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The Science Behind Spanky Trump's Cult

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Author Explains Science Behind Cult Behavior

November 8, 2018


"On Wednesday, CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta got into a heated exchange with white supremacist in chief Donald Trump. During that exchange, one of the low-level complicit supremacists attempted to grab Acosta’s microphone out of his hand while he was still speaking. All of this was captured on one million cameras at one of the very few press conferences Donald Trump has had since becoming president.


A few hours later, it was announced that Acosta’s access to the White House had been suspended. Trump had effectively censored an entire news outlet because he was embarrassed that he could not handle a couple of very serious questions.

In true Trump administration fashion, the official White House’s official Twitter account tweeted out a video of the incident as edited and put together by InfoWars.


You do not need to even see the footage to know that the White Houses explanation of events is a lie. It’s wrong. It’s misleading. Writer Amanda Marcotte published a Twitter thread breaking down an important distinction here. Trump supporters saying that Acosta did something wrong are lying. They know they are lying. This isn’t a difference of opinion or willful ignorance; it’s a collective gaslighting that shows their allegiance to all things Trump."





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