communities are being plagued with chaos everywhere. And over 50% of the chaos within your communities is manufactured crisis that has been proven by many so-called experts. One of the problems when it comes to revealing facts is that there are always agents working with the government, freemasons, Eastern Stars, members of the Boule Society, and the lists goes on and on. The best most Americans can do is downgrade financially, because the financial crisis will never end. More and more people will eventually have to choose cheaper living quarters and arrangements. Even Social Security is being targeted. These demons have no interest your success. All they want to do is start their New World Order. Most Baby Boomers in poor communities chose to live lives of crime during their youthful days and are presently lost. Many Baby Boomers who are disabled in East Cleveland seem to rely on mind control tactics in order to survive. The men gossip in ways that women wouldn't think of, and unless they are spreading disunity, their days just won't go right. Other Baby Boomers have huge ego issues and have become monsters, even though many think they are wise or is conscious of self. These folks need a check up from the neck up, but like freemasons, they operate in stealth mode. This makes it very hard for people to see them as there really are. Many of these baby Boomers being spoken of, while in their youth, were pimps, hustlers, car thieves, and the list goes on and on. They have reached a point in their evolutionary cycle where they are fooling themselves. Some still want to be what they did as young adults but time and technology has locked them in time grids. Many of them are liars who when speaking, nothing but lies come out of their mouths. Anything they say if one were to check it out for themselves or wait on it, nothing shall never happen. And they think there is nothing wrong with this sort of mentality. Their egos are so huge that they don't believe in apologizing. And they always look for a weakness or opening to mislead or beguile. Female baby Boomers who went to school with these kindof monsters, and spends alot of time around them are just as dangerous and can be much more deadly. The greatest threat is one who targets another for police or for government, and will lie on their targets daily. There are people like this in East Cleveland who spends everyday targeting someone else. This is what they were groomed for. 

The come as Christians, Muslims, freemasons, Nuwaubian freemasons, et cetera. And many of them rely on all sorts of spells and rituals such as witchcraft, Satanism, or Persian Voodoo. What we are experiencing today is the progressive weakening and demise of many key processes associated with globalization, mostly of a haphazard, horizontal, cross-border, even chaotic nature, and their rebirth in new formats, suitably retooled to support world government goals, processes and institutions that strengthen, grow and consolidate. No doubt, Big Brother is definitely here, and he means to stay. The most dramatic effect of this transition we are undergoing is the planned end-run eroding of all sovereign nation-states. In its place, we will have world governmental institutions. This is taking place through a complex, creeping, gradual, crisis-filled and violent process that is erecting legally binding, mandatory, multi- and supra-national bureaucratic entities. The “Fabian” socialism shall gradually take over the world. Creating a New World Order that would replace world religion and world government. Its all being replaced by collectivism. He stated that collectivism would kill religion and old forms of government by replacing it as the ideology of the New Age, ushering in a new government. Collectivism is a term used to describe any moral, political, or social outlook, which stresses human interdependence and the importance of a collective, rather than the importance of separate individualism: in other words, defining one’s self or one’s work by a group or collective, rather than by one’s own individuality. American sovereignty and individualism are dying, America is starting to eat itself. In America today, nothing is sacred. This new reality may have significant political implications in the US, not least of all, for the upcoming 2016 Presidential election. Indeed, the wheels of change are in motion, but maybe not necessarily in the direction everyone thought.

