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WMD 2.0 - ON DECK!!!!!



Skepticism Mounts Over Evidence Of "Imminent" Threat

January 5, 2020


"Top U.S. national security officials continue to defend the Trump administration's claim that it killed Iranian military commander Qasem Soleimani in response to an impending threat to American lives, but the lack of evidence provided to lawmakers and the public has fueled lingering skepticism about whether the strike was justified." 




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Iraq War Republican Blunder public claims that the GOP concocted to BRAZENLY LIE to the U.N, our Allies, and the American people:

"Saddam Hussein has military-grade aluminum pipes used for nuclear bomb manufacture!"

REALITY and Outcome?

>> Our troops found mundane, commercial-grade 12' and 20' lengths of commercial-grade aluminum pipes, made from 6061-T6, 6061-T3/4, and 2024 / 7075 aluminum alloy.

The same alloy piping that you can buy at Grainger's, and is currently in used in the construction of virtually every American home and business building built over the last 60 years.


"We have evidence that Iraq and Saddam have large caches of "yellow cake" uranium!" 

REALITY and Outcome?

>> No uranium was found, of ANY type. An old, mold-covered slice of Yellow Pound Cake was found inside the bombed-out ruins of one of Saddam's Palaces, going rotten inside an unpugged refrigerator.


"We have satellite photo evidence of Iraq's Mobile Bio-Weapons Labs!"

REALITY and Outcome?

>> Pet Grooming Vans were found to be operating in Iraq, just like they do in your American town.  


"We KNOW with absolute certainty that Saddam and Iraq have tons of deadly chemical weapon WMD's stockpiled to unleash upon our troops!"

REALITY and Outcome?

Our illegal U.S. Occupation Force troops and their fellow U.N. Inspectors found the EXACT same moldering pallets of two decade-old chemical weapons that Donald Rumsfeld and DOW Chemical had sold to Iraq in the 1980's.....the chemical weapons that Saddam used to gas the Kurds and Iranian soldiers during the Iran/Iraq War.


Conservatives start wars for ONE reason, and ONE reason only: to fatten the Quarterly Profit Statements of their GOP Defense Industry Campaign Donors. 

The same Military and Defense Oligarchy that after 9/11, was DESPERATE to use live, breathing real human beings to field-test and assess the kill-ratio and lethality of their latest Smart Weapons.

And as everyone knows, and history has proven, over and over and over.......anytime someone allows a Cult if crazed RIGHT-Wing Conservative Christians to get anywhere near the massive levers of American Military Power.....they will target, murder, main, and torture Jews and Muslims. Or Mexicans.

Or anyone who is NOT a White Christian, NOT a White Conservative Fundamentalist/Evangelical.

It's just how they roll. And its exactly how the filthy, murderous WHITE CONSERVATIVE Christian RIGHT has managed to eradicate, enslave, torture, poison, and ethnically-cleanse about one half BILLION innocent human beings, just over the last 1000 years.

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8 hours ago, Old Mack said:


Victims of Iraqi WMD attacks:

Image result for Halabja attackImage result for kurdish halabja


Related imageImage result for halabja massacreImage result for halabja poison gas attackImage result for halabja iraq chemical attackImage result for Halabja attack






Selective Amnesia On Iraq

March 27, 2004


"This is regarding Deroy Murdock’s March 22 column but if Iraq’s dead could talk, they’d thank Bush.” Selective amnesia seems to be the hallmark of the Bush administrations apologists these days. In May, it was the media that broke the news of mass graves in Iraq. Busy pursuing rumors of weapons of mass destruction stockpiles, U.S. authorities had neither the time nor the resources to secure the sites for proper forensic study. Only later, when the fearful weapons failed to appear, did the tombs acquire political value.


A careful reading of the cited U.S. Agency for International Development report reveals a curious fact. The dates of these tragic events began in the 1980s and ended in 1991, the years of the Reagan and first Bush administrations.


Certainly Saddam Hussein was responsible for murders and tortures until the day he took up residence in his hole. But the mass graves date from the Iran-Iraq War, the first Gulf War, and the Kurdish and Shiite rebellions.


Many of us with unimpaired memories recall the outrage we felt in 1991 watching the massacre of thousands of brave Iraqis by the Republican Guard. This outrage was not, however, directed at Saddam, who after all was only acting true to form. Rather, it was due to the inaction of the victorious U.S. military, led by then-chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Colin Powell, Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney and President George H.W. Bush. This was unconscionable. It is a curious argument the current Bush administration now makes that its war was justified by crimes that George W. Bush’s father could have prevented."


Richard Bareford
Camp Arifjan, Kuwait



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White House Memo Justifying Suleimani Strike

Cites No Imminent Threat

February 15, 2020


"The White House told Congress on Friday that President Trump authorized the strike last month that killed Iran’s most important general, to respond to attacks that had already taken place and deter future ones, contradicting the presidents claim that he acted in response to an imminent threat.


In a legally mandated, two-page unclassified memo to lawmakers, the White House asserted that the strike that killed Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani was “in response to an escalating series of attacks in preceding months” by Iran and Iran-backed militias.


“The purposes of this action were to protect United States personnel, to deter Iran from conducting or supporting further attacks against United States forces and interests, to degrade Iran’s and Quds Force-backed militias’s ability to conduct attacks, and to end Iran’s strategic escalation of attacks,” said the report, which was transmitted on Friday to the House Foreign Affairs Committee.


The document confirmed what lawmakers had privately suspected as the Trump administration has offered a shifting set of justifications for the strike against General Suleimani in Baghdad — taken with no congressional consultation — which brought the United States and Iran to the brink of war.


“This official report directly contradicts the presidents false assertion that he attacked Iran to prevent an imminent attack against United States personnel and embassies,” Representative Eliot L. Engel of New York, the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, said in a statement. “The administration’s explanation in this report makes no mention of any imminent threat and shows that the justification the president offered to the American people was false; plain and simple.”



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