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Traitor Trump & the GOP - Aka: Criminals R' Us!!!

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The Traitor Trump has been committing crimes, and lying about them well before he entered the WH, and there are a multitude of state AGs, and others who are pursuing him for Money Laundering, Bank & Wire Fraud, Tax Evasion, Campaign finance violations for paying hush money to women to remain quiet about his extra-marital trysts, exploiting a phony charity he set up, and then there are about 20 women who are suing him for sexual assaults that await resolution in civil courts.


But Trump's greatest crimes have been committed since he entered the WH, where from year one, he began his many obstructions of justice  (Mueller Report) to cover up his conspiracies to rig the 2016 election with our enemy, Vladimir Putin, the despot of Russia. And he also violated the emoluments clause of the Constitution immediately, constantly, and with impunity. Then later, he attempted to extort Ukraine to help him in the 2020 election by falsely accusing a potential rival, Joe Biden, while Trump illegally (according to the GAO) withheld congressionally approved funds for Ukraine's defense against a Russian invasion.


So what did Trump do once the House of Representatives impeached him? 


He killed an Iranian General,  and kept lying and changing the reasons he did it, and risked war with Iran so he could pretend he was making "Commander-in-Chief" decisions, and defending America, when in fact he was "wagging the dog" to distract the American people from his high crimes and misdemeanors.


And in all this, Moscow Mitch McConnell and the Republicans in the House and the Senate have not only stood by the Traitor Trump, but defended and protected him from being removed from office for his many crimes, as they now try to turn Trump's Senate trial into a sham by not demanding witnesses or documents, which have been provided in every other Impeachment trial of U.S. presidents, and/or other public officials!!!


It should be clear to any and all "woke" Americans that the Traitor Trump and the Republican Party are an insidious and treasonous criminal syndicate, who only care about retaining political power so they can continue to serve their plutocratic patrons and their corporate donors with more tax breaks, more weakening of environmental rules, and more denials of the dangers of Climate Change, even as these dangers manifest themselves in weather disasters in America, Australia, and around the world.


If we don't get rid of Trump and the GOP in 2020, America becomes the worlds biggest Banana Republic, and all Americans will lose their freedoms, many will lose their health, and some will even lose their lives!!!!





For those interested in the facts of Trump's long overdue Impeachment!!!

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Tricky Dick Nixon and the Traitor Trump, the former avoided impeachment by resigning, while the latter continues to lie about his crimes, confident that today's Republican Party is cowardly and corrupt enough to cover up for him, and declarer him "innocent," after a mock trial in the Senate!!!



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Just now, benson13 said:

Giuliani has been crazy for years, but once Trump got into the WH, Rudy went rogue on Trump's behalf, because he has financial problems, and needed the money! 

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The Neal Katyal book, "Impeach," and the Lawrence Tribe book, "To End a Presidency," provides all the reasons why the Traitor Trump should not only be impeached but removed from office.

Does anyone think any Trumpanzee could or would read either book?

Even if Trump's feebleminded followers tried to read either book, they would probably be lost as soon as either author mentions "the U.S. Constitution," since they have no idea what it is!!!!



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Putin protecting the Traitor Trump, denounces the impeachment of his WH puppet, by saying, "Your members of Congress should know better!"

Of course, if this was Russia, the legislators there do "know better" than to defy Putin or they'll be removed, tortured, and eventually executed.

Putin is obviously trying to protect his "investment" in the Traitor Trump, which has already yielded enormous results (Syria, Ukraine, and a divided America)!!



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38 minutes ago, Persepolis said:

Giuliani has been crazy for years, but once Trump got into the WH, Rudy went rogue on Trump's behalf, because he has financial problems, and needed the money! 

But you said he's been indicted..


Where's the link?

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According to US News and the Associated Press support for the removal of the Traitor Trump from the WH grows:


"MORE THAN HALF OF Americans think President Donald Trump's behavior warrants his removal from office and 57% think he's committed an impeachable offense, according to a poll released Friday morning – unwelcome news for a president facing a Senate trial that could begin this month."

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1 minute ago, benson13 said:

Thanks gop!!



Well, you know the GOP, "Anything for their rich and/or corporate patrons!

They sell out America's financial integrity with tax cuts for the rich and corporate tax evaders.

They sell out our environment to the corporate polluters.

They sell out the planet with their denials of Climate Change.

They sell out our national security by supporting the Traitor Trump!

And even Americans who will lose their affordable healthcare vote for them, because there is too much Fox "News" and Hate-Talk radio lying brainwashing Americans.

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