America is now officially uncomfortable with social issues, many Americans are being radicalized as their own ideologies are being stifled and many people are seeking refuge in collective groups that share old fashioned values and see the government as a threat to social sanctity. It is a conspiracy to change the ideology of America and its social values. This is being done to guarantee a blow back of those individuals that are ready to radicalize and create a reason for the new American police state. When the words radicalize are used in the media,  it has become a point of Newspeak to refer to Muslims who wish to join groups like ISIS. The media is also pushing the agenda that defending ourselves with guns is more dangerous than simply allowing ourselves and our loved ones to be slaughtered by these extremists. Keep in mind that the statistics they use are being provided by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which of course is seldom objective and has a known agenda. There are always a certain number of young people who are alienated. They don’t get a job, they lost a girlfriend, their family doesn’t feel happy here and we can watch the signs of that. According to a recent poll, it is not just young Muslims that are alienated the majority of Americans are alienated by abrupt social changes in America. Americans who see themselves on the losing side on high-profile debates about gay marriage, abortion, and immigration are, not surprisingly, most negative about the nation’s direction on social issues. Polls indicate that the majority of America is on the verge of social breakdown. A Washington Post-ABC News poll finds a large majority of Americans are unhappy with where the nation is headed on social issues. More than sixty-three percent of people say they are uncomfortable with the country’s overall direction on social issues these days; four in 10 feel “strongly” uncomfortable about the nation’s changes. 80 percent are uncomfortable with the nation’s direction on social issues. A similar 79 percent who oppose the Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage in all states say they are uncomfortable, as are 76 percent who oppose efforts to ban Confederate flag displays on government property. Now, does anyone see the psychological operation working? Can we all see that this is a trap to create suspicion and paranoia in America? This cunning plan is working and many Americans are wondering who is behind it.

All this is brought about by the hidden hand behind the scenes that implements gradual cultural change and political change through obfuscation. Political change, in turn, is tied to the “democratic system” that puts politicians in power for several years at a time and when something goes really wrong, drastic actions must be taken. Many of us know of the past brutal assassination plans of the hidden hand. In the 1960’s when New world institutions fought for their place in the hidden government, drastic measures were taken and various traumas were allowed to happen in order to change cultural behaviors. From the assassinations of the Kennedy’s to Dr. Martin Luther King, the American people were being told that change was on the way and that the soft civil war made everything darker before the new dawn or the new deal. The puppet masters have been quite successful since the 9/11 attacks to keep Americans transfixed so that they can continue to erode civil rights and open vital dialogue for statist, authoritarian propaganda and eventually a newly planned state socialism. Of course, cultural change where some of the power elite’s key victories lie — takes entire generations to implement. Here is where Psy-Ops have reached new heights. They risk manage the entire process, knowing that many pitfalls and surprises are in store for them every day. So for each plan, each stage, and in each geography, carefully structured “Plan B’s” are always in place in some cases, even, plans C, D and E, just in case, which can be triggered if and when needed.

There are plans in the works to socially engineer the populace into accepting a “controlled super-state.” This super government can only be implemented if the people demand it. The way it is engineered is through several shocks to the system, which in turn manipulate and wear down the populace into adjusting their principles for the coming changes. The idea is to allow the idea of transcendence to die off in the human being, making him more of a beast or an animal, easily controlled and manipulated through trigger phrases, sounds, numeric sequences and other stimuli. The subject is then reborn, and reprogrammed to do the will of its master. Divide and conquer has divided to the point that the ‘conquered’ can no longer be treated as a few mindless minority groups. As Zbigniew Brzezinski, co-founder of Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller, once said : “ In earlier times, it was easier to control a million people, literally it was easier to control a million people, than physically to kill a million people. Today, it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people. It is easier to kill, than to control a million people.” Now we know how they will accomplish this. Creating an environment where America will eat itself.  Think about what a social or cultural norm is; it is a belief or practice common to most people within a given society. The thing is, often times, what is considered socially or culturally acceptable in a given society is actually extremely unethical and immoral. Things like the subjugation of women, slavery, racism, militant nationalism, were at one time considered socially and culturally acceptable in western societies, and many of them continue to be acceptable in other countries or even within select communities within our modern countries. 

What is most important to note about these sorts of things is that it is not as if we wake up one morning and suddenly a majority realize they are in the throes of evil. We observe helplessly as it builds and grows and eventually there is a disruptive blow that gives way to the epiphany of darkness. You begin to realize that you no longer want to participate in the morality that the majority believes is healthy and positive. However, you find it hard to speak out against the so-called argumentum ad populum because the truth anymore is a revolutionary act. Critical thinking tells you that just because large numbers of people believe a given thing, does not give evidence of its truth. We realize that there are a great number of people that are falling for bandwagon fantasy. Believing and holding fast to great lies can lead to thoughts and thought forms that can take on an identity all of their own and with mass confusion and anger come the manifestation of monsters and bogeymen that we think are all part of our collective imaginations. Things begin to unravel at an alarming rate and synchronicities create an air of mysticism that cannot be avoided. Taking a walk in the multiverse is to walk in a larger world. All of the things that you have taken for granted: All objects, people and places which we have been taught is the material world seem to collapse upon itself and we have to somehow work in a bit of quantum mechanics into the mix in order to avoid sounding absolutely crazy. It is time to admit that somewhere out there, we can hypothesize that histories and rules are being rewritten in order to accommodate what is unfolding in this unpredictable world. The game is changing. The question is why is it happening so quickly?

