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Tyranny in Virginia

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From a friend of mine, who happens to be a high school English teacher

Time line to tyranny:




I decided to put together a timeline of the events happening in Virginia right now.

Some of you may not know any of this, some may have heard false information, some may think that what they have heard is just overblown propaganda.

I will attach reliable links to every item so you can clearly see that this is real, this IS happening, and we are not only seeing true tyranny in action, we may be witnessing the start of a truly historic event.


1. Virginia comes under democrat control (mainly due to very large donations from Bloomberg) and multiple gun control/unconstitutional laws are proposed (and now have passed the VA Senate)



2. The people of VA speak out and start forming a plan to keep these laws from moving forward.

They schedule a peaceful rally/day of lobbying for 1-20-2020, which garners support nationwide.

They also decide to start a recall campaign to attempt to recall Governor Northam and other elected officials.

240,000 signatures are needed for a recall (10% of the total number of votes cast at the last election for the office). The group gathers 1/3rd of the signatures needed very quickly! The support is overwhelming.

The government of VA, lead by Governor Northam, introduces changes to HB 842. The changes would INCREASE the number of signatures needed for a recall from 10% up to 25%!! In the middle of a recall campaign!



3. The people living in VA decide to take their own action at the same time, and countless counties start to enact sanctuary status, making their county “second amendment sanctuaries” and refusing to enforce the unconstitutional laws.

The VA AG, Herring, responds by issuing a statement that these “Second Amendment Sanctuary” counties hold no legal weight, and the laws WILL be enforced and followed, and any sheriff who refuses, faces arrest.



4. The nation gets even angrier and the support for the rally on 1-20 grows!

Thousands of people pledge to come to the event to stand against tyranny!

The Governor then preemptively declares a State of Emergency for the rally and BANS guns from the rally all around the capitol grounds!

Yes, you heard that right, a rally meant to speak out against unconstitutional gun laws has been hit with MORE unconstitutional gun laws banning guns on public property!




Folks, this is happening! It’s real!

There it is in black and white!

And you better believe that if this goes down in VA, it will start happening in states all over the country!

I am making this post public, so PLEASE SHARE IT!

Share it with other 2A groups, share it with friends and family, share it with people who don’t believe you!

Just get the word out! And please, show your support for the rally on 1-20 and for the people of VA!



The national attention this is creating is no doubt attracting all the loonies from the boonies

I have many friends who will be attending the rally, and I am greatly concerned about them, the state of Virginia, and the nation.
This could very well ignite a civil war, if the the state opens fire on unarmed citizens exercising their lawful rights, or assaults them in any way.


To all my friends who are attending
Don't enter the fences!



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It's terrible what's happening.
They have planned bloodshed on all who oppose their tyranny, and it certainly is tyranny how they are attempting to manipulate the laws to violate rights and ensure they remain in power



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4 minutes ago, Chuck! said:

Only if that state gives control to the democrat party.


Virginia is turning into a massive nationwide GOP advertisement
Here's hoping bloodshed doesn't become part of it

I don't want bloodshed either, but the government is the one drawing first blood. 

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23 minutes ago, kking said:

Yeah, considering it's a constitutional right.

I hardly think that a rally for gun rights after the racist riots in Charlottesville is improved  by a bunch of armed gun nuts.

Perhaps they should allow only the kind of weapons that were available to the people in 1787: one shot muskets and other black powder weapons. That is what Jefferson had in mind.

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15 minutes ago, kking said:

Rights don't allow you to impose on others' property. Public spaces are public.

great. lets bring guns to congress and those cock sucking repubs won't dare cover up for trump. libs have guns too .

then let's bring out guns to nra headquarters.

oh I know how about a white trash kkk rally. we can bring our guns there and y'all will be cool and hopefully not make any furtive gestures.

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23 minutes ago, kking said:

Rights don't allow you to impose on others' property. Public spaces are public.

It's the gov duty to protect the public. The American public wants those wannabe Rambo's off the street

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6 minutes ago, harryramar said:

oh I know how about a white trash kkk rally. we can bring our guns there and y'all will be cool and hopefully not make any furtive gestures.

Aren't furtive gestures a form of free speech?

As I recall, Mandrake could accomplish a lot by gesturing hypnotically, but I fear that since he is gone, this is a lost art.


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