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Democrats in congress push for impeachment of president Trump, third impeachment in history.

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Democrats impeachment states the reasons for their demands for impeachment is due to President Trumps abuse of Power, and his demanding an investigation into his "Political Rival" Joe Biden, when he was vice president.   Sounds like they simply reversed the real facts and directed them at President Trump.

Actually, the real reason the socialist/communist democrats have abuse the congress and the purpose of "impeachment" is that they lost the 2016 elections, and they know they will lose the 2020 elections and are hoping with the help of the sick leftwing news media the impeachment of Donald Trump will sway, at least the votes with less than half a brain, and keep the leftwing wacko democrats on their side and vote for some incompetent loser democrat candidate for president.  Doing so is paramount cutting your own throat. 

Joe Biden with the help of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry engaged in criminal conduct, abuse of power when he threatened the Ukraine President, threatened to withhold billions in U.S. foreign aid if he didn't terminate the investigation into the corrupt Ukrainian oil company and his son, who he got a job with that company, a million plus dollar a year position on the board of directors, even though his son had no ability, experience, training or schooling for such a position.  We all know that is a fact and  President Trump not only had the right but the legal obligation to request information from the Ukraine gov't but the duty to do so as president and withhold any U.S. dollars if they failed to do so and address corruption. 

Joe Biden, the democrats engaged in abuse of power, before, during and to date in congress, as a vice president and are now engaged in falsely accusing a political rival, President Trump, of wrong doing, using the congress to do so and should all be indicted and prosecuted. 

The out of control socialist/communist democrats are traitors to this country and should be prosecuted for not just abuse of congress, ripping off the taxpayers but for treason.  Starting with Pelsoi, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, and those sick feminist for California.

The Senate should dismiss the impeachment brought by the sick left in congress and start impeachment proceeding against every democrat who was involved in that criminal act and start criminal proceeding against Joe Biden.


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