Some witches in America are literally placing spells on all those who oppose a communist and Socialist regime change in America. Some of the witches calls itself the Yerbamala Collective. Others are of higher orders and refuse to expose themselves! In the Yerbamals spell book, it reads “And if it harm none, do what thou wilt” is the most common form of the Rede; it simply means that those who abide by the rule are free to do whatever they wish as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else. However, there is another part, “And if it harms fascists do what thou wilt.” The key of the so-called leaders was brainwashing these witches into believing that those that threatened the New World Order were a threat on their democracy. The witches don't see that they are being used to destroy all opposers of the New World Order, and pretty much, has gone spell mad! The Yerbamala Collective acknowledges that waging spiritual war on metastasized autocracy is slow and constant work, a generations-long project without an easy end point. The question is just how powerful witchcraft in this epoch is and is it the reason why we are seeing so many abrupt changes in the way we view the world? The alternative media has been wondering for sometime if the world is being controlled by a den of humans that are now openly using magic as a weapon against the government and for the oppression of the people. To those who do not know about the several forms of magic, it is proposed that what is being witnessed is a satanic apostasy to both church and state. Given the fact that Washington DC is where the politically powerful congregate, it stands to reason that the areas would be a special target of witches and practitioners of the dark arts. In both Mexico and in the United States, there have been a high volume botched exorcisms that have inadvertently turned into satanic rituals.

Santa Muerte is a female folk saint whose popularity in Mexico and the United States is spreading rapidly; from being practically unheard of in the year 2000, to being worshiped by 10-12 million people in 2020. Statues and visages of the saint, which appear as a skeleton clad in vibrant robes and carrying a scythe, have popped up all over the world. The religion is popular among a wide variety of people in Mexico, from narco gang members to impoverished farmers, who often pray to the saint for protection. Though Santa Muerte is venerated in the same way as most saints, the Catholic Church has condemned the religion, which of course hasn’t had any effect on its popularity. This death cult is a syncretism or blending of Spanish colonial Catholicism and Aztec beliefs. The belief in demonic possession is historically integral to the Christian faith, and the corresponding practice of exorcism is experiencing a modern resurgence. Exorcisms take place more frequently now than ever. The methods of attack vary from exorcist to exorcist. According to their story, “some exorcism involve tying people to chairs and then trying to scream the demons out of them; In others people retch and curse while writhing on the floor.” One of the major problems with consulting an exorcist is that, generally speaking, they tend to be individuals with low levels of professional accountability. Every now and then we read about cases where an exorcism goes horrifically wrong and someone, usually the possessed, usually a young girl, ends up dead. 

In Conclusion: Nearly one week ago it was reported that an airplane making an emergency landing in Los Angeles dumped jet fuel on six nearby schools, inflicting minor injuries to 60 adults and children. Shortly after Delta Flight 89 took off from Los Angeles International Airport, the pilot turned the plane around because of an issue with the engine, a Delta spokeswoman said. On its way back to the airport, the plane dumped fuel over a five-mile swath that included five elementary schools and a high school, including at least one school where students were playing outside on a playground, school and fire officials said. The students and staff members complained of minor skin irritation and breathing problems, but all declined transportation to hospitals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJ0Gpz_pi6A&feature=emb_logo. The plane, a Boeing 777-200, had taken off at 11:32 a.m. and was bound for Shanghai, but it returned to the tarmac 15 minutes after takeoff—residents used their phones to record the plane leaving behind the trail of fuel wondering if they were catching a plane dropping a chemtrail. In essence, it was a chemtrail but not the type of trail that graces the websites of skywatchers that see aerial spraying as a threat to health and a contributor to geoengineering. The FAA is investigating the dump and stated that planes were supposed to release fuel over “designated unpopulated areas, typically at higher altitudes so the fuel atomizes and disperses before it reaches the ground. Adrian Gee, the spokeswoman for Delta, said the flight had dropped the fuel “to reach a safe landing weight.” She said airline officials “share concerns regarding reported minor injuries to adults and children.”

