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Lyndsey Graham; A Garden-Variety Coward/Opportunist, At Heart

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How Lindsey Graham Lost His Way

January 6, 2020


"Steve Schmidt, who ran McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, where Graham was a constant presence on the trail, tells me, We see more examples of this in film and literature, but there are instances of principled men and women laying down their careers in service of what is right. Clearly, that person will never be Lindsey Graham. With regard to the cruelty and abuse that was directed at John McCain by Trump, I think Lindseys flaccidity in defending him says a lot about his character. Nobody wants to be in a bar fight when they go out on Friday night. But when someone walks up and punches your best friend in the face, youve got to do something. Lindsey has demonstrated hes the guy who runs out the door.



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Apparently, Lindsey Graham needs someone to guide him. When McCain was alive, he  followed McCain. Now McCain is gone and Lindsey has attached himself to Trump, who is as close to the Anti-McCain as one can imagine. He is a slavish follower, and does not seem to be able to think for himself.

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22 minutes ago, harryramar said:

well say what you want about ol' Lindsay, I bet he looks great in a little black cocktail dress and sling back pumps with 2 inch Bad wordmenow heels. vavavooooom!






.....And, everyone already knows how Spanky treats his women.



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