Many jetliners, especially those used on long flights, carry so much fuel when fully loaded that they take off weighing more than their maximum safe landing weight. Ordinarily, they consume enough fuel along the way to be well below the maximum threshold by the time they land. However, if a flight is cut short soon after takeoff, the plane may still be significantly overweight. In that situation, pilots have three choices. They can circle for a while to burn off fuel, but in an emergency, there may not be time. They can land overweight, which risks damaging the aircraft. Or they can jettison fuel in flight, generally by spraying it out through nozzles on the plane’s wings, if the plane is equipped. It is reported that the jettisoned jet fuel, which is similar to kerosene, vaporizes as it falls through the air. In Los Angeles County, emergency medical workers treated 31 patients, including 20 children, at Park Avenue Elementary School in Cudahy, Calif.; six patients at Tweedy Elementary School in South Gate; six patients at San Gabriel Avenue Elementary School in South Gate; and one patient at Graham Elementary in Florence-Graham. In the City of Los Angeles, medical workers treated 16 people at 93rd Street Elementary School and David Starr Jordan Senior High, fire officials said. This accident has been trending on Twitter feeds that deal with the Chemtrail issue as many so-called Chemtrail conspiracy theorists have said all along that some planes are well equipped for spraying the sky with lethal chemicals and other mixtures that can be used for weather control and sun dimming. Chemtrailing is the public’s term for the classified ongoing artificial modification of Earth’s climate systems using reflective nano-materials in aerosol tails to reflect sunlight. The aerosols are dispersed via jet aircraft trails that expand into reflective artificial clouds. The issue of chemical spraying has actually gone from the margins of fringe reporting to the mainstream as many private companies are looking into the possibility of using Stratospheric aerosol spraying as a way to combat global warming.

However, there is yet another side to the ongoing debate about the trails and whether or not there has been a biological or viral component to the release of trails that are simply biological wastes from planes and other pathogens that are being found in trails that have been dumped over populated areas. Popular Mechanics did an expos’e on microbes that have been dispersed from aircraft that are antibiotic-resistant.  In conspiracy theory nightmare made fact Popular Mechanics reported that scientists tested airplane sewage from five different German airports and discovered it contained a significantly higher abundance and diversity of antibiotic-resistant microbes, compared to sewage tested at a nearby wastewater plant and even nearby hospitals, according to research published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology. What is most disconcerting is that while airplane sewage is usually stored and dumped at the airports – blue ice releases into the atmosphere eventually evaporates but the microbes are surviving and making people sick. Blue ice, in the context of aviation, is frozen sewage material that has leaked mid-flight from commercial aircraft lavatory waste systems. … Airlines are not allowed to dump their waste tanks in mid-flight, and pilots have no mechanism by which to do so; however, leaks sometimes do occur. Again, these microbes have been found to be antibiotic-resistant. About 90 percent of the 187 E. coli strains tested were resistant to at least one antibiotic, the study reports. That’s compared to samples from waste treatment facilities, where 45 to 60 percent were found to be resistant to antibiotics. The World Health Organization has labeled antibiotic resistance as one of the “biggest threats to global health, food security, and development today.” Infections like strep throat, pneumonia, gonorrhea, and foodborne illnesses can be made worse and more difficult to treat as a result of antibiotic resistance.

Microbes develop resistance to medicines and treatments because of small changes to their DNA. They can transfer this resistance back and forth between other microbes they encounter. Traditionally, hospitals have come under scrutiny for being a breeding ground for these antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The study’s authors recommend that public health officials handle airplane sewage carefully. There is a well-documented biological component to continuously ongoing atmospheric studies in which nations and regions are furtively inoculated via specially designed delivery systems with combinations of viruses, bacteria, fungi, mycoplasma, desiccated blood cells, and exotic biological markers so that test masters can assess human, animal and plant response. The chemtrail experiment is quite literally an iatrogenic artifact that was intentionally being used by the bio warlords under the direction of the CIA. The multi-organizational megalith perpetrating these biochemical projects against humanity includes the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and its research arm DARPA, plus the Department of Energy (DOE) with its huge network of national labs and universities. Private defense contractors and pharmaceutical companies are heavily involved. Cooperating governments of other nations and probably some United Nations agencies are complicit since the aerosol projects are global in scope. It is not a secret that the United States has a rich history of simulant and biological open-air tests over populated areas. It is documented that bio-weapon open-air experimentation on the American people took place from the 1940s to the early 1970s. The Army released simulant agents over hundreds of populated areas around the country. Targets included portions of Hawaii and Alaska, San Francisco, St. Louis, Minneapolis, New York City, Washington, D.C., Key West, and many other cities. The purpose was to see how the bacteria spread and survived as people went about their normal activities.

Evidence suggested that the tests may have been causing illness to exposed citizens. Nevertheless, the health of the millions of people exposed was never monitored because the army assumed that the bacteria and chemicals were harmless. The tests involved spraying aerosolized simulants from planes and helicopters over populated areas. In fact, after 45 years of open-air testing, the army stopped using certain simulants for reasons of safety. In each instance, the army belatedly recognized they could be causing disease, birth defects, and death, although such information had long been available in the medical literature. This was the case in the 1950s when the Military stopped using “Black Mold” as a simulant. The fungus had long been known to cause aspergillosis, a disease that can be fatal. Similarly, in the 1960s, the Army stopped using zinc cadmium sulfide; a chemical that had been known for years to cause cancer. In the 1970s, the bacterium, Serratia marcescens caused many infections that lead to the death of healthy individuals, was taken out of service as a simulant. And in the 1980s, a chemical known as DPP, was removed from use as a simulant because of its carcinogenic and toxic potential. Neurotoxins that were used in the open-air testing were known for causing birth defects and mutations in human and animal DNA. These effects were minimal according to the Military, and so these tests continued well into the late 1980s; it was alleged that they stopped under the orders of then-President Bill Clinton. More horrific information was released about biological human testing and the effects of open-air tests on animals. But a bizarre sequence of events began to occur in the small town of Oakville, Washington. Gelatinous blobs of biological material began to rain down over an area of over 20 square miles during a storm. It would happen six times in 1994 and continue periodically thereafter. The latest was during the third week of June 1997.”

The substance that fell had a mushy consistency and smelled like human waste. Members of the town became ill with flu-like symptoms when they came in contact with it. The substance was then sent to a lab for testing. The substance contained human white blood cells. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4Aa4pYN5I8&feature=emb_logo. Lab technicians said that the sample had two types of bacteria, one of which could be found in the human digestive tract. The answer was clear; at least, it seemed clear enough. Authorities thought it had to be human waste from an airliner; however, FAA regulations require that waste matter dropped from aircraft be dyed blue. People of the area claim that before their town was hit with the substance there were strange aircraft and contrail activity over both Oakville and Everett, Washington. The military had suggested that what fell from the sky was jellyfish remains that remained in suspension after war game drills were carried out and bombs were dropped into the ocean 20 miles away. Now keep in mind this report happened long before there was a so-called chemtrail hysteria that has been reported for years. To this day many people believe that what happened was a military gain of function exercise to test a depleted disease to see how the public would react. It appears the often maligned chemtrail controversy is persistent as our milky skies have been since the late 1990s. This topic is becoming less of conspiracy theory, and more of a conspiracy led by environmental criminals and geoengineers. The reason it is going unreported is that most of the businesses involved and government agencies that have been gagged have the power and the money to keep us in the fog. One particular group that has been involved with chemtrail spraying and smart dust aerial releases is NASA. Smart dust consists of nanoparticles that are used in testing atmospheric changes and lithium trails are used as markers in the sky.

 This trail spraying of nanotech, smart dust, and other chemicals are not just limited to NASA – there have also been components used in Geoengineering spraying such as Tri-methyl aluminum, Lithium, and Barium. Lithium vapor is also used to study neutral winds in the upper atmosphere. Lithium trails appear like innocent white contrails until they spread into an oily pink and sometimes red and soupy consistency. Lithium is the only vapor that can be imaged during the day and is also one of the few vapors that can be used at high altitudes 124 miles. At night, its color is bright red. It would be logical to think that spraying copious amounts of lithium indiscriminately into the air via aerosols should be questioned but here’s NASA’s official stance on this practice: “These projects are studying neutral and charged particles in the ionosphere and how each affects the way the other moves resulting in currents in the region. The variations matter because all of our communications and GPS satellites send signals through the ionosphere. A disturbed ionosphere translates to disturbed signals, so scientists want to know just what causes the ionosphere to behave in specific ways.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcbN85icbDk&feature=emb_logo. Once again, the lithium is used for ionospheric testing and the byproduct of the use of lithium could have effects on the brain. Now, scientists are eagerly watching the wildfires in Australia to see what effects the thick smoke and particulate matter will have on world climate. The scale of the smoke in the stratosphere has now been calculated by David Peterson at the US Naval Research Laboratory, who is presenting his preliminary findings to the American Meteorological Society he is estimating that the smoke will affect the planet on a volcanic scale.

 Pyrocumulonimbus clouds are capable of creating huge thunderstorms and while it is well known that a volcanic eruption can put enough aerosols into the atmosphere to have a cooling effect, scientists are now looking at the huge clouds and the potential of using aerosols to create storms in areas where there is drought. This means that further study into advanced geoengineering could include the aerosolized spraying of thick clouds or trails in the sky to produce force multiplied thunderstorms. This has been going on for more than 20 years and that Chemtrails play a major role in storm spikes and peculiar weather patterns. The smoke from the Australian fires will soon circle the globe and that will indeed create wild weather patterns as it may be a butterfly effect from down under. It is also rumored that NASA conducted chemtrail spraying and Pyrocumulonimbus cloud studies during the California wildfires. This sparked rumors that the reason why the fires burned faster and hotter was because of Aluminum spraying of the trees by unknown aircraft.  The project was called FIREX-AQ, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kX_KqKWfUSo&feature=emb_logo. FIREX-AQ stands for Fire Influence on Regional to Global Environments and Air Quality. If you want to read about this project you can go here: https://www.esrl.noaa.gov/csd/projects/firex-aq/resources/. The unknown aircraft that were seen prior to the wildfires were unmanned according to the report.  It was reported that there were drones seen in the area – many claim that it looked similar to a global hawk and had aerosol dispersal capabilities. Some scientists firmly contend that rising temperatures and the onslaught of drastic weather events — as well as the destruction of the overall ecosystem resulting from both, make advanced geoengineering to manipulate the planet’s atmosphere and reduce the solar impact a paramount priority.

The very idea of “chemtrails” has, until now, been mocked by the media and the science establishment, who has for years claimed the very idea of chemtrails is a lunatic conspiracy theory. This is more than just a preponderance of documented evidence about government-sanctioned chemtrails – this is an endgame strategy that will backfire and cause a major climate collapse. The end game project is known as global dimming, and it’s a dangerous geoengineering plot to spray billions of tons of smog into the atmosphere so that pollution levels would block sunlight and halt global warming. Everything nature does is just the sum of chemistry, biology, and physics. It’s completely amoral; doesn’t care about politics or climate summits or whether or not you are a global warming denier. You can’t negotiate with nature and you can’t spin it and you can’t evade its rules. If they tamper with the climate and accidentally lower the temperatures worldwide we could see a flash freeze similar to what befell the wooly mammoths. We are already seeing how disasters such as the wildfires of California and the devastating fires of Australia are not only being exploited by Climate change cultists but are secretly being monitored in order to have an excuse to commercially use chemtrails as a way to cool down the earth. It is not enough that we all have to fit in as a species and be mindful of the eco-system. We all know and can concede that when a species doesn’t learn to fit within with Nature, it gets kicked out. It is evident the chemtrails are no longer conspiracy theory but a fact of life. They have been the norm for those who have had the incentive to look up – others are still catching on to the plan of using them for climate control an weather control. Eventually, our blue skies will be a thing of the past by then people may realize that they should have listened to those who sounded the alarm about our trails of woe.

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